Career Opportunities In The Field Of Athletic Administration

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Sports have always been a highlighted aspect of the society, and due to the public’s escalated interest in various sports events, media generally covers it extensively.

Athletic personalities are prominent public figures, and people look up to them. History tells us that even in earlier times, people loved to indulge in physical activities and enjoyed having competitions.

With time a lot has transformed, and today, it has taken the shape of an industry, where new games keep emerging and expand it further. Sports are thrilling and keep the adrenaline generally at a high level, whether you are playing it or watching a game.

The athletic world is ever-changing and is proliferating. The latest developments continue to bring new areas to the forefront as advancement in technology has made it possible to focus on the minute details. Sports events are extravagant now, and a lot of planning and extensive preparations go behind an event.

The athletic has turned out to be an attractive field, and people often aspire to pursue a career in it. Institutes have launched various degree programs like online Masters in Athletic Administration that solely focus on technicalities involved in sports events.

Although degrees in athletic programs are getting immense popularity, some people still have apprehensions about the career options for a degree holder of athletic administration.

The following are a few career paths in the field of athletic administration…

Athletic Director

An athletic director works at educational institutes, and under his leadership, athletic events of that institutes take place.

Athletic directors oversee the planning, budgeting, availability of resources, and arrangements for the games like venue, spectators, etc. His job is challenging as he has to display his excellent leadership and keep groups of people in synergy.

An athletic director brings his personality to his position, yet it is such a dominating designation that it requires a robust set of skills. Educational institutes look for professional degree holders for the position of athletic director.

Director Of Facilities

The director of facilities’ job involves the supervision of sports facilities and management of different facilities availed by the organization, including the structures and grounds, as well as the custodial crews.

They are engaged in sports facility planning, like buying selling or even leasing. For the post of director of facilities, you need to possess leadership skills and keeping the games running smoothly.

Tournament Planner

Sports tournaments happen very often nowadays, and unlike before, they have become a solid thing. It has taken the shape of business, and people invest a large sum of money in it.

Tournament planning is not a piece of cake and requires extensive planning and availability of resources, which include players, spectators, and venue. Tournament planner has feet in multiple areas simultaneously, and each one requires undivided attention.

A degree holder of athletic administration knows the details of tournaments and is aware of the process of planning them; thus, he is an ideal choice for the post of tournament planner.

Sports Information Director

Sports information directors are somewhat like public information workers, whose main job is to gather and deliver information to the media. They supervise the development of internal media and finalize the information that they want to put up on print on electronic media.

Sports information director has to give attention to minute details, and it requires them to stay vigilant at all times. They also gather data like statistics, team and player notes, and other information regarding athletic games.

The sports information director works closely with journalists, national and international athletes. Although their job appears to be super glamorous, their job is physically taxing and emotionally exhausting.

Apart from other soft skills, practical communication skills are vital for them. The sports information director is an integral part of the athletic world.

Guest Service Manager

Although the career of guest service manager comes under the hospitality industry, it is an essential aspect of athletic administration.

Guest service managers overlook the overall governing of operations regarding guests of athletic events and ensure that the departments carry out the functions smoothly.

Guest service managers look after the needs of the guests in a professional manner and guarantee that the guests are satisfied with their services.

They oversee security operations, adjust labor and staff requirements as per guests’ needs, supply inventory, and if a problem arises, they resolve it in the best possible way.

Time management, excellent communication, and organizational skills are essential to carry out the jobs of guest service manager.

Associate Director Of Marketing

The associate director of marketing joins forces with the director and strives to achieve marketing goals. Effective marketing campaigns have the potential to bring in more benefits.

Associate director of marketing works up close with other marketers and devise promotional campaigns for media and ensures maximum benefit.

Other aspects of the job include the development and monitoring of budget, maintaining financial reports, and other marketing-related data.

They have to promote their team and handle publicity and sponsorship matters, and also to manage social media.


The athletic world is expanding, and new careers keep on emerging. Today, educational institutes have various degree programs that target specific areas and not only equip students with relevant skills but also provide them with opportunities to demonstrate these skills. Athletic administration is a vast arena, where several managerial designations attract professional degree holders.

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