5 Tips To Wake Up Without An Alarm

5 Tips To Wake Up Without An AlarmWaking up early or on-time is quite a struggle. There are many moments where the magnet of your bed can conquer your need to open your eyes.

I will never question your desired waking time. However, in my case, I always push myself to be an early bird. I have noticed that many productive people are early risers. Most probably, a lot of you are already guessing that I used a bunch of alarms to become one of them. However, that’s not really the case.

Five Tips to Help You Wake Up Without an alarm

We can always break free from our slumber without the presence of any assistive devices. Here are five tips to wake up without an alarm.

#1: Understand your Body Clock

Our bodies have their respective biological clocks. The latter plays a significant role in the operation of our systems. For instance, we tend to salivate when it is near noontime because that’s our irregular lunch period. Our bodies know when to sleep and to wake up.

In the biological realm, we call our natural clock as circadian rhythm. It is the one that regulates our bodily “schedule.” Fortunately, we have always the means to take control over it. Once you can have a hold over your body clock, sleeping and waking up on time would be a lot easy.

There are no buttons on your skin’s surface to activate the alarm of your body. To navigate your circadian rhythm, proper training is necessary. Sleep and wake up at the same hours continuously. Making this habit religiously can activate your organic alarm clock.

#2: Motivate Yourself

My waking time on the weekdays is very different on the weekends. I have already conditioned my mind that I don’t have any errands to do on Saturdays and Sundays; hence, waking up earlier is not necessary. On the flipside, my regular working days are typically rigid because I have many things to attend to. Therefore, I have no choice but to wake up before the sun rises.

However, don’t get this situation wrongly. I do not despise waking up early. In fact, it is a motivation that I keep on a daily basis. I am forcing myself to arise from my bed so that I will be able to accomplish the things that I want you to do. It is natural for me to remind my brain incessantly thata simple 30-minute delay can make me a less-productive person.

Just like I said earlier, many successful people have a healthy habit of waking up early. I want to emulate this kind of practice because it is very doable.

#3: Create a Sleeping Sanctuary

One of the reasons why people can’t wake early is due to the weariness they experience during the night. If you were not able to sleep soundly, it is not surprising anymore that you will feel groggy and fatigued on the day. Waking up late is one of its obvious effects.

Many factors contribute to a sleepless night. However, all of these impediments can be vanquished if you have a peaceful and stress-free sleeping environment. Make sure that your bedroom is clean and properly arranged. The lighting and temperature should be moderated as well.

It would help if you also paid attention to the mattress that you are using. Using a mattress that has the best support can relieve body pains and pressure points. Take note that comfort level and breathability are essential qualities that your bed should have. If you can have a peaceful sleep, waking up without an alarm will never be a problem!

#4: Don’t Make Your Bedroom Soundproof

You can still wake up through the use of sounds–but without the help of an alarm clock. Don’t worry. This is not a cheap trick. You can do this through the support of your natural environment. If you are planning not to use an alarm, make sure that you can still get help.

Making your room impervious to external sounds is like saying that you don’t have any schedules to chase. If there is no external stimulus, waking up can become a challenge. Remember: too much peace can extend the length of your slumber.

Your room should have access points such as windows, blinds, or doors in where sound can come in. It doesn’t matter if the noise came from the chirping of birds or the sizzling of a grilling pan. As long as there are external triggers that can wake up your consciousness, you are on the right track.

#5: Spend Time Outdoors

Another subtle way of being independent of your alarm clock is spending your time outside. You see, your body has a need to be exposed to sunlight for it to function correctly. Specifically, there should be there should be a balance to how much light and darkness that you get that you get.

Your urge to sleep will lessen if you keep yourself in the dark environments. At first, I thought that the effect would be the opposite. However, I then realized that spending outside enables my body to release the energy that it has. If my daytime is for my regular activities and routines, my evening will automatically be spent for my sweet repose.

As what I have mentioned, fewer hours of sleep in the night might mean more time sleeping in the day. It will break your healthy habit of being able to wake up on time without the help of an alarm. Before you worry about getting out of bed on time, make sure that you can rest properly and nicely. It is my secret recipe. You should try it as well!

Wrapping It Up

Alarm clocks are still among the most innovative things that modern technology has ever invented. They help people to wake up on time so that they would never get late to their schedules.

However, there is still a need for you to practice how to break your sleepiness without the help of alarms. It would be healthier if you can train your body to work the way you want it to be. Just follow the tips that I have given here to ensure that your sleeping hours will be brimming with quality. If you can sleep properly, you can wake up punctually as well.

That’s it for now! Did you learn anything from this article? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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