Can Supplements Really Enhance Muscle Growth?

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Everybody that has been going to the gym for a while knows that building muscle doesn’t come easy. It’s a process that takes a lot of time and dedication and generally takes a few good years to build a solid foundation.

Many of us want to search for ways to speed up this process without turning to dangerous performance enhancers. This leaves us with natural muscle-building supplements.

We know that there’s plenty of those on the market, but the question is, can these kinds of supplements really help with enhancing muscle growth?

It’s an excellent and straightforward question. We obviously don’t want to be wasting our time nor money on something that doesn’t deliver results. That’s why you need to visit supplement review websites that closely examine the effects of these products.

As somebody that’s been taking all kind of supplements for several years now, I’ll share with you my knowledge I’ve managed to gather throughout the years.

What To Look For When Buying Supplements

The first thing that you should look at when buying muscle-building products is the ingredient panel. The supplement facts are by far the most crucial thing to examine because that’s what makes a product.

A few good and ‘hidden’ muscle-building supplements are:

    • Arachidonic Acid (ArA)
    • Epicatechin
    • Ecdysterone

These are all-natural compounds, which most of you probably haven’t heard of. But even though they’re not popular, they’re incredibly effective when it comes to boosting natural mass growth.

What comes with the increase in muscle is that also your strength will increase. That means you’ll gradually be able to increase the weights during a workout.

If a product contains a proprietary blend or doesn’t precisely specify the ingredients, that should be a red flag. This means you won’t know what you’ll be taking, and in our opinion, that’s a no go.

Are there supplements that work?

Of course, some supplements will really help you increase the amount of lean muscle tissue. You just need to know which products to look out for.

Again, that’s where a supplement reviewing website comes in helpful. They point out the strong and negative points of a product so that you know which one’s worth buying.

Our advice would always be to avoid the companies that have bold claims about their products. If something is too good to be true, it probably is.

Also, make sure to search for scientifically proven ingredients. This is important because scientific data will tell you whether a product works or not. If the data is insufficient, it’ll be hard to say that the ingredient works for boosting mass.

We’ve shown a few promising compounds that can truly boost your muscle mass when used correctly. If you want to go ahead and get a product that works immediately, we highly advise checking out one of those compounds.

Don’t forget that nutrition and training also play a significant role in the size you can gain. If you aren’t giving your muscles enough food and nutrients, they aren’t going to grow. Focus on getting in enough protein and carbohydrates before adding in these products to your routine.

Are supplements safe?

We can’t speak for every product on the market, but most of them are safe. With that said, you do need to stick to the dosage guidelines; otherwise, you might experience adverse effects.

Stacking supplements is also done often to enhance results further. I’m a big fan of mixing several ingredients together to maximize overall performance. Before you stack them together, make sure to check the ingredients to see if they don’t negatively impact each other.

You can also read other users’ experiences before buying a new product. If many people describe adverse effects, then that should be a red flag.


There are several promising muscle-building supplements available; you just need to know where to look. Make sure to do plenty of research before actually purchasing a product, so you know what to expect.

Many websites out there purchase supplements and go over an in-depth review of the pros and cons. By looking at these sites, you can understand better what a product can do.

Follow our tips so that you don’t get fooled and disappointed afterward. There are definitely some exciting and effective products on the market, but please do your research beforehand.

But, before you even consider muscle-building supplements like the ones we’ve mentioned, fix your nutrition and training routine. Nothing is going to work as good as a proper diet and workout.

They’re the basics of gaining size. And if those basics aren’t there, you can take all the muscle builders you want; you still won’t grow.

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