GripOwl Workout Gloves for Weight Training

gripowl glovesGym Junkies and workout enthusiasts have begun to embrace the use of weight gloves for weightlifting.  This is a huge step as there have been a lot of controversies over whether weightlifting gloves are needed or not.

In this article, we will discuss the fitness and weightlifting glove brand known as GripOwl. Here we will consider its features, types, pros, as well as cons. Let’s go ahead and answer the obvious question.

What are GripOwl Gloves?

These are a weightlifting glove brand that offers weight lifters and fitness enthusiasts’ support for strength, fitness, and weight training in the gym. They also help to protect the hand and wrist from blisters and calluses. These gloves are categorized using three major metrics; wrist support, the area covered, and material used. Let’s take a look at the different types of GripOwl workout gloves under these categories.

Wrist Support

GripOwl gloves with wrist support

This type of GripOwl glove has a wrist strap that provides wrist support when you wear it. GripOwl comes in different strap sizes as well as thicknesses; this means you can decide on the glove with the size and thickness of your choice.

Without wrist support

Unlike the gloves with wrist support, this type does not offer any support to your wrist. Lifters that do not like interferences usually opt for this type.

Hand Coverage

Half-length Coverage

This GripOwl glove type covers the half the finger area; this means that there will be some part of the finger that will be exposed when you wear this model.

Partial Finger Coverage

This type can be fingerless, and it can cover quarter of the finger area. These are more breathable, and more lifters opt for this type.

Material Used

Most GripOwl glove types are made with different materials such as

  • Silicon
  • Cotton
  • Spandex
  • Neoprene

Features of the GripOwl Workout Gloves

Silicone and Neoprene Padding

These gloves are made with silicone and neoprene padding which provide lifters with the extra grip and friction they need when lifting weights. This padding allows lifters to be able to comfortably lift more weights without slipping up even during exercises like Deadlift, Barbell Curls, CrossFit, and others.

Spandex Fabric

The fabric of this glove is made with spandex to ensure durability as well as elasticity when lifting. This material helps prevent slips as hand sweat is reduced. A major benefit of this feature is that it is easy to watch, and it dries rapidly.

Nano cotton

The Nano-cotton of this glove helps to protect the hand from blisters and calluses. It also provides comfort to the wrist during weight and strength workouts.

Wrist Wrap

This glove comes with a wrist strap which provides wrist and hand support from pain, blisters, calluses, as well as other injuries that can happen to the wrist during workouts like squats, jerks, and snatches. With this strap, the efficiency if lifters to train harder will increase.

Benefits of the GripOwl Workout Gloves

The GripOwl gloves have a lot of benefits; highlighted below are the different reasons why this glove brand is a must buy.


These gloves are designed to provide breathability and flexibility during workouts. This feature is a very important one for a weight glove to have as it helps protect the hands during strength and weight training. Its breathable nature is one of the many reasons why lifters are opting for it.


They also protect the hand from blisters, calluses, and pain as it lessens fiction on the skin. It is made up of materials like nano cotton, spandex fabric, and silicon padding which help prevent slippage, provide friction, absorb shock, and provide comfort during strength and weight training.


These gloves reduce the pressure that builds on the palm during weightlifting. They also provide wrist support and provide extra grip when lifting. With this glove, lifters have all the support that is needed to comfortably lift weights in the right form.


These gloves are made up of materials that are durable and provide flexibility; this means you will be able to use these gloves for a relatively long time. The silicone material it is made of helps prevent slippage as well as offers a better grip which improves strength training effectiveness.

GripOwl Workout Gloves Care

Despite the fact that gloves help reduce the spread of germs and diseases in the gym, they sometimes help in its spread as well. Your workout gloves touch different surfaces when you are at the gym so it is important that you take good care of your gloves.

While it is not advisable to wash your gloves every day, waiting till it is visibly dirty is a health hazard.

There are a lot of reasons why your workout gloves needs to be cared for and washed. For one, during weight lifting, your palm will sweat and buildup of this sweat over time will lead to irritation — if the gloves aren’t cared for properly.

The different ways of taking care of your GripOwl workout gloves are highlighted below.

Washing Machine

The GripOwl gym gloves can be washed in the washing machine without shrinking. The steps you should follow to wash your glove in the machine include;

  • The wrist straps must be secure
  • Wash the gloves in the machine on gentle setting
  • Air dry once clean

Hand Wash

You can also wash the gloves by hand if you like by following the steps below;

  • Put liquid soap (non-bleach) into a bowl or drain filled with warm water
  • Scrub both the inner and outer part of the glove
  • Rinse the glove after washing
  • Air dry once clean

Size Guide

A size guide helps you choose the right glove for your hand size. GripOwl exercise gloves usually have the sizes written on them so you can easily find your appropriate size. You can determine which glove size you wear from this size guide below.

Men’s SizeInchesCMWomen’s SizeInchesCM
M7.5 -820S6.517
L8.5- 923M718

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