6 Reasons To Start Taking More Omega 7


supplementsMost people will have heard of the health-boosting properties of Omega fatty acids. Nutritionists have spent decades extolling the virtues of Omega 3, 6 and 9 but only recently has Omega 7 been starting to make the headlines. Largely this is because it is the most difficult of the Omega family to actually harvest, being found predominantly in the pulp of sea buckthorn berries. As with all vitamins, these ought to be taken with a pinch of salt – and you should only consider those that state they are directly sourced from this plant.

Good quality Omega 7 supplements are proven to offer many specific advantages – and here’s six of the best!

#1. Gastrointestinal Health

One of the key highlights of Omega 7 has to be its ability to help regulate stomach acidity and prevent/alleviate stomach ulcers. It helps to naturally lubricate the mucous membranes within the gastric tract, reducing inflammation and protecting the stomach lining. Those who suffer from an irritable bowel and similar digestive issues may well find that the burning pain can be considerably lessened just by taking a quality Omega 7 supplement.

#2. Boosts Hydration

Healthy mucous membranes are also essential for boosting the overall hydration of the body, with considerable advantages for both internal functions and exterior health. Omega 7 can help with anything from dry eyes and flaky skin through to vaginal dryness. Overall, it helps to enhance skin health and vibrancy. It is no surprise that Omega 7 is often referred to as the ‘beauty Omega’ for this and a host of other reasons.

#3. Cardiovascular Health

It is already well known that the Omega family is excellent for helping maintain a healthy heart, but it appears that Omega 7 adds a certain extra quality that until recently was little considered. They are especially powerful at reducing cholesterol and triglycerides as well as helping to keep the artery walls smooth and supple thanks to their lubricating powers. Research is ongoing as to how this exactly works, but early studies suggest that this specific variety ought to be a key component in any Omega supplement taken for such reasons.

#4. Looking Young

We touched upon the ‘Beauty Omega’ above, but one of the reasons so many people are taking up Omega 7 is that it does lend itself so well to retaining a youthful appearance. It not only protects and enhances the skin, but is also great for adding a natural gloss to hair as well as maintaining healthy nails. While it may not be able to entirely stop the clock, it will add a real sense of natural and youthful wellbeing.

#5. Decrease Hunger

Once again, the research into this is ongoing, but it appears that Omega 7 plays a considerable part in helping to manage those pesky hunger pangs. Tests on rats show that this mineral enhanced the release of satiety hormones within the lower intestine, reducing the urge to overeat.

#6. Potentially Helps Prevent Diabetes

Once again, we’re reliant on studies upon our rodent friends, but early indications are that Omega 7 may well lower the risk of contracting type 2 diabetes. Studies suggest that it helps to lower blood sugar levels as well as enhance insulin resistance, adding yet another benefit to this rather wonderful addition to the Omega family.

When consulting any Omega 7 supplements reviews be sure to check that the product uses buckthorn berries. As mentioned above, these are the richest sources of this amazing mineral on the planet. Regardless of which product you may end up selecting, be assured that we are only just beginning to understand the potential health-giving properties of this outstanding mineral.

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