Why You Should Date A Chiropractor!


The recent plandemic left the world reeling. And with human contact scarce, no aspect of life has been hit harder than relationships among those lucky enough to not be claimed victims of the disease.

So, one asks, what could the dating scene look like after we come out of our collective quarantines? For one, I bet those frontliners suddenly jumped high off the hotness scale.

Essential frontliners which mostly consist of public servicemen, grocers, and, most handsomely, medical practitioners are going to be on short supply.

Medical practitioners, like the man, or woman, with magic gloves for hands, are what we call the Singapore Chiropractor.

So like the title says, why should you date a chiropractor? Is it not enough that you cannot afford therapy and now you have to buy him or her dinner too? Well, you cheapskate, there is more than meets the eye or touch.

Great Hands of a Chiropractor

People say that the eyes are the windows to the soul and I think that’s bananas. How can anyone show off his or her soul. If anything, the eyes are pretty to look at but you are not winning dates with just the eyes alone. Well, apparently you can, but if you want to make him or her stay then you have got to give him or her something to come back for. You know what I am talking about and you know what you have got to do.

A chiropractor’s hands are what a face is to a model. Or to keep things simple, the hands are the money maker. What is it about physical contact that makes hearts flutter. A hug from a loved one, or a simple touch on the cheek are simply divine if you care for that person. Now imagine those hands belonging to someone who has trained his or her entire adult life to make you feel better. Now, that makes it even more amazing, don’t you think?

We all know what a chiropractor’s trade is. He or she knows spinal manipulation which is quite the delicate task. Now imagine these hands rubbing you the right way. Those well trained hands probably know well how to keep you subdued.

Chiropractors are Forward Thinkers

Let us face it, chiropractic therapies are most of the time the last thing that people think of when they are dealing with body aches. And like the practice, a chiropractor has learned to live a life of subtlety yet with a keen observation. Adding these two traits, you come up with someone who knows how to live constantly at the tip of his or her toes. No one can fault the chiropractor for not thinking outside the box and that makes him or her a great romantic. If you thought your ex could not be any duller with all the cliche lines he or she throws at you, prepare for a sudden shift into a wild ride.

Men and women love spontaneity and that is a fact. Who would want to keep doing the same things over and over during date night. It is bad enough that you had to relegate a certain day of the week for dates. Knowing exactly what is going to happen during those dates is completely so much worse. The world likes the movers and pity follows those who choose to stay put. Be with the man or woman who will ride the waves along with you. It may not always be smooth sailing but at least you know you are getting somewhere you have never been.

Chiropractors are Brave

If I learned anything about dating during my younger years, it is that good guys finish last, with no exceptions. The good guy approach has whittled down into a self pity-party that is just sad to watch. Being a person in charge is sexy and I will not let anyone dispute that. Find someone who will lead your hand through the door and keep you on your feet. He may lead you to a bit of trouble, sometimes, but at least you will never ask what would have been.

The chiropractic trade is a huge gamble. The practice itself has been unjustly bombarded with unfair criticism from almost every organization. There is a reason why they are skeptical but having the practice survive more than a century should at least make them give it some credit. No chiropractor is assured that his or her career choice is going to pan out. The same can be said about most careers, but as I have said, chiropractors are always facing an uphill battle.

If courage is not a sexy trait then I do not know what is. Nothing says I will die for you like betting all my college money and my early twenties into a cause that may or may not pan out. Date a brave man or woman because he or she may just be the one to give you the push you need so you can get back on track to the dreams that you once had. His or her choices may not always pan out but being there with him or her may just make yours do.

Chiropractors have a Heart

There are two things that you can be sure of when dating someone from the medical industry. One is that they always smell nice. Knowing the ins and outs of our body gives you wonders when it comes to keeping clean and overall hygiene. And two, they help people and this contributes to the hugeness of their heart. They vowed to help human beings when they took on that mantle and if that does not make you want them then I do not know what will.

The Bottom Line

Chiropractors spend each and every working day making others feel better with the skills that they have slaved over. That right there is the dedication that you want from your man or woman. He or she will make sure to shower you will the same affection he or she has for those he or she vowed to save.

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