Top Tips to Burn Calories While Helping the Environment

Top Tips to Burn Calories While Helping the EnvironmentMillennials are the most environmentally conscious individuals of this era. Most of them are opting to live a green lifestyle. This includes watching what they eat, what they drive and even the kind of fitness they partake in. The problem is, even if you are going to the gym, you are increasing your carbon footprint. Do you think you can there is nothing to do about it? You couldn’t be more wrong.

If you want, you can burn calories even while helping the environment and it is easier than you would think.

We are human thus we are created selfishly. Therefore most the things we do always have some sort of benefit towards us.

The Easier and Environmentally Better Way to Gym

The Sacramento Eco Fitness Gym decided to take advantage of this scenario. The idea was to be environmentally conscious while providing people with a physical workout. And that’s where burn calories while helping the environment slogan was born.

At Sacramento, Eco Fitness Gym is fitted with advanced SportArt ECO-POWER machines. They contain microinverters which are connected to standard wall outlets. Once you are cycling the dynamo inside the micro-inverter is rotated, turning that energy into electricity.

In simple terms, the machines at the gym harness your energy which is turned into electricity. Therefore once you are working out maybe by running a treadmill or cycling a bike, you are actually generating electricity.

California’s One of a Kind Gym

The Sacramento Eco Fitness Gym is the first one of its kind in California. The energy which is harnessed is used to power the facility. Some of the electricity is actually stored to be used during off-peak hours.

The power which is produced is fed directly to the electric grid, or it is stored in large batteries. According to a representative, the electricity harnessed from the workout can run two fridges for the whole day. An average domestic fridge uses about 1 or 2 kilowatts of electricity each day.

However, the amount of energy which is produced depends on how much an individual is giving into the workout. We are all different thus some tend to sweat out more while others well they tend to give up very easily. So, if you give 100% into the workout then the more energy the machines will harness.

Trainers at the gym recommend that you have a goal of the number of calories which you wish to burn during each workout. Therefore you will get to produce more energy which will really help the environment.

The Sacramento Eco Fitness Gym has had the best results so far. Not only have they had an influx in clients but also have saved up to 96% of their electricity bill.

This is the time to give back to the environment thus if you live around the area just stop by the place. There is a lot we can do help save the environment, and it all starts with you.

Are you interested about going to the gym yet?

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