8 Ways to Relax After an Intense Workout Day

woman using weighted blanketRelaxation after a vigorous workout day is a great way to reset your body and mind to prepare yourself for the day ahead. However, are you finding it difficult? Are you looking for healthy ways to relax in the evening after a taxing day but aren’t quite sure where to start? You’re not alone.

Perhaps you have a lot of things to do tomorrow – work, grocery shopping, dropping off and picking up the kids from school, or maybe visiting clients. These activities can be mentally and physically taxing, especially if your body and mind has not had enough time to unwind from the previous day. Over time, this can be exhausting and you may even begin to feel like your workout sessions were a waste. The worst case outcome here is that it can affect your overall well-being.

Everybody that works out has good intentions before going for it yet some are more successful than the others. Although the pros of working out are really visible in the person, the cons and side effects can also be really annoying which may leave you with aches and pains. Living a healthy life shouldn’t involve fatigue and pain, that’s why you should take some extra steps after a day of exercise to unwind before moving on to the next.

To help your body and mind relax after a tiring day, here are some healthy ways to make that happen without you having to stress yourself even more. Try doing at least one of these things to prepare for the next day, get the most out of your workouts, and lower the stress in your life.

8 Post-Workout-Day Activities to Help You Feel Better

Here are eight different activities to help you relax after an intense day of exercise and life.

#1. Try A Weighted Blanket

Nothing feels more amazing after a workout day than being wrapped up in a warm hug from your blanket. The weighted blanket is one of the biggest wellness trends today and it also does a lot for you after a workout day. It helps relaxes all your muscles and joints without you having to do anything other than just being wrapped up in it.

#2. Take a Warm or Cold Bath or Shower

A great way to wash off the tension and pressure that comes with working out is by bathing. Water does a very good job of calming your mind and soul. Go for a nice hot shower and enjoy the relaxation of your muscles that comes with it or the energizing of the body cell that comes with a splashing of cold water on your body (I prefer this in the morning!). If you’re making use of a bathtub, don’t forget to moisturize your body after enjoying a long soak.

#3. Get in Some Sauna Time

The heat from a sauna is a fantastic way to relax your muscles and tire yourself out so you can get in a solid night’s rest. The stress that you’ve accumulated during the day’s workout session and your day-to-day activities just melts away as the heat helps your muscles relax. Added to the fact that a sauna feels good, it is also great from a general wellness perspective. Besides the heat assisting with muscle relaxation, the heat in a sauna can also help you burn fat a little.

#4. Get a Massage

After a workout, getting a good massage can be relaxing and at the same time very healthy. A massage assists in releasing muscle tension which can help your muscles heal faster and help your overall body to relax. Getting a hot massage is a great choice as they really help melt away tension and the stress that builds up after a workout session. Besides the relaxing benefits, massage offer a variety of health-related benefits which are not limited to but also include reduction of anxiety, general alertness, and even improved sleep quality.

#5. Relax With Calming Music

Go for quietness and peace with some cool and soothing tunes. Your mood is usually influenced by the kind of music you listen to. To promote relaxation, a fast and loud genre of music should be avoided. As you relax and listen to this music, your mind and muscles also relax. Slow music can help you breathe properly and reduce the rate at which your heart beats which can help you to get a better night’s sleep.

#6. Meditate

Meditation is not only when you chant “ohm” while sitting in a lotus flower position. People may utilize a different position and try other ways to meditate. While some people get a comfortable chair and cover their eyes with an eye mask, others find ways to channel the energy they’ve gathered from the workout and stressful day into positivity.

#7. Get Adequate Sleep

There is no better way to restore your energy and relax your body than getting good sleep. Though for many of us, this can be really challenging, especially after an intense workout session and accompanying stressful day. If time permits, it is usually great to take a little nap and get your body and mind back in order to “restore your body factory settings.” If you’re not able to get in a nap during the day, try to unwind early in the late evening by utilizing some of the other tips on this list. These tips can help relax you which will make it easier for you to fall sleep. Also, shut off your phone at least an hour before it’s time to get in bed or utilize a blue light filter at the minimum. The unnatural blue light from your phone messes with your circadian rhythm and will make it harder for you to fall asleep.

#8. Read a Book or Watch a Relaxing Movie

Sometimes, the most ideal way to relax your mind and body and still enjoy your time is by doing some brain work! A great way to achieve this is by either reading a books or watching a relaxing movie, if you’re someone that doesn’t love reading that is. There is honestly no substitute for a good old fashioned book.

The Bottom Line

It is very important to relax after a strenuous workout day without putting additional stress on yourself. The human body requires time to rest after exercise to allow the muscles to recover. In addition to your body, rest and recovery also prepares your mind for the next crazy day. But just as relaxation is important, so too is making exercise a habit and a regular activity in your life, and by utilizing these tips with diligence, we’re confident you will enjoy the rewards of living a healthy life.

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