What is the NJ Diet Plan and How Does it Work?

nj diet plan

Genetics tests are a popular way to find out about one’s ancestry. However, according to the people behind the NJ Diet plan, your DNA can tell you how to lose weight.

What is the NJ Diet Plan?

The NJ Diet plan is a medically supervised weight loss program that aims to help clients lose 40 pounds in 40 days. The central component of this weight loss solution is a meal plan that is created based on a personal consultation and an individual’s DNA test.

NJ clients get assigned a doctor who uses samples of their saliva, blood, and hair to provide a personalized diet solution that combines nutrition, bioenergetic supplements, and exercise. Bioenergetic supplements can balance a person’s hormones and rid the body of metals, bacteria, viruses, and toxins.

According to the NJ Diet review on consumerhealthdigest.com, they also assess an individual’s metabolic age, body water percentage, body fat percentage, visceral fat, body mass index, muscle mass, and bone mass.

Clients receive twice a week consultations from their NJ specialist. The specialist is responsible for ensuring that clients are burning fat and not just losing water weight. In other words, they are ensuring the effectiveness of the program. Additionally, clients have regular access to their doctor and can ask questions and get support when they need it.

How Does the NJ Diet Plan Work?

NJ doctors look at over 50 specific genetic factors when they test a client’s DNA. These genetic factors offer doctors insight into how an individual’s body processes and burns the foods they eat. For example, some gene variants cause a person to be unable to metabolize high carbohydrates foods. In other cases, a person’s genes will indicate that foods that are high in saturated fats cause them to gain weight. Using this information, a meal plan can be devised that works with the body’s DNA and not against it.

NJ specialists will also conduct a bioenergetic balancing scan to create custom supplements that are designed to help people achieve their weight loss goals. This scan looks at over 2000 biomarkers, searching for imbalances. When an imbalance is discovered, this tells the specialist that the body needs help balancing a particular hormone and detoxifying the body of toxins, viruses, bacteria, and metals. The specialist will then prescribe supplements to rectify the imbalance and detoxify the body. These supplements have the added benefit of burning off 2000 to 7000 calories of toxic fats for fuel, helping promote weight loss. Essentially, the supplements place an individual’s body into a state of complete fat burning.

The Five Phases of the NJ Diet Plan

There are five phases to the NJ Diet Plan. Let’s take a look…

Phase 1: The Initial Consultation

At a client’s first consultation, a specialist will explain how the individual NJ Diet plan reduces a person’s hunger and makes them healthier.

Phase 2: Pre-Evaluation

During this phase, the client will undergo a number of tests. These tests measure a person’s DNA, body percentage, water percentage, metabolic age, BMI, and bone mass.

Phase 3: Personalized Diet Creation

The NJ specialist and doctor will review your DNA test results and develop a comprehensive and personalized diet plan. This plan will feature a number of easy-to-follow recipes and a list of supplements that the individual will need to take.

Phase 4: Check-Ins

Every 3 to 4 days, the client will check in with their specialist. During these visits, the specialist will evaluate the client’s progress. Additionally, they will check to ensure the client is burning fat and not just losing water weight.

Phase 5: Correction Days

Once the 40 days are finished, the client will receive ten correction days. These are to be used in the event that the client starts gaining weight, even if they only gain one or two pounds.


The NJ Diet plan promises clients that they can lose 40 pounds in 40 days using their personalized, DNA-based meal plan and supplement regimen.

The program works by examining a person’s DNA to learn how their body processes food and burns fat. It also looks at an individual’s hormones, seeking to correct imbalances.

In total, the NJ Diet plan consists of five phases in the program, and an NJ specialist and a doctor supervise each phase.

As you can see, the NJ Diet plan offers a lot and makes big claims. And while it can certainly help you achieve some dramatic results, there are a few things to be aware of.

First things first, the NJ Diet plan is basically a low calorie crash diet when you strip away all the fancy jargon. This means it doesn’t come without risk. In fact, rapid weight loss can be dangerous.

Secondly, the NJ diet plan is very expensive for what it offers. A good old fashion healthy diet and regular exercise routine is more affordable and ultimately sustainable.

So, do we recommend the NJ Diet plan here at AskTheTrianer.com? Personally, we’d look elsewhere, but you’re welcome to give it a try of course.

Have you personally tried the NJ Diet plan? Did it work for you? What did you like and not like about it? Let us know in the comments below…

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