Regression Therapy: Processing Your Past to Change Your Future

Regression TherapyAlthough most of the time we are advised to leave the past behind and concentrate on the present and future, sometimes it’s quite impossible. Some happenings in the past heavily influence how we feel and react to certain situations. If your past life doesn’t tell a good story, going back and clearing all the mess might be the only way to forge forward with confidence.

But how do you even face a past that you don’t even remember? A past life regression session is the answer you have been searching for. It takes you to the past, helps you ease all the stress and those fear shadows you have been holding onto for so long so that you start embracing your true potential. Today’s article seeks to give a comprehensive coverage of this therapy.

How Does A Past Regression Therapy Work?

A past regression therapy seeks to take an individual to their past life where they had already experienced life. Did you suffer from health complications? Was your life full of anxiety attacks? When you get to the therapy station, you will be required to comfortably lie down and guided to achieve peace of mind. Your therapist will then professionally guide you into a hypnotic state that will encourage you to re-experience your past life. Here you will feel so many emotions. You get the feeling of living during that time, your behavior and reactions concerning certain things and your decisions concerning important matters in life. For instance, if you happened to be in a relationship, you will experience the emotions and the bond. This will help you in accessing your present time behavior. Does it reflect who you used to be at that time? What is it that you did differently during that time that you’re now? And how can you improve on it?

During this time, it’s important for your therapist to take count and note down all your encounters. Questions such as the type of family you lived with and their history are vital. After that, you can now be guided back to regression. And if your therapist feels like they have heard enough to make a sound diagnosis, then there wouldn’t be any need for another session.

Expect a lot of inhaling and exhaling during this session and it normally takes around 60-90 minutes. The secret behind these rhythmic breathing sessions is to help you release emotions and allow you to experience various emotions that serve as the beginning of your rebirth. You should be able to calmly handle frustrations and have a positive attitude towards life after such a successful session. But if not, expect have to repeat sessions.

Using Regression Therapy To Change Your Future

Past Life Regression Therapy is generally a holistic process. It works on the body, mind, spirit, and emotions. It actually takes you way back to the times before your birth so that you get to understand the problems you’re facing today and help find solutions for them. It helps to improve the spiritual quality of your present life. If, for example, you want to achieve ultimate satisfaction in life, the regression therapy will help you identify your current hindrance and solve the issue right there and then. It, however, doesn’t deal with any external symptoms that you might be exhibiting, so don’t expect much of physical change. But rather an inward change that will with time implicate on the outside.

When you explore your past life in the hypnotic state, you identify the repetitive unconscious patterns that have been taking place in your life and get to erase them. It’s through erasing that you make peace with your past, free yourself from it and drop everything that has to do with it. This article on, explains that past regression helps you understand yourself better. It helps you become less judgmental of the person you’re today, assists you in letting go of things that are holding you back and makes you embrace self-love and self-worth. And when you do all this, you get to face your challenges head-on and with lots of positive energy.

The human mind is undoubtedly a very powerful imagination tool. It can create some of the weirdest imaginations and give you the potential to solve unimaginable issues. Therefore, there is no ultimate Yes and No answer to whether past lives do actually exist. But what we know for sure is that past regression therapy does help in solving your current life issues. It gives you the power to reconcile with your past, learn to let go of unhealthy issues and gain confidence in facing challenges. It makes you sober to clearly identify your capabilities!

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