CBD Oil for Athletes: What You Should Know



Maintaining a sound athletic body and mind can be very challenging, especially when one is a fitness freak. To stay ahead of the game every time, beginner and professional athletes prefer taking supplements. Here is when research comes into play for an athlete like whether the product one is having abides by the anti-doping laws or not? The potency and ingredients must also be questioned.

However, after the exemption of CBD from the banned substances list by the World Anti-Doping Agency, the use of CBD oils has gained substantial popularity among athletes in the United States, Canada, and the UK. The reason behind the immense wave of CBD oils is that it is an amazing natural supplement that proactively lessens mental and bodily stress.

If you are a fitness enthusiast looking forward to adopting CBD oil as a natural booster, below is everything you should know:

CBD Oils and their Origin

CBD oils come from CBD which stands for cannabidiol. Industrial hemp is composed of cannabinoids, which consist of a group of hundreds of compounds. CBD is extracted from these cannabinoids with 0.3% of THC which is not addictive for the users.

Another class of compounds present in hemp is called terpenes. These organic compounds are composed of substances that are known to alleviate pain, boost energy levels and develop a sense of motivation in the athletic body.

The similarity in structure of these plant-based cannabinoids and endocannabinoids that are present in the human body is amazing. However, both types of cannabinoids play the same role in relieving stress and maintaining the stability of the body and mind.

Hence CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, and pain-reducing properties are making it a popular choice of ardent Canadian athletes.

Mode of Action of CBD Oils

The endocannabinoids present in the nervous system of our bodies are released into the synaptic space by the neurons. From there they bind to their specific receptors on presynaptic neurons. These receptors are named CB1 and CB2 and their prime function is to hinder the excessive release of certain neurotransmitters and lessen inflammation.

When an athlete works out and goes through excessive physical and mental stress, his bodily muscles respond accordingly and undergo inflammation. Then it is the responsibility of ECS to
regulate the binding of endocannabinoids on receptors. Depending upon the level of physical stress exerted on muscles the normal operation of ECS becomes insufficient.

The increased muscle recovery period can be cured by taking supplementary CBD. This will not only shorten the recovery duration but will also relieve body pain. CBD supplements in the form of oils are placed underneath the tongue for some time before swallowing.

Advantages of CBD Oils for Athletes

Following are the advantages that are associated with the use of CBD oils by avid athletes in Canada:

Relieves Pain

Industrial hemp has been known to be an excellent analgesic for ages. Athletes can use CBD oil before or after working out to treat muscle cramps and soreness. The oil is equally effective in hampering chronic nerve and inflammatory pain.

Controls Catabolic Activity

CBD has solved another problem for athletes which is increased metabolic activity. The increased muscular activity of an athlete causes ATP in the body to die as carbs are being burned. CBD helps reduce excessive catabolism thereby providing instant muscular and psychological relief.

Lessen Inflammation

The torn and swollen muscles are a big problem for muscular training and well-being. However, as discussed earlier endocannabinoids that attach themselves on the CB2 receptors generate an anti-inflammatory response.

Better Sleep Cycle

Optimized metabolic activity in the body of an athlete would provide ultimate relaxation to the body and soul. Moreover, CBD oil helps prevent constant adenosine consumption.

Alternative to Conventional Drugs

CBD oils being plant-based provide better and long-lasting solutions against body pain and inflammation. The prolonged use of steroids or other customary drugs can cause cardiovascular problems and kidney damage. Hence CBD oils are better alternatives.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil?

If you live in a CBD friendly country such as the USA, Canada, or the UK, you’re in luck. You can purchase CBD oil and other products quite readily.

A local cannabis dispensary is one place you can buy CBD oil, as are many stores, depending on the state or country you live in. But online is one of the best ways to buy CBD.

If you’re in the UK, CBD Oil UK is a great place to find quality CBD products. As an athlete, quality CBD oils are where you want to put your money and trust.

Which CBD Oil is Better to Use?

CBD products or oils are available in two categories. One is “full-spectrum” and the other one is named an “isolated” CBD oil. Usually full-spectrum CBD oil maintains the natural composition of what is extracted from cannabis including the minimum concentration of THC. While isolated CBD oil is composed purely of CBD with no other hemp-based essentials. Full-spectrum CBD products are far better as compared to that of the isolated one owing to greater efficacy.

All in all, the use of CBD oil for athletes is proving to be a gamechanger for Canadian fitness enthusiasts as the CBD revolution would make life much easier for them.

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