Top 5 Best Cardio Exercises to Lose Weight

Best Cardio Exercise to Lose Weight - Exercise Bike

What Are The Best Cardio Exercises to Lose Weight?

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You already know that losing weight means you have to exercise, but do you know the top 5 cardio exercises for weight loss?

The best cardio exercises burn significant calories per hour plus provide other benefits that are important for people trying to lose weight.

Exercising to lose weight is not always about what makes you sweat the most, but it is about being challenged and picking the right activity.

Weight loss requires effort, but working smart is just as important as working hard.

Try these five effective cardio exercises and discover what works best for you.

Top 5 Best Cardio Exercises for Weight Loss


Rowing MachineRowing is an excellent cardio exercise because not only does is burn a lot of calories, rowing also works both your upper and lower body together. Most cardio exercises use only your legs. Utilizing your whole body challenges your heart and legs to pump blood to multiple muscle groups, which increases the calories used and strengthens your cardiorespiratory system. It also tones your muscles and more muscle means a higher metabolism. Every little bit counts for weight loss.

A 180 pound person burns around 550 calories an hour rowing at a moderate intensity. Rowing at a vigorous intensity burns around 700 calories. You can use a rowing machine at the gym. Some home gyms, such as the Total Gym and Bowflex, also have rowing capability.


Exercise BikeCycling is easy on the joints and if you use a recumbent bike, you get lower back support too. You can ride a bike to work or on errands if you are low on time. Riding at a moderate intensity burns around 700 calories per hour for a 180 pound person. Speed up a bit and burn 860 or more calories.

Prefer to stay indoors? Exercise bikes are available at all gyms. They are affordable enough you can get one for your home too.


RunningRunning is great for losing weight because it burns significant calories, does not require any exercise equipment, and can be done indoors or outdoors.

A 180 pound person running at a moderate speed burns around 700 calories per hour. Running at a higher intensity burns double the calories.

If you prefer to run indoors you will of course find treadmills in every gym, and you can now purchase a treadmill for your home at a very reasonable price.

Elliptical Training

Elliptical TrainerAn elliptical trainer is an easy to use cardio machine available at all gyms. It is low-impact and uses your whole body if opt for the version with the movable arms.

You can also burn around 900 calories depending on how fast you move and how high you set the resistance level.

Prefer to workout at home?  Elliptical trainers are also available for home use!


rebounderJogging in place or jumping on a mini trampoline is fun and easy on the joints.

A mini trampoline, or rebounder, is inexpensive and takes up little room in your home.

You can burn around 380 to 480 calories per hour.

Final Thoughts

No matter exercise you choose, make sure you are really working. Moderate to vigorous intensity cardio exercise is what helps you lose weight. Light exercise is not going to cut it. Use the talk test to gauge your intensity. If you can hold a conversation but cannot sing, you are probably exercising at a moderate intensity. Can’t get out more than a few words? Then you are exercising at a vigorous intensity.

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