Apps for Students to Help Keep Mind and Body Fit

For better performance in academics, a student must have a good health. Mental health plays a key role in academics. When the mind is fresh, you are able to concentrate in class and other academic related areas.

Over the past few years technology has been changing the way of doing things. Software engineers are doing their best to make sure life has become more suitable and enjoyable. When it comes to keeping the mind and body fit, developers have come up with some amazing mobile apps.

In this article, I will talk about some of the must-have mobile applications for every student. Some will help you keep fit while others will refresh your mind.

#1. Lumosity

This is a free brain training app. The app offers over 40 brain training games and puzzles to exercise the mental muscles. The app allows you to choose to create an account and choose mental faculties you want to exercise. The app then automatically creates a customized daily routine with games tailored to improve your selected mental faculties. The app is capable of improving your memory, attention, problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

#2. Wizard

This is one of the most amazing mobile apps. It was developed by neuroscientists at the University of Cambridge. The app improves episodic memory. The app was developed to help improve the memory of schizophrenia patients. The developers claim that consistent use of this app improve helps improve your memory. In academics, students are given exams to test their ability to remember what has been taught. The app is not only for the schizophrenia patients but also for every person who wants to improve his or her memory.

#3. Sworkit

This is the smartest workout app for beginners and people who don’t want crowded gyms. Fitness is not all about weightlifting, there is some workout you that don’t require anything, and all you need is your body training. Sworkit is there for you. The app lets you choose your goal, how much time you have and your current workout level after which it automatically generates a customized six-week program. Unlike many apps where everything is automated, Sworkit allows you to access the real-time trainer for advice.

#4. Fit Brains

This app is aimed to improve mental performance. It has a series of workouts designed to improve your weak areas either memory, focus, speed, visual speed, and logic. Just like in the real world where the trainer makes the workout harder as the time goes, Fit Brains also makes the games harder as you improve. The app also goes an extra mile to keep track of your progress. It analyses your progress to offer you recommendations on how to challenge yourself or alter your daily training routine.

Playing mobile games have positive impacts on your brain. No matter how tight your schedule is always trying to create some time to recovery. You can even submit “write my dissertation” request to academic services to spare more time for building your brain.

#5. Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club is an athlete’s app. It is the most used keep fit app by many award-winning athletes. It provides you with everything and everyone you need to run. You get motivation from thousands of runners already using it and expert advice from award-winning runners. The app keeps track of your runs using GPS, gives you personalized coaching plans and also allows you to communicate with friends all over the world for competition and comparison. The app also gives you audio guided running workouts from coaches and other experts. To help you keep moving, the app gives you in-run cheers to motivate you as you run. The app has made running more personal, you don’t need anyone for you to run, the app will do more than a human being can to help you in your running.

#6. BrainHQ

BrainHQ is a brain training app from Posit Science. It was developed and tested by top scientists all over the world after several pieces of research. The app is specifically designed to improve mental health. The app specializes in brain speed exercises, attention and intelligence tests. The app improves the ability of your brain to obtain information from your eyes, ears, and other sensory organs. Continued use of this app guarantees you an improved memory and better processing speeds.

#7. Elevate

This is a brain training app which aims at improving your brain processing speed, memory, reading comprehension and ability to focus. It has several exercises that take a couple of minutes each. The app rewards you as per your speed. It also keeps track of your progress to see whether the training is helping you or not.

#8. Lose it! Calorie counter

The food you take determines your wellbeing. Many people are now watching the content of the food they want to take. Lose it! The calorie counter is a mobile app that helps you analyze the composition of the food you are about to take. It has a huge foods database that helps it compute the number of calories in your meal. The app allows you to either photograph, use barcodes or manually type the name of the name and the does a computation using already defined algorithms to determine the amount of calorie in your meal.

#9. CircleCare – Live Healthy. Earn Rewards.

CircleCare makes it fun and engaging to achieve your health & fitness goals through rewards. CircleCare encourage healthy lifestyle activities with CarePoints, which can be redeemed to get fantastic rewards from CircleCare. There are 4 different ways to earn care points, be active and burn calories, log your vitals regularly, learn and share your experience and take your medicines regularly. You can build a health and wellness support network with friends, family & co-workers, where everyone can motivate each other to achieve their health goals. CircleCare brings the power of smartphones and social networking to make families feel like they are living under one roof and live healthily.

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