8 Tips for Buying Running Shoes Online

tips to buy running shoes

Running is a viable activity for beginner and experienced exercise enthusiasts. It has benefits to your muscles and heart rate. However, you need quality running shoes so that you do not injure your feet while running. If you are online shopping for shoes, you need to keep the following tips in mind to buy the right pair.

Measure the Size of Your Foot

This may look obvious when buying shoes online. However, the leading reason why people buy the wrong shoe is picking the wrong size. A good number of online buyers choose shoes that are a slim fit with no space for foot swelling during the warm weather. Women legs also change during pregnancy. Therefore, when you measure your feet, add a thumbnail space to take care of the changes in size. Double-check the size (you could be looking at size numbers from other countries) before checking out at the website.

Besides, you should not have any issues when putting on your shoes, even when you have laced the shoes (but not tied). Also, allow some movement around your heel so that you do not feel restricted once you start running. On the other hand, if the shoe feels tight around the instep, it is probably smaller than you should wear. Check the current shoe for these issues so that you decide the number that you will pick.

Check Reviews

The running shoe technology is always changing. You would want the best foam and fit technology that is currently available. Reviews will help you analyze various types of shows, their benefits and disadvantages so that you are able to make an informed choice. Remember to go for comfort and good fit. Experimental purchases of new sleek designs are best made with an in-store visit. Most online stores categorize these shoes to make it easier for you to make the right choice. It does not hurt to go through all the categories before settling on a pair.

Purchase More than a Single Pair if You Intend to Run Regularly

Running experts recommend as many pairs of shoes as the number of days that you intend to run. Therefore, if you want to run for three days a week, consider having three pairs of running shoes. This ensures that your feet are not accustomed to the orthopedics defined by one pair. If you do, you are likely to increase the risk of injury as the foot gets accustomed to the same form of movements. Fortunately, you are likely to get great deals, such as online coupons and discounts when you buy more than a single pair at the stores.

Take advantage of Offers on New Shoes

There are regular shoe offers on leading online stores from time to time. You will also get voucher codes, discounts on a second pair and other deals on specific types of running shoes. Take advantage of these offers when buying shoes online. However, do not go for low quality running shoes just because the seller offers great deals on them. You had better spend a little more for a shoe that will not injure you and the one that you can use for an extended period. In fact, a right shoe will save you from foot therapy sessions months into your running routine. Click here for the coupon codes on running shoes.

Avoid the Marketing Gimmicks

Avoid falling into the notion that the shoe has ‘special features’ that will enhance your comfort or enable you to run faster. Some brands talk of the breakthrough technology that helps people lose weight, improve foot movement and reduce sweating. However, experts believe that no significant difference exists between such shoes and a comfortable, no-frills running shoe. Therefore, you should not spend on a shoe that does not have any proven advantage.

Do Not Take Long before Buying Your Next Pair

Most good running shoes are designed to last up to about 800 kilometers. A regular runner may cover this average distance in about six months. Therefore, you should consider purchasing a new pair every six months. It does not matter if the pair looks good. There is a risk of injuring your foot if you continue wearing such a shoe. You can time your purchases to take advantage of coupon code deals and other seasonal offers to save money.

Note the Return Policy

Different e-Commerce stores have varying policies on returning your shoes. However, most companies have a 60-day return policy within which you can exchange the shoe for a better one or ask a refund. Note that it may take a little longer to get a refund or a new pair depending on such factors like your location and the intricacies of shipping. Consider online shopping for a shoe well before the current pair has exceeded its useful life.

Do not Overthink It

There are so many running shoe technologies, debates and fads, including barefoot-like shoe. With these stories going around, it is easy to get overwhelmed when looking for the right shoe. Do not waste so much energy and go for the best that there is in the market. Consider a proven style and brand for the running. You can experiment with fancy ones when buying other types of shoes or wait until these new styles become a mainstay in the running industry. In fact, most of the popular shoes are the ones that come with coupon code offers and other good deals. 

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