5 Best Meal Kits Delivery Options for Healthy Living 

Best Meal Kits Delivery


Today, more than 1.9 billion adults aged 18 years and above are obese or struggling with weight loss. What you eat and when you take your meals is vital in your fitness and weight loss programs.

Since everyone is focusing on cutting weight and living healthy, organic meal kits delivery services are taking centre stage today. Many people now prefer meal kit delivery services because they are healthy and reduce wastage significantly.

A lot of food goes to waste in the kitchen and to limit this waste and encourage healthy eating, most organic meal kits focus on providing the kitchen with the right portions of food.

If you are looking for the best organic meal kit delivery services, you are in the right place. Here are some of the best five organic meal kits you can have delivered to your doorstep.

1. Green Chef

Green Chef is one of the best you can have in the market for those seeking healthy meals for weight loss and body fitness. The delivery services company has been around for years and is certified by the USDA for delivering organic ingredients.

Most of the food delivered by the company is hand-picked and sourced. The company is responsible for ensuring that everything you consume is good for your overall health. They only provide organic ingredients, and most of the packing materials they use are recyclable, which helps in environment conservation.

Some of the recipes that professional chefs from Green Chef provide include:

    • Buttermilk brined chicken
    • Portobello gyros
    • Teriyaki pork meatballs

They also offer different plans like balanced-living, keto, paleo, and plant-powered, to ensure healthy living. If you’re a vegan, Green Chef is one of the best organic meal kit company you can order your meals. You can reach out for fresh and healthy deliveries to your doorstep.

2. One Potato

Those with large families can find solace in One Potato to deliver organic meal kits to the door. The company makes eating organic meals much easier for your kids and the entire family.

It is not easy putting your kids on a healthy diet, and One Potato has come up with different plans that will make it a breeze for your family to stick to a healthy diet. The company has specialized in delivering food for the whole family – for both adults and kids.

What they deliver on request includes chicken pillar, spinach ricotta gnocchi, burgers, tacos, and roasted chicken for dinner. The company also avails the best meal plans for omnivores and vegetarians. If you prefer gluten-free meals, you can also get them from One Potato.

One Potato delivers to select states, including Idaho, California, and Arizona. You can visit the company’s website to check if their services are available in your state.

3. Sunbasket

Sunbasket is where every vegetarian should be facing for healthy and gluten-free meals delivered right to the door. The company provides chef-crafted and dietician based meals prepared with quality and sustainable ingredients.

The company has specified on their website that they use 99% organic ingredients in their feeds. They also offer other ingredients such as eggs, meat, yoghurt, milk, and tofu in their meal kits.

Although some ingredients may not be organic, the company always focuses on delivering healthy and nutrient-rich meals to its customers. They source sustainably farmed seafood and humane raised poultry and meat.

The company offers a variety of meal options for their customers. If you’re following a vegetarian diet, they have the best meal plans and recipes to sort you out. You can find plant-based proteins, prepared lunches, and breakfast items to make your day healthy.

4. Daily Harvest

If you’re looking for the best healthy meals to enjoy all day, Daily Harvest has your back. The company, which was originally supplying smoothies, now offers plant-based meals and frozen to its customers. All their ingredients are 95% organic and environment friendly.

While most companies focus on dinner meal kits, Daily Harvest provides a wide variety for their customers. The company provides at least 80 vegan options making it one of the best companies to reach out to if you’re on a strict vegan diet.

You can order flatbreads, frozen smoothies, chia bowls, soups, oat bowls, ice cream, etc. Their goal is to include more fruits and greens into your diet and make it healthier for you.

5. Little Spoon

Little Spoon is a kids-friendly organic meal kit delivery you can trust. The company specializes in delivering meal kits for kids aged four months to 10 years. It was originally specialized in delivering meals to babies aged 4 months to 1 year but has now expanded its plans to cover finger foods and meals for teens.

The company delivers humanely raised and hormone-free eggs and meat. Most of their meals are USDA-certified organic and non-GMO. The meals are free of harmful preservatives and excess additives. This makes it suitable for those kids with allergies.

The company follows a strict protocol when preparing meals to avoid cross-contamination and ensure all their meals are free of any allergens harmful to kids and adults.

Little Spoon offers different meal kit options for its customers. You can filter the options based on allergens and get a preferred meal delivered to your door on time. When you are ordering meals from the company, they ask you some useful questions in creating a personalized plan for select nutrients that fit your unique nutritional needs.

Final Thoughts

There are different organic meal kits deliveries you can opt for the healthy meals. When choosing a meal delivery service in your state, you want to ensure they are using healthy and USDA- certified organic ingredients.

The company should offer different plans for every age group, vegans, and omnivores. You should always find out the price of the meal kits before placing your order. The five companies we have listed here are some of the best meal kits deliveries you can reach for the best kids and adult meals.

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