Best Sports to Play for a Great Workout



While there are countless ways to exercise and get in a great workout, the most talked-about workout method is going to the gym. However, we all know that going to the gym can sometimes get boring, and in all honestly, you’d often rather be active doing something else.

There are many sports that you can enjoy both indoors and outdoors, such as disc golf, which is played similarly to traditional golf but without the use of a golf club and balls. Reaper Disc Golf is one of the most popular disc golf that is available to the market and can be used in golf disc sports with style.

If you bored of the same gym routine and would like to switch it up and still get in a great workout, you should try playing any of these sports.


Basketball is the first sport on the list because if you have a ball and a hoop then you can play. Whether you are shooting around by yourself, or you are playing a full 5-on-5 full-court game, you are going to get a good workout.

Basketball is a very cardio-intense game. The constant running up and down the court and guarding your man on the other team can lead to an extensive cardio workout. There is also a physical element to the game as well. The constant jumping can tire the lower body muscles. Also, if you are a big man and you play in the post, the pushing and shoving that goes on down low can get very physical.


Soccer is the second sport on the list because of the non-stop running that is involved in the sport. There are moments during a soccer game that you are required to sprint, but most of the game is a light jog. This can help you get your daily steps in each day and a good sweat in.

The game of soccer is not super physical, but it is very intense on the cardio, and it can be a great way to burn calories while competing in a fun team game.

Flag Football

Flag football is a great sport to play for a good workout. The actual game of football can be extremely physical, which can lead to injuries and a lot of sore muscles. Playing flag football is a great way to play the game of football but avoid the physicality that the actual game presents.

Flag football is more of a high-intensity interval training type sport. There are periods of time where you are not moving in between plays, but while play is active you are going full tilt. This can lead to a good sweat, and a lot of calories being burned.

If you are a competitive individual, you can draw up flag football plays and have them printed out on play cards.

Water Sports

The plethora of water sports is all very good exercise. Swimming is tiring in itself because of all the muscles that are required to perform the activity. It is also very cardio intensive. If you are not a strong swimmer, then you may want to shy away from these sports. If you are a good swimmer, then competitive swimming or water polo are great activities to do to get a good workout in.


Tennis is a more relaxed sport because of some of the standing around that occurs in between points. However, it is still a good way to get a workout in because of the quick bursts that are required to get to the ball and volley it back. Tennis is a good option if you are looking to get a quick sweat in.


Golf is a much more relaxed sport because there is not any running involved. It does require a lot of core activation, and full-body movements when you swing a club. To get a good workout while playing golf you should walk while playing. Many people like riding carts because it is a much more relaxed way to play. However, if you are looking to get a workout in while playing golf, walking the course is the way to go.


All these sports are great ways to get some exercise in. There are varying degrees of effort that are required for each of these sports. Although some of these sports might be more intense than others, each one is a great way to exercise your competitive edge and get a good workout in.

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