How to Buy the Best Bumper Plates: Tips for Beginners

bumper weight plates


Buying the most suitable workout equipment is paramount if you want a functional and hassle-free home gym. When it comes to purchasing weights, most first-timers may be unaware of the sheer number of options available on the market right now.

From finding the proper thickness to selecting the suitable material, one must make some critical decisions. The most popular variety includes bumper weight plates typically used in Crossfit and Olympic training.

These sturdy products are commonly made of robust steel or iron core and enveloped in high-quality rubber. You can add them to any home or office gym setup, making them a sound choice for beginners and professionals alike.

Tips to Buy the Perfect Bumper Weight Plates

Here are some tips you can use to find the best weight plates for your workout needs…

Check the Features

Statistics show that the wholesale free weights market in the US is currently worth over four hundred million dollars, proving how popular these equipment are among health and fitness-conscious citizens.

But if you want to buy weights that are perfect for your needs, you need to check if they possess all the essential features. You can use the following information as a starting point.

    • Pick one, depending on your level and type of training. Remember that different weights have different thickness levels. For instance, a 10LB plate can be approximately 0.82,” and a 55LB one is about 3.54”.
    • Buying plates with high-quality rubber is key to a comfortable workout experience. The coating protects the material inside while making the weights low-noise ones.
    • Look for plates with smooth steel groves in the middle that can grip the barbell comfortably without accidentally slipping off during use.
    • Durability is a pivotal aspect to consider when looking for plates to use for a long time. The ones you buy should not break or cause the floor to crack when dropped.
    • Having anti-bounce plates will be highly beneficial for those who lift massive weights as they typically need to drop them off, and this quality can protect the lifters from potential injuries.
    • It is prudent to invest in weights that come with at least a year of warranty, but any reliable product should last for a couple of years.

Consider the Price

Before you purchase plates, it is critical to understand pricing. Each plate can cost approximately $45 onwards, depending on the quality, material, unit condition, and other factors. Some reputable dealers will offer you two solid plates for under $70, perhaps less, considering seasonal discounts, the particular product, its features, etc.

If you are on a tight budget, you can buy from stores that provide installment options, wherein you can pay for the products a little every month until the whole amount is paid.

Buy From a Reliable Dealer

It is imperative that you purchase weight plates from a reliable vendor to ensure you get quality equipment for your money. Ideally, it is best to trust an online supplier offering fast, and free or low-cost shipping across your state or even the country. The orders are usually shipped two days post-purchase, and customers receive them approximately within a week.

Another advantage of buying from trustworthy online retailers is that they provide more than just weights. You can also purchase pull-up bars, stationary cycling bikes, dumbbells, and other workout equipment at reasonable costs to create your perfect home gym.


The right bumper plates for your needs will, well, depend on your needs. For the casual exerciser, you can save money by choosing lower quality plates, however, this might become a future problem for you if you progress to new levels of fitness.

Personally, I wouldn’t skimp on plate quality unless you are on a very tight budget. Buying quality plates that will last you well into the future, especially since you will likely progress to higher levels of fitness, is the best way to proceed as far as I’m concerned.

But before you just buy the first set of bumper weight plates you find online, it’s best to do some comparison shopping to survey what’s out there. Be sure to check the features, consider the price, and ultimately buy your plates from a reliable vendor.

On a final note, I highly recommend you read customer reviews to see what others have to say about a particular product. You never know what you’re going to discover by reading the opinion of real world users. Most fitness buffs are very vocal when it comes to their love of fitness.

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