Tallahassee Medical Marijuana: Your Personal Key to Health in Florida 

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Marijuana Doctor is your innovative team of doctors. We’ll give you an alternative care option to improve your health.

Our patient education specialists are ready to take your call or message at any minute! You can always come to our Tallahassee medical marijuana center, contact us by phone, or write by filling out our online form to schedule a consultation as soon as possible.

In case you believe med marijuana could be the kind of alternative therapy you’ve been searching for, we’re ready for you to get all of your queries answered and the intake procedure started. Below is some preliminary information for you about our service.

Types of Medical Cannabis

We follow the law closely. Consequently, we only use approved types of cannabis in Florida.

These are:

  • lozenges;
  • gelatin/chew candy;
  • baked goods;
  • chocolate candy;
  • beverage powders.

The marijuana in the aforementioned modalities will become accessible to you. Certain patients can use medical cannabis at home and on private property. No public use is permitted with the exception of low-THC cannabis.

But note that although legal medical marijuana is readily available in Florida, it is still a federally illegal use. You can’ t bring it in or out of the state due to this.

Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Certificate in Florida

Recommendation for Medi-Cannabis is a document that states that a person has an eligible health condition in which a doctor recommends that the person purchase the medicine for treatment. Some states ask the person to first check in with the state and then contact the Dispensary to pick up the drug.

After the doctor completes the assessment for the medical marijuana certification, the system enters prescriptions for specific types of therapy (e.g., inhalation, oral administration, topical application) and advisory amounts of medical cannabis that the dispensary can provide to the patient. A single license may be granted for a maximum of 210 days in the Florida state, with an extension period every 70 days during that time.

Appointment for a Medical Marijuana Use Card

It will take about 30 to 60 min. for your admission. Once you submit your Application to Florida, the state needs about 10 to 14 working days to handle and approve your request. After your statement is accepted, you will get an email from the state telling you that you have been approved. This email will serve as your interim card as well. The physical card of yours will arrive approximately 2-3 weeks after you receive your approval and the temporary card in the email.

Both credit cards and electronic checks are acceptable for the card. There’ s a $2.75 fee for each online transaction for comfort.

Insurance and Medicare Benefits Related to Medical Marijuana

Regrettably, currently in the state of Florida, treatment with medical marijuana is uncovered by health insurance. Nonetheless, you have possible payment plans for counseling among those you can choose the most affordable one.

For example, a membership plan includes a medical marijuana evaluation by a state-certified physician, a physical exam, all follow-ups and orders for the next 7 months plus special promotions and coupons for events and retail merchandise. What you gain is an access to the patient vip guides with hassle-free automatic payments. The price is $29.00 a month + a one time activation charge in the amount of $50.

The Bottom Line

Not sure you know much about medical marijuana treatment?

Marijuana Doctor will convince you that cannabis is not some harsh substance.

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