CBD for Athletes: What YOU Need to Know

cbd for athletesCompeting Soon? Why Not Use CBD for Athletes?

Okay. So your initial reaction may be “Whoa.” What am I even suggesting, right? Aren’t athletes totally banned from using Cannabis – like, forever?

Well, yes. Athletes are banned from using Cannabis. In fact, it’s not just athletes. People from countries that have not (yet) legalized Marijuana are all banned from using it. CBD, however, is a completely different story. Just because CBD or Cannabidiol sounds a lot like Cannabis doesn’t mean it’s illegal too. It’s quite the opposite, actually. Researchers all around the world would tell you that there is much merit in using Cannabidiol products. It has a number of health benefits that are too good to pass up.

But wait, where does CBD come from? And why does it remain controversial?

What Is CBD?


Although I say it’s not the same as Marijuana, CBD’s origins can be traced back to the same plant. And you know how people overreact whenever they hear that some form of medicine is derived from (mostly) illegal drugs. But hey, it’s 2019. It’s about time we educate ourselves about what Cannabidiol really is.

Cannabidiol is one of the 113 Cannabinoids present in the Marijuana plant (see reference). It is believed to have several health benefits and is primarily involved in the treatment and maintenance of chronic pain. What happens is that this specific cannabinoid is isolated from the rest through elaborate laboratory processes. So you can be sure that what is sold in the market is not marijuana but rather a part of it – just one out of one hundred thirteen (1/113) in fact.

Does CBD Have Psychoactive Properties?

Err, no. Cannabidiol has zero chances of messing with your brain. It’s just not its nature. It plays a different role in the inner workings of the marijuana plant. In fact, it is highly commended by many researchers and medical professionals due to its promising contributions in the field of medicine. An athlete such as yourself, who is prone to getting bruises, muscle cramps and body pains, will definitely appreciate the healing properties of CBD.

Now, what cannabinoid causes psychoactive effects, exactly?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

Well, we have a different name for it – and it’s definitely not Cannabidiol. The psychoactive compound present in marijuana or “weed as the kids call it is referred to as Tetrahydrocannabinol. But since that’s a rather lengthy name, we usually just go with THC when talking about it.

THC is the only compound present in marijuana that has psychoactive properties. And because it’s the only one, we can assume that marijuana is a completely harmless medicinal plant without it. This is what scientists and researchers thrived to do. They tried to isolate the cannabinoids from one another so that people can still benefit from the medicinal properties of properties.

And you bet they were successful in doing so.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

The current CBD products like oils and creams that we have in the market, like the products https://cbdforathletics.com/ have, are completely safe and THC-free. This is why many countries have started to reconsider the legalization of such products. The medicinal wonders of CBD are simply too good to pass up on which is why a lot of effort was invested in its completion.

As an athlete, you should really consider herbal medication when it comes to treating common sores and muscle spasms. You are bound to feel some type of body pain on a daily basis. It’s a given since you are pushing your body to its limits during training and practice. Instead of soothing your pains using OTC (Over-the-Counter) drugs, herbal meds definitely offer you a healthier choice. CBD products come from a natural source – the marijuana plant. Compared to laboratory-synthesized chemicals, they should have fewer side effects. Also, there are many kinds so you can choose which one suits your situation best. If you don’t like capsules or tablets, you can opt for creams and oils. The effects will be the same, more or less.

In Conclusion

You know what they say; change is the only thing that remains constant. We have to keep our minds open if we really want to reap the best things the world has to offer. Check out local and online drugstores, they may be offering CBD products already. For all you know, this switch is one of the best decisions you will ever make.

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