Cannabis as a Sleep Aid: What You Need to Know

cannabis as a sleep aid


Did you know that over 35% of the world’s total human population suffers from insomnia and poor sleeping patterns?

This is a result of different issues and can disrupt your life if not taken care of. It’s why you should consider a natural supplement like CBD for sleeping.

Are restless nights keeping you awake all through and fatigued throughout the day? You can now try using CBD for insomnia to get some quality shut-eye finally.

Most people struggle with falling asleep for one reason or another, leading to sleep disorders and conditions.

With numerous issues racing through your head, it gets tough to shut off your brain. Also, if you have a health condition, pain can be another cause of insomnia.

That being said, you must find a way to relax your mind so that you can finally fall asleep. It is essential to get enough rest and sleep.

Using cannabis is one way to relieve pain and improve your sleeping habits. But, before you start taking CBD to sleep better, it’s wise to explore what causes poor sleep patterns.

Causes of Poor Sleeping Habits

Even before you consider finding a solution for your poor sleeping habits, such as using the weed pen, make sure you understand the triggers. Some of these include:


Stress is one of the leading causes of poor sleeping habits and even chronic insomnia that ends up messing with your health. When you’re worried or fretting over a specific situation or various issues, it gets tough to fall asleep at night.

Once you’re stressed, your body responds accordingly, and specific body functions get affected. You even end up exuding illness since it’s indicating that something is not right. When your body starts responding to stress, you experience hyper behavior, including the inability to shut off your thoughts. Stress-induced insomnia is a common problem among millions, and it’s best to explore using CBD products to help calm your mind.


Have you ever tried falling asleep when in excruciating pain? It’s even hard to get some sleep when the pain is minimal. Pain in your body can be due to illness or an injury that keeps you up when you’re supposed to be resting. Instead of popping pills to ease the pain, you can use CBD. Many people are now learning how beneficial cannabis is for chronic pain relief.

Poor Lifestyle Habits

How late do you stay up watching movies or scrolling through social media? While some people get soothed to sleep by these activities, for many, it’s stimulating. You end up not falling asleep on time and end up getting insufficient rest. Choose to have a few edibles right before bedtime to get the benefits of CBD even before you sleep.

THC and Sleeping Patterns

Do you seem to continually yearn for quality sleep during which your mind and body can rest? Using cannabis appears to be a great idea, which explains why many people prefer using CBD. Alternatively, use THC as an excellent substitute for CBD since the gains are equally good. THC is excellent for people who want to experience a high since. Even so, it is still the best when you want to alter your sleeping patterns.

As someone who has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), nightmares can limit your sleep time. Research shows that THC reduces the time you spend in REM sleep when you enter the dreaming phase. You end up sleeping better due to fewer dreams. Be careful when starting to use CBD for sleep since sudden stops can have adverse effects. Make sure it is gradual. REM suppression only occurs as long as you take THC products, and dreams flood along when you stop.

How to Use CBD and THC for Sleeping

Dive in and explore which CBD product type to use to sleep better. Generally, CBD is excellent for sleep disorders. Make sure to take the right amount to trigger your sleep. To start, there’s no specific dosage of cannabis products that guarantee you sleep. Still, there are guidelines you can follow to see what amount works best for you. An ideal way to know the right amount to take is by checking your weight.

It is generally recommended to use10 mg of CBD per dose. Therefore, if you weigh 300lbs, you can take 30mg of CBD oil to ease pain and fall asleep. Even so, the best move is to start with a small amount and build upwards. Also, stick to the instructions on the labels. CBD comes in numerous product types like oils, tinctures, beauty products, edibles, drinks, dermal patches, and vape pens. These contain varying amounts of CBD in them, ensuring you read the labels before you start indulging.

Final Thoughts

Are you having trouble falling asleep at night? You can try a natural solution by taking cannabis and its products. It’s a great stress reliever and can ease the pain for you to sleep better. When deciding to use CBD products, make sure to find a dosage that suits your needs. Start by trying out different products and dosages before finding your best fit.

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