How to Choose a Speed Bag Platform


Speed bags are one of the essential boxing training tools since they can help to improve your hand-eye coordination as well as your agility and overall strength.

You’ll find they are likely one of the most popular types of gym equipment for boxers and non-boxers alike, as they are sure to put your arms to the test.

However, you can’t just mount any old speed bag to the wall; it needs a sturdy platform to offer optimal resilience and performance.

When you are searching for the best speed bag platform, there are several features to take into consideration.

Also, you will find that they are undoubtedly necessary to make the most out of your speed bag.

What Do Speed Bag Platforms Do?

The main job of a platform is to be the place where you mount your speed bag so that it can be hit. Even though that seems like a rather primary job, the platform is the essential part of the entire setup, as it allows you to hit the bag freely without the likelihood of ramming your hand into a wall or any other solid surface. You will need to mount the bag to the bottom of the platform so that it is hanging down without any obstructions nearby.

Some models are available with fixed heights, which means you can only hit the speed bag at one height setting, while others are adjustable.

You may also find the materials used to craft the platforms will be different, each offering their benefits in terms of durability and resistance. Without a proper platform, you are putting yourself at risk for injury as well as increasing the likelihood of ruining your speed bag.

The Features of Speed Bag Platforms

When you start shopping around, you’ll find that platforms aren’t a one-size-fits-all product, as some fighters may prefer models made from specific materials and with different features. With this guide, you’ll know what to look for when you decide to install a speed bag either in your home or professional gym.


There are two main parts of this fitness equipment that you will want to consider when it comes to materials: the frame and the platform itself.

The frame material is the most important since it will be the part that you use to mount the entire unit to the wall or ceiling, so you will want to make sure it can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Professional fighters will need heavy-duty frames, especially since they put a lot of power behind each of their punches, and they wouldn’t want to knock down the entire speed bag unit with every hit.

Ideally, you’ll want to opt for a frame made of durable steel, as it’s likely to offer optimal resilience over years and years of training.

Wood platforms are also highly recommended since they are whisper-quiet and add to the overall aesthetic of the equipment. Also, you’ll find that wood will last substantially longer than plastic when it comes to mounting the speed bag.


As earlier mentioned, speed bag platforms are available in two main designs: fixed and adjustable.

Fixed platforms come in a specific height, which is excellent for an individual fighter but not ideal for multiple people using the same equipment. Fixed units will also restrict your training, only allowing you to focus on specific movements at a particular height.

The best speed bag platform will be adjustable and are the most popular since you can create a more customized training environment. You can typically adjust these units up to 25”, if not more, allowing you to decide what height you want to train at on a specific day.

Also, you’ll find that with adjustable units, the whole family can take advantage of the equipment as they can have their settings.

Mounting Hardware

The mounting hardware that comes with your speed bag platform will determine where you can install it since some units are better for specific materials.

For example, if your equipment comes with wood screws, this means you should install it in a wood stud, rather than any other building material. This theory also applies to concrete screws, as they won’t allow you to anchor the equipment into the wood safely.

While having a speed bag platform, it’s a good idea to choose the best location before purchasing and to make sure you select a unit that will work appropriately.

Swivel Mechanisms

Having free movement is an exceptional benefit when it comes to speed bag training, as is having the ability to lock the speed bag in a specific position.

For optimal training capabilities, we recommend investing in a speed bag platform with a swivel mechanism that you can also lock in place.

As your skills improve, you can let the bag move freely to work on your agility or opt to keep it stationary if you want to train your endurance.


You surely do need a speed bag platform, especially if you want to train safely and with the confidence you need as a boxer. The convenience of this piece of equipment can help to transform your training experience and ensure it is mounted safely in your home.

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