Fitness Activities to Pep up Your Dating Life

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Are you running out of creative ideas when it comes to that first date? Has the dinner-and-drinks routine begun to hit your pocket a bit too hard? All’s not lost. A workout or an exercise date is the perfect way to get to know a girl better and incorporate a bit of adrenaline while you’re at it.

Why are workout/outdoor dates gaining traction in the dating world?

For one, they are inexpensive. You don’t need to spend cash on a failed date especially when you won’t be seeing her again. Also, believe it or not, looks do matter. Women are attracted to men who can hold their own and who are perceived as fit.

Classic Outdoor Date Ideas

Take a dance class together

Sure, you can join hip-hop or a strenuous Zumba class but when it comes to a first date, salsa beats the rest. This sensual dance requires touch so there’ll be no awkwardness by the end of it. Also, you can chat with each other the entire time, unlike a gym workout.

Tip: Practice with a friend before hitting class. She’s bound to be impressed, plus, you don’t want to step on her toes. Also, pick a dance style you both are unfamiliar with, to ensure an even playing field.


The best things in life are free, and so is a walk through a picturesque park or forest. Fill up those lungs with some fresh O2, and enjoy the breathtaking views once you reach your destination. Being amid Nature reduces levels of the notorious stress-inducing hormone, cortisol. You’ll also have gotten yourself some fantastic photos of the two of you against a gorgeous backdrop.


Why not explore more of the city or the countryside together. Do some research on the best biking trails (not too easy, not too tough), with pretty vistas en route, perhaps a lake or park where you could settle down for a picnic. A leisurely ride under the open skies with a girl you like. How’s that for a first date?


In the mood to get those competitive juices flowing? A bowling alley is a splendid idea as it will help you gauge your date’s personality. Is she a sore loser and wants to quit mid-way? Can she laugh at herself when her aim is way off, and if she falls over? If yes, the girl’s a keeper.

Yoga Date Night

You don’t need to necessarily join a group class. Turn your living room into a private studio for a night. There are plenty of online video tutorials – lookup keywords like “partner yoga workout”, “intimate partner yoga sequence” and so on. Research in advance, light up some incense, dim the lights, and get those yoga mats ready. She will love the effort you’ve put into the night. Take things a notch further when you two are a real couple and try some moonlight yoga.

And something for the water babies

Are you eager to show off your swimming skills, or perhaps set off on a kayak ride into the sunset? The combination of sun, sand, and water will do wonders if your date is really into you. Honestly, the options are endless at the beach too: from rubbing suntan into her back to playing a round of volleyball or Frisbee.


Research shows that couples who sweat together, stay together. It’s a scientifically backed fact that physiological arousal (sweaty hands, racing pulses, etc.) are all mirrors that drive physical attraction and lead to emotional attunement or what we simply refer to as “bonding”.

So go on, unfurl that yoga mat, dance away those blues, or bike down endless country roads. It’s time to break with tradition and give dating the new lease of life it deserves.

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