Best Fitness Watches for Beginners

Best Fitness Watches for Beginners


Wearing a fitness watch is like wearing a smart assistant on your wrist. Sports smartwatches now measure heart rate, offer navigation, and have a variety of sports programs.

Fitness watch providers offer a wide range of products from smart watches to sports watches – not to mention an almost infinite number of models.

First-time buyers should seek orientation before buying. A sports watch varies depending on its features, the materials used for its housing, and of course, its price.

Wearables come in a variety of price categories, materials, and features, including those manufactured by Garmin, Suunto, Polar, Fitbit, and big smartwatch manufacturers.

It is important to consider the intended use when choosing a fitness watch, which is a relatively individual matter.

Top 5 Fitness Watches for Beginners

Here are our recommendations for the best fitness watches for beginners and professionals that work in any situation and for any activity:

1. Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6

The Mi Smart Band 5 has now been replaced by the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6. The watch has a brighter screen, continuous heart rate monitoring, and 11 different sports modes. You can also use the GPS on your phone to record cardio sessions outside.

This device also displays notifications, weather reports, and app notifications on its sharp color display (one of the best you’ll find on a device of this size). It also allows you to control your phone’s music playback with a tap or swipe.

While we prefer full onboard GPS and ‘connected GPS’ on your phone, we do not feel short-changed by the Smart Band 5. Xiaomi has managed to maintain a low price while still offering a high-quality touchscreen display and a wide range of useful features.

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2. Samsung Galaxy Fit 2

The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 is a fantastic upgrade from the Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit E. It features a great color touch display, a non-removable silicone band, and an attractive design. Although Garmin’s Vivofit 4 offers a longer battery life, its battery is non-rechargeable, so it will eventually need to be replaced.

With low usage (e.g., if the auto workout tracker is not enabled), the Galaxy Fit 2’s rechargeable battery lasts up to 21 days. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that continuous heart rate monitoring and regular workout tracking can cut it down to under 15 days.

3. Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Another amazing gem from Xiami, the Mi Band 4 gym watch packs all the smart features that every beginner would want at a low cost. There is a lot to be excited about with this Chinese brand. In addition to being able to monitor your heart rate, sleep, and exercise, this band is also water-resistant up to 50 meters.

Another problem with this product is that it is a Chinese product, and some customers have complained about its packaging and its language. However, that’s not a hassle since no matter what version you bought, you can change the language simply by following a guide.

4. Honor Band 5

If you enjoy more than just cardio workouts, the Honor Band 5 is a solid choice. The device is waterproof to 5ATM, so swimming, cycling, and cross-training can also be tracked. Given its low price, the Honor Band 5 can also be used as an accurate pedometer, thanks to its accurate step tracking.

With the Honor Band 5, you can also monitor your heart rate and sleep, providing a more detailed picture of your slumber than the Honor Band 4. Moreover, it can last up to a week without charging, so you won’t have to charge it every night. Even though the Honor Band 5’s screen can be sluggish, and the design is not particularly appealing, it’s still a worthy inclusion in this list due to everything else it offers.

5. Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit’s Charge series is another classic product. There is a difference between the Charge and Inspire models in terms of functionality, but it is not a significant one. There is no way to receive notifications with the Inspire series.

With the Charge series, you can receive notifications, connect to different apps, such as weather apps, and enhance functionality. In addition, Charge offers different exercising modes that help you train more effectively. You can get more guidance about your health at an affordable price if you choose this option.

Wrapping Up

There have been many developments in fitness trackers over the past few years. In addition to providing excellent support, they also provide a lot of health information that you can make use of. They can also help with stress management and provide notifications to support your daily life. With these fitness tracker watches, you get quite a bit for your money considering everything they do.

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