Sports and Fitness Guidance During COVID-19

sports tips for covid


The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has affected many things in our day-to-day routines. It’s changed the way we work, study, and shop, impacting practically every single aspect of our lives.

While we managed to overcome these challenges by tackling our daily tasks online, the one thing that was made particularly difficult by the coronavirus pandemic was staying physically active. Many gyms, sports facilities, and fitness centers were closed in order to prevent the spreading of the virus.

What’s more, many countries imposed restrictions such as lockdowns and social distancing, which required staying at home more than usual. This has led to many of us remaining inactive for long periods of time and adopting a more sedentary lifestyle.

Because such behaviors have a negative impact on our physical health and mental well-being, it’s important that we do everything we can to counterbalance these negative behaviors and protect ourselves during the pandemic and beyond.

Below, some useful sports and fitness guidelines to stick to during COVID-19.

Take Your Workouts Outdoors

The Stay Safe Order has definitely made working out challenging. However, that didn’t stop many individuals from staying physically active by taking their workouts outside. Outdoor activities like running, biking, hiking, and walking quickly became an alternative to our typical workouts. Parks and outdoor areas replaced gyms, fitness studios, and sports facilities, and many of us started exploring their neighborhoods and surroundings.

If you’re looking for a way to stay active during COVID-19, try spending more time outside. Start by finding an activity you enjoy so you can stay motivated in your efforts to boost daily activity levels. Regardless of the outdoor activity you select, you’ll be supporting your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. And all this while sticking to social distancing rules.

Take Advantage of Online Classes and Videos

Outdoor workouts can be an effective way to preserve your health during COVID-19, but they aren’t always possible. You may be feeling sick or have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19. Sometimes, going outside simply won’t be the option. If that’s the case, it’s important that you do your best to stay active while indoors.

Something as simple as standing up and walking around the house can boost your activity levels. This is especially important if you work on the computer or when you watch TV. Still, you need to make sure to find time to exercise even when you’re at home all day. Fortunately, the Internet is brimming with everything from online sports instruction videos to online exercise classes. This means you can easily join virtual training sessions and get better at your favorite sports. The best part? Everything’s just a few clicks away!

Participate in Individual, Non-contact Sports

Playing sports can be a great way to preserve health and maintain fitness level. However, in situations like these where there’s an ongoing global health crisis, participating in sports could increase the risk of virus transmission. That said, you can lower this risk and enjoy your favorite sports if you stick to several important safety precautions.

For starters, opt for outdoor sports rather than indoor ones. In the case of indoor sports, only play in large areas like a sports dome or a gymnasium. These spaces are usually well-ventilated, so there’s a lower risk of transmission. It’s also a good idea to choose non-contact sports (dancing, frisbee) and sports with more natural spacing (tennis, mountain biking). Finally, opt for individual sports (swimming, running, etc.) to avoid crowding and reduce the amount of close contacts.

Remain Active Even During Your Breaks

Taking regular short breaks during the day is important for more reasons than one. They can increase focus, boost productivity, reduce stress, reduce the risk of injuries, and so on. But did you know that your breaks can become more active if you stick with the right activities?

It can be something you enjoy such as dancing or doing yoga, but it can also be something productive. For instance, you can focus on cleaning your home, cooking, and tackling other household chores during breaks. This will help you remain active throughout the day while also boosting your mood and helping you tackle your to-do list.

The Takeaway

From boosting your immune system to reducing stress to improving your mood and health, the benefits of exercising on a regular basis and staying active are numerous.

The coronavirus outbreak has only highlighted the importance of regular physical activity, proving that it’s definitely something we should strive to maintain at all times.

The earlier you start, the sooner you’ll begin reaping its numerous benefits, ensuring a happy, healthy, and more fulfilling lifestyle.

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