Using A Roadmap Template to Stay Committed To Your Fitness Goals

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I think the reason why I enjoy writing articles on health and fitness is that it’s something that people all over the world need. Everybody wants to stay in shape and feel good about their bodies.

Unfortunately, that isn’t always an easy thing. When it comes down to having the motivation to go out there and push your body every day, it can be hard for people to accomplish.

Everyone can look in the mirror and see an improvement or two that they’d like to make to their bodies, but not everyone has the time (or motivation) to sit down and map out a plan for getting there.

In this article, I’m going to introduce the concept of a roadmap template, and how you can use it to stay committed to your own fitness goals.

What Is A Roadmap?

A roadmap is a plan that helps you structure your planning process. It’s not meant to be followed blindly or strictly, but more as a guide that you can use along the way to make sure you stay on track.

In its simplest form, a roadmap can be as simple as a quick text document that you’ve written, but it’s best if it’s put into a format that’s going to look good and work well.

Roadmaps are a great strategy for staying committed because they help you go from goal to goal, instead of losing sight of your long-term plan because you’re too busy chasing the next shiny object.

What’s The Format Of A Roadmap?

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A roadmap is typically formatted in two parts. The first part is the Finish Line section which details what you want to accomplish with your fitness journey. This can be anything from getting abs to losing weight, to getting better at a particular sport. Check Venngage to get an idea on how to design your roadmap.

Next is the Itinerary section, which is simply a timeline that breaks down your plan into an easy-to-follow list of steps that you’ll take on your journey to achieving your finish-line goal. This part can be as detailed or as loose as you’d like it to be, but most roadmaps that I see are formatted into monthly sections.

How To Make A Roadmap?


The best way to get started with your roadmap is to come up with your body goal. For example, if you want to get abs then write down what it will feel like when you get there. What does that look like? How much better do you think your life would be once that happens? Put all of that into a document and save it somewhere where you’ll see it every day. That’s your finish line!

Next, sit down and think about what steps you’re going to need to take to get there. This part is a little more abstract, so pay close attention. What do you have going for you? Do you have access to a gym? Perhaps you like to work out at home, but either way make sure your list of things you need (equipment, memberships) is prioritized and realistic.

Now think about the timeline involved in all of this. How much time will it take to accomplish each step? Make sure you leave room for spontaneity by not planning your entire month ahead of time, but also that you give yourself plenty of time to accomplish the next step.

Once all this is done grab your friends, family, or even online buddies and ask them for an honest opinion. Do they think it’s too difficult? What steps could maybe be combined or cut out completely? Is there anything completely off base about this plan?

How Do I Use A Roadmap To Stay Committed?

The main purpose of a roadmap is to help you stay committed to your goal by simply putting it in writing somewhere. We all have times where we lose motivation or get excited about an idea and then abandon it completely. However, by simply writing down a list of steps on how you plan to get there, you’re far more likely to follow through with your plans and at least give them a shot rather than just letting them go completely.

Roadmaps are extremely flexible in their format and purpose, but the one thing they’re designed for is helping you stay committed. It’s so easy to lose motivation for mental goals because you don’t have the accomplishment of achieving something physical, but writing down a simple list (and putting it somewhere that you’ll see every day) will help keep your end goal top-of-mind and at the forefront of your mind until you’re right there ready to achieve it.

The Takeaway

Take some time to write out your roadmap and commit yourself to following it until you reach your goal! You can accomplish anything that you put your mind to, and by using a good old-fashioned roadmap you’ll have a much easier time staying on track.

Stay committed not only to your fitness goals but also to your health goals with a roadmap template, so that when the going gets tough you don’t get left in the dust!

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