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Chronic back pain is one of the most common health problems faced in our modern world. Each person has a different approach towards it and each person has different complaints. Some just spend their time switching different doctors and some simply rely on pain killers everyday to help ease their backaches. Is this really the best way to handle this situation? A permanent solution is necessary.

You must make it a priority to get your back pain fixed if it’s starting to become chronic or more severe. This is because serious conditions can be linked to it. If your back gets too damaged, it can even result in very serious complications such as sciatica pain and in time you may even need surgery. Any fault lines must be taken care of so a solution to it is necessary.

The Toll of Chronic Back Pain

How many things have you missed out on just because of your back problems?

Things you could have actually enjoyed have become agonizing due to the fact that exertion gives you back pain. It can become very hard to walk and even stand up straight for too long and often all you want to do is just lie down.

If you are in old age, do not let your age become the justification every time your back hurts. It can still be solved no matter how old you are. Instead of ignoring the issue, you must look into it and work towards making it better.

You do not have to miss out on playing with your grand kids. If you are too young to have grand kids but still suffer from chronic back pain then you do not have to resent road trips with your friends anymore. We all know that back pain can get pretty out of hand when taking a long car ride.

For some people, back problems start at a very young age. It hinders their studies greatly because they cannot sit for too long. This also wrecks their athletic interests because their back just does not allow them to play anymore. Parents often struggle with carrying their babies or even playing with them. All of this can make a person extremely upset and agitated.

For other sufferers of back pain, this becomes a much more serious problem and can lead to paralysis and other serious conditions. Back pain can even spread to your legs or other areas in your body.

Introducing The Back To Life System

Wipe ALL your worries away because the “Back To Life system” is a simple and cheap solution to ALL your agonizing and frustrating back pain problems. Well, that’s what it seems to claim at least!

All hype aside (and there is plenty), this system offers a simple 30 second back stretch, core exercises, sleep, posture, nutrition, and other tips that can help remedy many common back issues.

However, it is not a be-all and end-all magic bullet to every cause of back pain which many who promote this system may lead you to believe.

That being said, this system can be quite effective and many will definitely benefit from the program if used as directed. In fact, I prescribe many of the same exercises and tips to my own clients with back pain.

Emily Lark is the founder of the Back To Life system. Emily has been a fitness trainer for years and her expertise lies in yoga and Pilates. Emily was also nearly paralyzed in an auto accident so she is no stranger to back pain.

Since then she made it her aim to provide anybody in need with her help. She knows the pain and struggle which is why she has helped numerous people in Asia. She further expanded her horizons and decided to do it on an even larger scale by making a website and “Back To Life” eBook.

Studies have shown that the life expectancy of an individual can decrease by 13% if he/she suffers from chronic back pain. That makes up almost 7-10 years of your life. If this sounds scary and you’re desperate for a solution, this system may be worth the small price of admission.

The foundation of the program is a natural and convenient “magical” stretch that you can easily fit into your daily routine. People who were potential candidates of surgery showed huge improvements after making this stretch a part of their lives. They claim that their lives completely changed after this in the best way possible.

On top of the “magical” stretch provided by Emily, she also provides some very practical core exercise, nutrition, posture, and sleeping tips. In our opinion, these take the program out of the gimmick realm.

Overall, though, the entire system is actually quite simple and the tips and exercises are legit. If used as directed, we’re confident the program will help many with their back pain.

The Bottom Line

The Back To Life system may in fact bring you back to the life you had before you had back pain issues, however, it’s not a magic bullet for EVERY cause of back pain as you may have been lead to believe during your research.

This brings us to our only real gripe with the program; the amount of hype used to sell it. We understand the reason behind marketing (to sell products obviously) so we can’t really knock it too much, but we felt it was a bit much.

To conclude, we really wish the selling technique was toned down a bit because the foundation of the program is actually quite legit. At the end of the day, this “hype” marketing may just scare some back pain sufferers away who would have otherwise benefited from this potentially life-changing program.

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