3 Simple Tips To Get Rid Of Side Fat

Many overweight men and women around the world are uncomfortable coming out in body-hug clothes or going poolside because they fear people will stare. This is especially true for those who have excessive fat around their waist.

Besides being unsightly, being overweight can cause a number of health issues in the future, so it’s not just about the body fat making someone look deformed and shapeless that matters. Some married couples are even going through problems in their marriage because the husband or wife is no longer satisfied with the body of their spouse.

One particular issue that many overweight people are dissatisfied with is side fat. Side fat is located around the waistline of the body, and often grows to form layers of thick skin. Some people have tried different means to help them get rid of their side fat, but all that does not always yield results.

When excess fat occurs around the waistline, it is usually challenging to get rid of it, because the fat in that area tends to be stubborn and resistant. Many people even lose hope and decide to stay with the side fat as it comes, even when they are very uncomfortable with their bodies. Many people choose to not wear the clothes they love because they know that it will only reveal what they’re trying to hide.

If you find yourself with this problem and you feel like there is nothing to be done anymore, you’ve come to the right place. This article will give your three tips to help you get rid of side fat permanently.

It may sound impossible, but the first thing to understand before you dive into these tips is to realize that consistency is going to be your ticket to success. Consistency can help you through the entire process to shed excess fat from your waistline permanently.

#1. Utilize Full Body Workouts and Compound Exercises

If you’ve read that you should focus on the area in your body where there is excessive fat rather than your whole body, you should ignore this advice. The first essential step to burning side fat is to make sure that you are utilizing full body workouts. Your workouts should never be targeting one area with the goal to burn fat from that area. That is the fitness myth of spot reduction. You cannot burn fat from an area by working that area. Instead, you’ll build muscle under the fat and this in turn makes you look even bigger. Talk about discouraging. Full body workouts are the best when you want to get rid of side fat permanently because they help you burn more calories, especially if you are utilizing compound movements; exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once.

#2. Don’t Skip the Cardio

Cardiovascular workouts help to increase the rate at which your heart beats and these type of workouts help you sweat to burn excess fat from the body. A variety of cardiovascular workouts is running, jogging, or biking. If you do not want to jog or run or you have an injury preventing you from doing so, you can try swimming or walking long miles, which are an effective way to burn excess calories. To get rid of side fat with this type of exercises, make sure that every cardiovascular exercise that you perform is at least 30 minutes long and give HIIT a go once you’ve burned some of the pounds and increased your endurance. HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is a form of cardiovascular training that can help you burn maximum calories. In conclusion, if you’re trying to burn fat, cardio is a must.

#3. Dial-in Your Nutrition

While exercise is critical if you want to lose weight and burn away stubborn side fat, nutrition is just as important if not more important. If you’re still consuming donuts on the regular and thousands of empty calories everyday, even excessive exercise won’t help you achieve the results you are looking for. If you have no clue where to begin, hire a professional dietician, nutritionist, or personal trainer with the knowledge to help you design and dial-in an effective nutrition plan for your unique goals. The importance of good nutrition can’t be stressed enough if fat loss is your goal.

The Bottom Line

Consistency, determination, and the utilization of these three tips will help you attain the perfect body in no time. Losing weight isn’t a one-size-fits-all process but the right combination of exercise, nutrition, and will to succeed is the path to fat loss.

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