3 Reasons Your are Overeating and 5 Diet Meals for Weight Loss


In this article we are going to take a look at some great tips to lose weight, including some effective weight loss meal ideas.

I am going to show you some common reasons why you are overeating, how to overcome them, and will be sharing five meal ideas you can try out in order to help you lose weight.

Are you ready for that? Let’s get right to it.

Three Reasons You Are Overeating and How to Overcome It

Lack of sleep, anxiety, stress, hormones, and many other factors add up to make a person indulge in the habit of eating too much food.

It doesn’t matter how much of a food junkie you are, just like everything else that is consumed in excess, having too much food can be pretty bad for your physical and mental health.

Here are some of the most obvious reasons that make people shift gears and eat buckets of ice cream or a whole box of pizza in a single sitting.

You’re Not Sleeping Enough

Do you ever notice that you feel kind of ravenous the day after you didn’t get a good night’s sleep? Well, the scientific reason for this feeling is that your appetite hormones can get pretty disrupted after missing a single night of sleep. It can compel a lot of people to eat unhealthy amounts of food as they are hungrier than usual. The best way to combat this issue is by keeping a tight sleeping schedule and making sure that you are getting at least seven hours of sleep every day.

You’re Craving Comfort

Sometimes most people opt to eat food for comfort when they are actually dealing with something stressful in their life. Eating food and indulging in such activities make them forget about their troubles, and they think that they will not have to face them. However, in reality, it bundles up their problems, meanwhile putting their health at a very major risk. You need to find other ways to achieve comfort, like talking about your problems. If you are having trouble speaking to friends and family, you can share your stories with random people as an anonymous stranger on platforms like Doe.

You’re Bored

Another obnoxious reason why people eat too much food is that they simply don’t have anything else to do. They will keep munching on snacks as a way to pass the time and skip real meals, which can have some pretty drastic effects on their health. Emotional eating is a real thing, and most people develop this habit as a kid. So, the best way to ensure that your child doesn’t develop this habit is by making sure that you are giving him enough attention so that he doesn’t turn to eating too much food.

Diet Meals for Weight Loss

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For Breakfast

Bread Omelet Sandwich with Some Bananas and Black Tea

Bread omelet sandwich with some bananas and black tea can be a really great breakfast meal combo for weight loss. This delicious delicacy that is light yet very fulfilling offers an array of essential nutrients you will hardly get in the right amounts in other meals. Talk of important minerals like calcium, potassium, iron, manganese, and magnesium, this meal is sure to supply them to your body in abundance. Plus, it is rich in a range of vitamins such as riboflavin and Vitamins; B3, B6, and B9. If that were not enough, you also get incredible amounts of dietary fiber – an indigestible carbohydrate that keeps the digestive system healthy. Don’t forget that bread omelet sandwich with bananas and black tea provides all the above minerals and vitamins in addition to carbs and proteins, which are, however, very common with many meals.

So, how does bread omelet sandwiches with bananas and black tea help with weight loss? Well, this nutrient-packed meal works in three different ways to achieve weight loss.

First, it’s relatively filling and therefore helps curb overeating and/or eating every now and again in the period of time between after having the meal and the next meal, which is lunch. For your information, overeating, mindless eating or frequent snacking remain some of the prominent causes of weight gain because of too much calorie intake.

Second, by virtue of helping improve digestion, the dietary fiber that is abundant in the meal directly contributes to weight loss. That’s because, with improved digestion, the body burns down calories at a faster rate, leaving no room for an excessive pile-up of these substances, which are attributed to weight gain.

Third, black tea, according to scientific discovery, is high in certain compounds that play a direct role in weight loss. For instance, these compounds help reduce cholesterol and lower the amount of fat absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract, thereby preventing potbelly development.

For Lunch

Rice and Beans

rice beans plateRice and beans is a classic delicacy combo that can equally do a great job in helping you lose weight.

This delicious meal that is quite common among the Caribbean and Latino communities is one of the healthiest weight loss meals you can relish.

Rich in plant protein and some essential nutrients that many typical delicacies don’t provide enough of, it’s a very effective weight loss meal that’s suitable for either lunch or dinner.

The rice and beans meal combo works in two separate ways to bring weight loss. First, it’s unbelievably filling, enabling you to avoid taking too many calories, which would otherwise lead to weight gain and even obesity. Secondly, the meal is a good source of dietary fiber, a nutrient that improves digestion, ultimately bringing about weight loss.

Rich in plant protein and some essential nutrients that many typical delicacies don’t provide enough of, it’s a very effective weight loss meal that’s suitable for either lunch or dinner. We all know that rice is also a staple food in many countries. However, what else is there to know about this wonder crop? See for yourself with these rice facts.

Tuna-Avocado Sandwich with Cucumber Juice

Another delicious weight loss meal you should try out for lunch is one or several tuna-avocado sandwiches with a glass of cucumber juice. Consisting of whole wheat bread, albacore tuna (a type of fish found in seas and oceans), and a cocktail of different kinds of vegetables such as tomatoes, butter lettuce, red onion, this sandwich is very light and somewhat filling for many. Plus, it’s low in calories and fats, which are all considered primary weight gain factors. Cucumber juice, on the other hand, has great fat-burning characteristics.

For Dinner

Indian Shrimp Curry

Consisting of shrimp(a small shellfish with a lot of legs found in salty waters), white rice as well as coconut milk and vegetable sauce, Indian shrimp curry can be a good choice for a weight loss dinner delicacy. Even though the meal tastes superb, it’s quite filling such that you will start feeling full after swallowing just a few portions. That helps prevent overeating and taking in too many calories, which could otherwise lead to significant weight gain.

Indian shrimp curry takes 3 separate approaches to solve weight problems. The first approach is whereby the meal satiates the eater faster, making them lose appetite in eating just after swallowing a few portions of it. That prevents overeating, which is a great way to avoid weight problems. In the second approach, the delicacy works by leaving you feeling full and satisfied for longer. That enables you to avoid taking in additional calories after completing your plate of shrimp curry. The third approach is whereby the meal supplies your body with an array of nutrients that promote the metabolic process, leading to increased fat burning. Some of those nutrients include vitamins B, iron, calcium, and magnesium.

Tofu Salad

tofu saladFor salad die-hard fans cum weight loss enthusiasts, there is no better dinner option than tofu salad.

Consisting of tofu, soy sauce, snow peas, almond butter, sesame seeds, minced garlic, and crispbread crackers, this delicacy tastes nice and is relatively filling.

Almond butter has been proved to possess great weight-loss characteristics.

In a Penn State University research, involving 52 participants, that was conducted in the past, researchers were able to come to a consensus that almond milk may have some weight loss characteristics.

That was based on the fact that participants that consumed the milk were able to lose their belly fat more than their counterparts that consumed high-carb, calorie-matched meals in the course of the research.

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Bread omelet sandwich with Bananas and black tea, rice and beans, tuna-avocado sandwich and cucumber juice, Indian shrimp curry, as well as tofu salad are the top 5 diet meals that are great for weight loss. Each meal helps you lose weight effectively through different approaches as described above. Try these out and let us know how that went.

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