How To Integrate Cannabis Into Your Fitness Routine

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After acquiring legal status in the country, cannabis has emerged as the newest workout booster among many new users.

Most people who love both weed and working out are combining them to make their sweat sessions most enjoyable.

There is much more that it can do for fitness buffs. The benefits are endless, from alleviating soreness to speeding up recovery, and keeping you motivated through the long workouts.

Even as you revere the anti-inflammatory and muscle-relaxing effects of weed, you may still not understand how you can use it for moving a step closer to your fitness goals.

Here are some ways you can integrate it into your fitness routine…

Pinpoint Your Goal

The first thing you need to do is narrow down your goal for using cannabis as a part of your fitness initiative. It is a wonder product that serves a wide range of objectives, so pinpointing yours gets you on track. Do you need an extra dose of motivation to get started or take your sessions till the end? Do you need help with post-exercise recovery? Are you struggling with pain and soreness that is keeping you far from your workout goals? Maybe you want to resolve multiple challenges? Determining your goal at the start will give you the right direction about choosing the right product, strain, dosage, and consumption method.

Pick the Right Delivery Method

When it comes to using cannabis for workouts, a lot depends on choosing the right delivery system. Vaping is a good option because you feel the effects almost immediately, so it is easy to dose correctly. Additionally, vaping is far better than smoking from a health perspective. Ideally, you should hit the vape about 5-10 minutes before you start the workout. With edibles or capsules, timing is a crucial factor. It does not make sense to pop a pill or suck a candy minutes before starting because these products take their time to act. You need to take them earlier to experience the power boost when working out. Conversely, it is good to take them right before the workout if you plan to use them for recovery.

Product and Strain Matter a Lot

When integrating cannabis into your fitness routine, you cannot overlook the significance of picking the right product and strain according to your objective. Activities such as weightlifting and high-intensity exercise require more energy, while yoga and walking need a relaxed mind. Opt for THC-rich sativa or sativa dominant hybrid products for energetic sessions and pick a CBD-heavy or THC-rich indica strain for taking a relaxed approach. Check the CBD to THC ratio to tailor the results. You can take things a notch higher by picking craft cannabis, which is cultivated in a special environment to enhance the effects manifold. It is also vital to learn more about strains and their effects to take the right pick for your fitness routine.

Always Go Low and Slow

Whatever the purpose of integrating cannabis into your workouts, you must follow the rule of low and slow at all times. Remember that your objective is to boost your exercise plan, not get high. Trying to get high pre-workout may waste the entire training day if you go over the board with the dosage. For beginners, less is more, so start only with microdosing cannabis. Once you understand your tolerance levels well enough, you can gradually increase the dosage to an optimal level. Be cautious when trying a new product or delivery method because they may have different impacts on your sessions.

Listen to Your body

You cannot ignore this last piece of advice when combining weed with a workout because it is as vital as anything else. Always listen to your body and understand the cues. It will help you understand whether you are pushing yourself too far, with or without cannabis. If you are using weed, you will be able to comprehend whether you are playing safe with the aid. If things appear out of place, stop right away and start from scratch. You may need to try a different product, method, and dosage, or realign your fitness goals and workout plan to get things going right. The idea is to take a holistic approach towards both, and you will be able to find a perfect solution that helps you achieve your objectives and stay safe.

The Takeaway

If you are serious about staying on track with your fitness goals, cannabis can do the magic with the extra kick it offers.

But everything boils down to picking the right products and using them judiciously to get the best benefits they provide.

Following these simple tips and rules can help you on both fronts, and you will see the most incredible results sooner than you expect.

Also, make sure that you follow the other fitness rules like eating right, drinking lots of water, and staying positive. The overall result will show up quickly and sustain for the long haul. 

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