What to Eat 2 Weeks Before Your Wedding

What to Eat 2 Weeks Before Your WeddingThe right food, especially with a well-structured wedding diet plan for the bride, is the best way to lose weight before the wedding. Just follow our advice here, and you will fit in the wedding themes and that dream gown in the closet!


  • Eat lots of fruit but avoid the fat producing ones such as dried fruits which are denser in calories than fresh fruits, nuts, avocado, passion fruit, etc.
  • Eat fruits low in sugar like apples, pomegranate seeds, blueberries, strawberries, goji berries, grapefruits, and oranges. They keep you full as against fruits that are highly glycemic which causes hunger and increase food intake.
  • Follow the plan perfectly and do not cheat.

Out With the Old

In this 2 weeks fitness plan for wedding weight loss, there are some foods you shouldn’t touch with a 10 feet barge pole. Did anyone just groan? We advise this because apart from getting a hot wedding body, your health is also important. We will be throwing out a lot of foods, especially sweets and fats.

This is a painful process for some, more for the sweet tooth and junk lovers. But go and take a look at that gown in your closet once more and look at your waistline. We will all agree that it is all for the greater good, yes? With consistency and faithfulness, your body will adjust to healthy living, while you get that dream wedding body.

  • Canned foods: They contain increased levels of salt and sugars (raised blood pressure and blood sugar). They may also contain toxins that pose as health risks, such as the Clostridium botulinum bacteria. This bacteria thrives on low oxygen and causes slurred speech, blurred vision and drooping eyelids. It also causes dry mouth and eventual muscle paralysis if not treated.
  • Gluten Foods: They cause bloating and anemia amongst other things.
  • Caffeine: Coffee lovers should avoid caffeine because it causes nervousness, stomach irritation, increased heart rate, dehydration, and insomnia. We already know what could happen to an intending bride who doesn’t get much sleep.
  • Sugars: Can cause fatigue, fatty liver, excessive weight gain, increased blood sugar, acne, diabetes, skin aging, and heart diseases.
  • Artificial sweeteners: These can cause weight gain, type ll diabetes, cardiovascular accidents, and metabolic syndrome.
  • Alcohol: Can cause depressed /slow body functions, liver problems, and cardiomyopathy.
  • Dairy foods: Can cause bloating, gas retention and diarrhea.
  • Fries and potatoes: Can cause hypertension and other health-related issues.
  • Soft drinks: Can cause obesity, heart-related diseases, and even COPD.

In With the New

We will group this section into a sample wedding diet plan for the whole day. You can make adjustments as you go. We will do a lot of low sugars and no sugars. There will also be a lot of green leafy vegetable inclusion in food. This is because, among many benefits, it is a major antioxidant which expels free radicals. So while we want you to glow from the inside, we care about that skin glow too.

It is also important to note that eating or snacking late into the night is unhealthy for the body. Food metabolism becomes slow for most people at this time of the day. They toss and turn, lose sleep and wake up with a bloat. Ideally, stop the meals three hours before bed and if you must snack, do fruits.

  • Breakfast: Leave out the processed carbs and begin your day with a squeeze of lemon juice. A smoothie made from garlic, macadamia nuts, blueberries, and strawberries also fit. Make your breakfast an affair of whole grains, eggs, toasts, and minimal fat avocado dressing.

To snack between meals, hydrate with water and green vegetable juices or some apples. It’s a great detox and body savior.

  • Lunch: Lunch is strictly protein affair. This is the time of the day when you can take a slightly heavy food into your body. But make it lean protein! Eat lean turkey, meat, chicken breast or fish with green leafy vegetables as the only dressing. No creams! You can chop them into the salad and sprinkle with apple cider vinegar, celery, and some pepper.

For a snack, binge on green smoothie with some ginger. A lemon based green tea is also ideal.

  • Dinner: It is best that dinner is a light one, as the body is preparing to retire. Chop up cucumbers, asparagus, boiled eggs, lettuce, spinach, some cabbage and munch them up.

For snacks, do only fruits like watermelon, pomegranate seeds, blueberries, strawberries, goji berries or pineapples.

In Conclusion

This wedding weight loss regimen outlined is a watertight plan on how to get a skinny wedding body to die for. Look your best at your wedding, rock your beach wear with sexy pride at your honeymoon, and live healthily and happy.

Be sure to hydrate well, at least 2 liters/ eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day to detoxify the body. Get up, be active, be productive, engage your mind and brain and do not live a sedentary life. These tips will have you looking and feeling your best and will eventually become a habit you will embrace, never tire of and pass on to the husband and every other person in your life!

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