What Impurities Can You Find in Tap Water?

There has been a debate in recent years regarding the decision to add fluoride and other chemicals to the water supply. While chlorine is necessary to eliminate bacteria fluoride is added to boost dental health; despite the fact of some evidence showing that it is also detrimental to your neurological health.

Before you decide whether to contact filtap.com.au and get your water filter ordered and installed. You should discover what impurities are actually in tap water; this is after it has left the treatment works!


Chlorine is added to water in order to kill the bacteria in the water which could make you ill. It is very good at doing this.

However, chlorine has also been linked with increasing your risk of contracting cancer. The fact is that chlorine is harmful to humans. All you have to do is spend an hour in the swimming pool and you’ll probably have red eyes and may feel a little raspy.


As already mentioned fluoride has been shown to improve the strength of your teeth and bones; this is a good thing. Unfortunately it also has the potential to damage your neurological pathways and even your brain cells.

This will make you seriously question whether you want to be consuming this on a regular basis or not.

Heavy Metals

There are actually several common heavy metals found in water. The problem with heavy metals is that your body is not normally able to excrete them. Instead they build up in your body and eventually cause serious illnesses.

Some of the most common heavy metals are:

  • Lead
  • Arsenic
  • Iron
  • Cadmium

Over time the buildup of these metals can cause your kidneys to stop working properly. They can also damage your liver and many of the other organs in your body; ultimately leading to organ failure.

It is worth noting that young children are more prone to the effects of these heavy metals than adults.

All of these heavy metals are removed at the water treatment plant but they can seep back into the water supply as the water runs through the miles of pipe work between the treatment plant and your home.

They seep into the pipes from the land and are usually a result of industrial waste.

Getting Rid Of The Impurities

The only way to get rid of these impurities or to make sure they are not there without testing every glass of water you drink; is to install a water filter.

Most domestic water filter systems will use an activated carbon filter. This will effectively trap the heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride and any small debris that has got into the water.

You’ll even notice that the filtered water tastes better than tap water.

It is important that you choose a reputable supplier and that you change your water filter on a regular basis. This will ensure the water remains clean and safe to drink for you and all your family.

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