TRX Suspension Trainer Review

trx suspension trainer

The TRX Suspension Trainer from Fitness Anywhere

A New Twist on Body Weight Exercises!

Trx Suspension Trainer Review

Not Just for the Elite!

The TRX suspension trainer is an effective piece of exercise equipment that can be used for both simple or complex challenging exercises and workouts. The suspension trainer itself is composed of two 6 or 7 foot extremely heavy-duty nylon strips with handles and straps at the end.

Each side allows for an adjustable length and the handles are soft foam which allows for a good grip, which is very important since it’s supporting your full body weight. In all reality, you should be more worried about the support you have your TRX attached to breaking than the TRX itself since it’s very durable.

The TRX allows you to perform body weight exercises for your entire body anywhere as the parent company’s name (Fitness Anywhere) suggests. It is small and compact to where you can pack it with you anywhere and perform beginner workouts with a couple exercises, to advanced Navy SEAL style combat training exercises, which is in fact why the TRX is popular in elite MMA fighter gyms.

Who can Benefit From Using the TRX Suspension Training System?

4 Star TRXNOT Just for Navy SEALS!

The TRX suspension training system was invented by a Navy SEAL who was tired of not having any exercise equipment or space to perform exercises for his whole body while on tours of duty. You don’t have to have a shortage of space or be half way across the world to use the TRX.

This is where the TRX review gets a little tricky. While there are some exercises which the beginner, elderly, extremely overweight or weak exerciser can ONLY do with the TRX, most of the best suspension trainer only exercises are only effective if the user has superior core and overall functional strength.

If you are not significantly overweight and have been working out, most exercises on the TRX have a small learning curve and with practice you will be able to utilize the TRX for entire workouts or change of pace for a portion of your workout.

Home Gym Rating:
4 star trx home gym rating

Is the TRX Suspension Trainer Good for a Home Gym?

The TRX suspension training system is an excellent addition to any home gym!

Since the suspension trainer takes up very little space, is relatively cheap, and is versatile enough to be used almost anywhere including both indoors and outdoors, the TRX will be a welcoming addition to just about everyone’s home gym.

If you have been using it in your garage/home gym and it’s a nice day outside, simply take it outside and workout in the cool shade with the suspension trainer hooked on a tree. As with any piece of fitness equipment, you will benefit more with a wide variety of exercises, so don’t be afraid of using the suspension trainer in conjunction with bodyweight exercises or equipment such as free weights and weight machines.

Commercial Gym Rating:
4 star trx commercial gym rating

Is the TRX Trainer Good for the Commercial Gym Setting?

TRX suspension training classes are becoming popular in many commercial gyms these days but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the suspension trainer is a must for a commercial gym.

For most commercial gyms which stay in business from members paying their monthly dues and new members signing up a TRX or 2 hanging somewhere in the gym is not going to help the commercial gym survive or attract new members. Again, there is a small learning curve for the exercises so a commercial gym could use the TRX effectively in classes more than having one sitting somewhere on the fitness floor.

Personal Trainers Rating:
4 Star Personal Trainers rating

How is the TRX Suspension Trainer for Personal Trainers?

All personal trainers can benefit from having the TRX in their arsenal of fitness equipment!

The TRX suspension training system represents an new and unique form of exercise for most personal training clients. This allows the personal trainer to expose the client’s body to new stressors as well as refreshes their mind with new exercises to improve the value of their personal training service by not allowing the client to get bored with repetition.

Personal trainers and clients alike can get the best results if the TRX is best used with a variety of pieces of fitness equipment in a complete exercise program including body weight floor exercises, free weights, resistance bands, exercise balls and many other pieces of fitness equipment.

What Exercises can you Perform with the TRX?

trx suspension trainer push-ups TRX ROWS ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** TRX Reverse Crunch ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Trx Triceps Dips TRX Standing Biceps Curls

More TRX Suspension Trainer Exercise Videos Coming Soon…

View All TRX Suspension Trainer Exercise Videos

Where can I Find the Best Deals on the TRX Suspension Training System?

The TRX can be found on numerous fitness equipment vendors online, for prices that are often below retail price. Below we’ve listed our favorite places to pick up a TRX online.  You can also find great deals on the TRX through a fitness equipment convention, but online will definitely be the best and easiest option for most of you, however we’ve seen some stellar deals at fitness equipment conventions so we definitely recommend you check one out if ever in your area.

VendorBest TRX Online DealsRating Official SiteA+ TRX Susp. Trainer Professional – OriginalA+


VendorTRX AccessoriesRating
Amazon.comTRX X-Mount (Ceiling Mount)A+
TRX Door AnchorA+


VendorTRX AlternativesRating Crossfit Gymnastic Gym Rings A+
Lifeline USA Jungle GymA+

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