CBD for Muscle Pain 101: Understanding the Basics

muscle soreness and cbd oil


CBD has slowly become widely popular because of all the uses that people have given it. Especially in Canada, it has become one of the main treatments that people use for muscle pain. Even research has proven how aside from helping people with sleeping problems or even to treat their anxiety, CBD is also used for pain relief. In many cases even athletes have experimented with this product, as not only is this product trending, but also the fact that it is a natural remedy seems to call everyone’s attention.

More than treating chronic pains CBD can also help the muscles recover after an extensive workout or a long physical practice. It can help reduce inflammation and relieve soreness in the muscles. For this and more reasons, CBD has become the product of choice. Unlike other places around the world, CBD is still a controlled substance in Canada. It has already been legal since 2018, when cannabis was legalized here, however, the government considers that it should be used for medical purposes.

If you are interested in trying CBD for muscle pain, here is everything that you should know:

What Are The Most Popular Benefits of CBD?

CBD has become more popular nowadays. People are more open to natural remedies and they are looking for new solutions to treat their problems. CBD has become a resource for people who are battling depression, sleeping problems, and anxiety, and in many cases, it can even help to ease the pain. Most people who use it as an anti-inflammatory resource are either using it for chronic pain, PMS pain, or even muscle soreness. It has become a very popular remedy and treatment because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Why Does CBD Work For Muscle Pain?

One of the most basic questions that people in Canada continue asking themselves is why CBD is so beneficial when it comes to muscle soreness or pain. Studies have demonstrated how there are components in CBD that help with pain relief given that it has anti-inflammatory properties; this happens as a result of CBD’s application directly to the skin. When CBD is used on a sore muscle, it activates the endocannabinoid system through your skin receptors, and as a result, you will experience pain relief.

Is Taking Oral CBD Better Than Applying It To The Skin?

The effects of CBD work differently on the body depending on how they are taken. For instance, when CBD is applied directly to the muscle in pain, it will only work on the area that has contact with the product. Oral CBD has a more general effect on wellbeing, given that it works as an anti-inflammatory remedy and can be very helpful on a larger scale. It all depends on the type of treatment you are looking to receive. For instance, athletes or active people who suffer from constant muscle pain and soreness, might be looking for some relief directly in a specific area.

It all depends on the type of pain you are dealing with when choosing what CBD product to use. If it is post-workout muscle soreness, you might be looking for a cream to apply directly to the area; whereas, if it is chronic pain, you might even want to check with your local Canadian doctor, on the most suitable oral treatment for this discomfort.

Should You Get Hemp Oil or CBD Oil?

One of the main differences between hemp oil and CBD is the fact that Hemp doesn’t necessarily need to have CBD. Hemp is processed differently, and while it is very rich in ingredients, it has its own health benefits compared to CBD. And while Hemp Oil also comes from the cannabis Sativa plant, it doesn’t contain CBD.

While there is no right or wrong answer on which one is better for you, you definitely need to talk to your doctor to get a more clear idea of what you are specifically looking for in terms of muscle pain relief.

Actually, now that Canada has allowed cannabis products to be sold, people are now shopping for CBD products from authorized and high-quality retailers. Make sure that if you are looking into buying CBD, you only pick from the best.

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