5 Ways Gym Goers Can Stay Safe and Healthy During COVID-19

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Due to the government’s response since the emergence of COVID-19, gyms and fitness facilities across the country have been forced to implement strict measures in line with government guidelines to help keep visitors safe and lower the COVID-19 transmission rate.

If your local gym has reopened and you’re about to resume your fitness regime, here are some tips on how to protect yourself and others during these unsettling times.

Maintain Social Distancing

All gym and fitness centers in the United States must adhere to social distancing guidelines. When you next visit the gym, maintaining your distance between other visitors will limit the risk of contracting the coronavirus. Many gyms will have sneeze guards such as these from sneezeguardez.com installed between equipment, which will add an extra layer of protection. Being mindful of others and applying common sense is key for keeping safe during your gym visit.

Wash Your Hands

When using gym equipment and walking around the facility, you must get into the habit of regularly washing your hands. Frequently touched surfaces like door handles harbor millions of germs and bacteria, which can increase your chances of contracting COVID-19. So, carrying a bottle of hand sanitizer with you when working out, or using the restroom to wash your hands with soap and water, will add a layer of protection.

Wear a Face Covering

Wearing a face covering in gyms and fitness centers will become mandatory under the new executive order. While working out while wearing a face covering may not be very comfortable, it’s vital for keeping visitors safe and keeping the gym open. To add comfort, you should purchase a breathable mask, otherwise, you may struggle to get the most out of your exercise regime.

Bring Your Own Materials

There is some gym equipment that can be difficult to disinfect, which is why you should consider bringing your own materials with you. Whether it’s a yoga mat, resistance bands, or a towel, bringing your own gear will mean you won’t have to touch the equipment. To keep hydrated throughout your session, make sure to bring your own reusable water bottle with you. While gyms and fitness centers will have water fountains you can use, bringing your own bottle will avoid the need to touch their facilities.

Avoid Busy Periods

If you were a regular gym goer before the coronavirus outbreak hit the country, you should have a vague idea of your gym’s foot traffic. If you’re able to, it’s advised to avoid traditionally busy periods like after work or at lunchtime. These periods are likely to have more gym goers present. What’s more, gyms have had to slash their capacity, meaning you run the risk of turning up and not being allowed in. Visit later in the evening or early in the morning to not only be admitted but help you work out without the worry of being in close proximity to others.


We all need to work in sync to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. So, before your next gym visit, make sure you follow the tips above and put them into action to help keep you and other gym goers protected.

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