Create Your Own Green Workout Routine

Create Your Own Green Workout RoutineSo you have a treadmill at home or another go-to workout machine that you use every day, or maybe you regularly go to the gym to maintain your best shape. Kudos to you if so for these are all great ways to stay fit!

However, have you ever considered not using ultra-modern equipment and going back to an old-fashioned way of exercising? Perhaps it’s time to try a “green” workout session to spice up your routine!

Five Creative Ideas to Create a Green Workout Routine

A green workout routine is a more holistic approach to a better life. Here are five creative ideas to help you create your own.

#1. Try yoga instead of exercising with weights

Yoga is the perfect combination of physical exercise and healing for your mind. The regular stress of your job and family obligations can suck the life out of you, but that does not mean you have to let them negatively impact your life. If you want to start a green workout, try replacing your weight training routine with Yoga. Before you know it, you will notice that you become more mentally stable, even at those crunch moments when you otherwise would have flipped on others. Yoga seems to work magic when it comes to reducing stress. Yoga is also great for your core muscles and so will help you build a solid body foundation, perfect to counterbalance the posture problems caused by a sedentary job.

#2. Join a natural gym

Come out of the four walls of the gym, off the rubber mats and exercise outside on the green grass. Working out outdoors will have you feeling more refreshed compared to the indoor and unnatural atmosphere of the gym. That is the essence of leading a greener life and what better way than to workout in the great outdoors. There may also even be gyms in your local area that provide weights made of wood, or you can order a pair on the Internet to take with you to workout outside. Try resistance bands as well, for they make a great outdoor gym, and just about any tree will make the perfect anchor. Working out outside or even inside but with wood weights will keep you in contact with nature anytime and help you to reap the benefits of a green workout. Even Right Path Fitness London suggests that people should train freehand and not with the weights.

#3. Change your diet and be strict about it

The first step to leading a healthy life is to avoid the junk food that you eat almost every other day. Be it pizza, a burger, beer or anything that does not add healthy calories to your body, you’re going to see or feel the negative effects eventually, whether that’s extra fat around your waist, chronic fatigue, or worse. Your approach to a green workout routine starts with you. It will be best to have a personal trainer who will suggest a healthy diet. But make sure you follow that diet of course!

#4. Try something new

Create a combination of workout sessions that will never let you get bored. Yoga or regular exercise can get boring, but if you can combine it with sprinting, swimming or cycling, it will be a welcoming change. All these activities are beneficial to your health. Swimming is great for the entire body while cycling can really strengthen your legs, and better yet, both are fantastic for your heart’s health!

#5. Take your yoga mat whenever you travel

It is quite easy to become lethargic when you are on a vacation. You want to rest as much as you can but that breaks the green lifestyle that you have habituated after such a long time. It is easy to create a greener workout session or lead a greener life but it is very hard to maintain it. So try carrying your yoga mat whenever you travel. This will give you that much-needed boost to get up and exercise, even if only for a few minutes. Maybe you can treat yourself to a healthy snack later in the evening as a gift to achieve the day’s quota of exercise.

The Bottom Line

Creating a green workout is not a difficult task, and if done, will offer you numerous physical and mental health benefits when compared to traditional gym life. You simply need to understand how you can let go of the mechanical gym sessions and work out in a way that will keep you in touch with nature. This is the best way to lead a greener and healthier life.

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