Cannabismo VS WeedSmart: Choosing Your Online Dispensary

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Thanks to the development of modern technology, everything is moving online. You can get just about anything with a few clicks of the mouse or a few taps on the smartphone screen.

And with the legalization of cannabis in countries like the United States, Canada and others, the weed market on the Internet is also witnessing rapid growth.

And although there are a lot of licensed land-based cannabis stores in the United States and Canada, many have not succeeded in luring more cannabis consumers due to high prices and limited products in many cases.

Because of this, many consumers are choosing other alternatives and online dispensaries to order their favorite products. For example, consumers can order any product from an online weed store like Getkush and get it delivered right to their doorstep.

So while there are quite a few online dispensaries on the market already, we’re going to take a look at Cannabismo and WeedSmart, two of Canada’s most popular online dispensaries.

Canada is a great market to explore due to their progressive stance on cannabis legalization, and Cannabismo and WeedSmart happen to both be fantastic options for consumers.

Let’s dive in…

What Does Cannabismo Offer?

Cannabismo is one of the oldest online dispensaries in Canada. They have been offering medical marijuana for more than 15 years.

Cannabismo is a fantastic destination for consumers looking to purchase products in large quantities. It is also known for offering high-quality various products and its customer-orientated services.

Here are some of the services and the characteristics of Cannabismo:

  • Cannabismo has gained the trust of a large portion of cannabis users in Canada since 2005. It has a very large community of the customers and that is why a new customer is guaranteed to get a good service.
  • Cannabismo has an extensive collection of cannabis products. It has more than 8 strains. Its catalog includes edibles, CBD products, concentrates, flowers, and much more.
  • The customers also get free delivery on their order of $150 which is also a great deal for the new customers who want to try this online dispensary for the first time. Plus, they also strive to deliver the products in 2-5 working days.
  • Cannabismo has an option of mix and match. So, basically, the customers who want to try multiple strains or the first time can have a better option of mix various strains in the single order without adding much cost to their bill.
  • Customers earn points of every order they make and for new users earn 400 points on registration. These points can be redeemed on the next order, where 100 points equal to $5.
  • Products at Cannabismo: Vapes, tinctures & topicals, edibles, CBD, concentrates, and flowers.

What Does WeedSmart Offer?

WeedSmart is one of the most recognized online dispensaries in Canada and it has gained the trust of customers in a very short time.

Here are some of the services and the characteristics of WeedSmart:

  • WeedSmart has more than 50,000 loyal customers who have trust in this online dispensary.
  • The number of strains available on WeedSmart is 100 and it is much more than Cannabismo has to offer.
  • WeedSmart delivers for free when the order is above $99. On the other hand, Cannabismo does it for the order of more than $150.
  • The price of budget buds at WeedSmart is $139 and AAAA weed goes up to $269. Cannabismo’s budget buds start at $200 and that really makes a big difference for the customers.
  • This online dispensary also guarantees free gifts on every regardless you are ordering or the first time or the fifth time.
  • Products at WeedSmart: marijuana flowers, cannabis concentrates, vapes, CBD, magic mushrooms, and others.

The Verdict

This comparison clearly shows that both online weed stores are excellent, but WeedSmart grabs more points against Cannabismo in some regards.

However, Cannabismo is the best place for medical marijuana, hands down. We suggest checking both sites before making your final decision but you can’t go wring with either.

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