Why Many Americans Prefer to Learn and Train Muay Thai in Thailand

Muay Thai has gained popularity in many parts of the world, and as a result, Muay Thai training camps have sprung up in quite a few places, including the USA, UK, Russia, France and other areas. But unfortunately no matter how good many western Muay Thai schools are, they simply will never be able to offer the same ambiance as a school in the heart of Thailand.

In Thailand there are many high quality Muay Thai training camps, and these camps give you the absolute best training under highly skilled, experienced, and disciplined trainers. Tiger Muay Thai Camp is a typical example of one of these camps. Located in Phuket, it offers superb facilities and offers training for all levels. 301 Muay Thai in Sam Roi Yot is probably one of the most luxurious Muay Thai camps in Thailand surrounded by 300 mountains peaks.

If you ever have the chance to travel to Thailand, training Muay Thai is going to be an experience and skill that you’ll never forget. I mean, what better place to learn this ancient and effective martial art than in Thailand!

Of course, not everyone can afford to go to Thailand, and so you’ll have to make do with the training camps, schools, gyms, or facilities you have available. Thankfully though, many Thais have relocated to the west and have set up their own training schools where they try to create an experience similar to what you’d get in Thailand. But that being said, if you’re looking for the ultimate when it comes to the Muay Thai experience, Thailand is the be-all end-all destination.

Combining Muay Thai with Leisure

Training Muay Thai in Thailand is also a great way to add adventure into your life. The culture there is amazing, the food as good as it gets, the cost of living substantially lower than most western countries, and the people are the friendliest you may ever meet. They don’t call it the Land of Smiles for nothing!

So while America can be a good place to learn Muay Thai, many Americans very serious about learning this cultural martial art will opt to save money to go to Thailand because of the superior level of training offered there, and the obvious adventure that awaits them. You can not only learn this ancient martial art from the best practitioners in the world, you can also enjoy all the amazing leisure opportunities that Thailand has to offer.

When compared to America, countries like the UK, Russia, Sweden and France produce many of the top Muay Thai schools outside of Thailand, and so also produce many of the top Muay Thai fighters outside of Thailand. You won’t find too many fighters winning gold in America so many serious practitioners in the states prefer to look at all the Muay Thai camps in Thailand, and more specifically Bangkok, because the Muay Thai culture is strong and their stadiums such as Lumpinee host the highest level championship fights.

Every young person in Thailand interested in Muay Thai wants to train in Bangkok, as it is simply the very best training venue. Americans love combining such excellent training venues with an idyllic beach setting experience, after all a beach-ready lean, muscled body is designed to be shown off on the beach.

If you don’t want the intensity of a training camp, you can also sign up at a Muay Thai gym where you come and go each day but where some skilled Muay Thai legends still teach. There are also gyms for beginners where you can become acquainted with the sport and where the basics are taught.

Welcoming Environments with Dedicated Trainers

With so many Muay Thai gyms in Bangkok and so many Americans and Europeans in the city, training fees are competitive. You train with the best as these gyms are most times operated by former pro fighters.

They’ll teach you well and they’ll show you how you can build your stamina, develop hard abs and pick up a host of skills from the masters. They pay special attention to different technical aspects of your training, and the best part is that mistakes in your techniques that may have been overlooked in America or elsewhere abroad, will be attended to by a local trainer.

The Bottom Line

If you live in the United States and are serious about learning the amazing martial art of Muay Thai, you’ll find the absolute best training in Thailand, especially Bangkok. Training Muay Thai in Thailand is an experience and skill that you’ll never forget! Gyms and trainers in Thailand are well acquainted with the needs of visitors in their country looking to learn their popular sport.

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