Chubby Thighs Bumming You Out? Here’s How to Reduce Thigh Fat!

how to reduce thigh fat


how to reduce thigh fatFitness trends have taken over in recent years with more people seeking to either get the ideal body or to lose excess weight.

If you’re new to this world, don’t be overwhelmed by the different methods and techniques used as each body adapts distinctively to each workout program.

If your inclination is to lose weight below the waist, there are a few habits you can cultivate to go along with your existing routine that, at a regular pace, could see you reach your goal before expected.

All bodies do contain fat content in some form, your goal shouldn’t be to lose weight in one region of the body like say, toned arms only. Patience and discipline will be tested but the outcome will change not only your body shape, but your personality will also radiate confidence.

Voluptuous hips and slim thighs are quite desirable with many opting for fitness workouts to gain the impeccable figure. Excess fat in the thigh region is what many people struggle with, if you’re one of them don’t fret.

There are certain ways to reduce thigh fat, these are not shortcuts mind you, they are add-ons that could help lessen the overall duration of your weight loss.

One of the biggest myths is that spot reducing is the go-to method for fat thighs. Sorry to burst your bubble, this is a lie.

Performing a couple of inner thigh workouts and expecting results is like walking through a marathon and expecting to come in the top 20. Removing excess body fat from one specific region isn’t possible. Performing exercises will strengthen the core muscles around the area of stress but will have a negative impact on minimizing the stored fat content.

Weight will have to be lost all round, to accomplish this, lifestyle and dietary changes will also need to be taken into consideration.

How to Reduce Thigh Fat: Key Methods

Maintain and Record Salt Intake Closely

The salt content in your body can cause excess water retention. This could result in bloating mainly in the hips and thigh region.

Instead of getting filtered through the kidneys, water follows salt and collects internally. By reducing one’s salt intake, changes can be observed.

Slashing consumption of processed foods, canned items, ready to eat microwave dishes and soups will help on your journey as most of them contain substantial amounts of sodium.

Include Additional Electrolytes into Your Diet

Electrolytes contain potassium, calcium, and magnesium that will result in keeping your salt intake at bay as they compete to stabilize your body fluids which in turn will flush out excess water retained.

Yogurt, bananas, leafy green veggies have abundant electrolyte properties. It is true what they say, fruits and vegetables consumed regularly will condition your body during workout sessions.

Reduce Carbohydrate Intake Levels

The body converts carbs into glycogen, stored with water in your muscles and liver.

An increase in carb intake will directly affect the body’s water content.

Many people who try a low carb diet lose a few pounds within the first 2 weeks, most of which is water content being expelled from the body.

Start Your Mornings with Coffee

A cup of coffee can stimulate your metabolism, increasing your body’s ability to burn fat and aid in your workout routine.

Although overindulgence in coffee can result in overeating and tiredness. 2 cups is the recommended approach.

Strength Training Tips to Grow Thigh Muscles

There are exercises pertaining to reducing thigh fat that target thigh muscles and the surrounding areas.

Ramping up workouts on a weekly basis helps reduce the repetition cycle.

Muscles in the thigh region run diagonally, performing exercises that include different stress angles increase resistance and range of motion.

Recommended Exercises to Get the Job Done

Cross-Behind Lunges

Cross-Behind Lunges, sometimes referred to as Curtsy Lunges target the inner thigh region.

Stability Ball Single-Leg Lift and Lower

Stability Ball Single-Leg Lift and Lower targets the inner and outer thigh and hamstring region. It is also known for increasing core stabilization.

Pile Squats

Pile Squats, are similar to regular squats but are more intense and target the inner thigh region. Variations of this method are also beneficial.

Resistance Band Outer Thigh Press

Resistance Band Outer Thigh Press, does aid in toning the trickier part of the outer thigh region. Using a resistance band, this move is recommended by a large number of people who obtained faster results.


Skating to reduce your thigh fat is also a great idea, it’s a fun activity and a great way to get around. Skating gets your heart pumping as your lower body is applying more force, particularly targeting the lower thigh region.


Incase skating isn’t your thing, it can be substituted with cardio. Running is a great way to burn thigh fat as more cardio-based exercises revolve around the lower body which can shape and tone that unwanted fat. Even simple cardio will play a part in your weight loss journey, climbing stairs, doing jumping jacks, using a skipping rope, all that has its benefits.

Strength Training & Weight Lifting

Lastly, there is one way to acquire faster results if determination preserves. A combination of strength training with weight lifting is a formula used by people to shed fat and tone up briskly, albeit this method is not for beginners as strong perseverance is the key.

Extra calories are burned creating a calorie deficit that is required to reduce thigh fat. The energy burned after a workout increases, resulting in better performance. Enabling one to intensify and maximize sustainability over a longer time period, allowing one to push harder each workout session.


If you want to learn how to properly reduce thigh fat, you need to consider it from a few different angles. The tips in this guide are a great place to start.

Not only do you want to be reducing the overall fat from the thigh region, you also want to be tightening up the muscle tissues in that area so that as you do lose the fat, you have a nice set of legs to show underneath.

Remember, spot reduction is one of the most common exercise myths in the fitness industry. There is no such thing as burning fat off a particular body part by directly exercising that area. The body will burn fat where the body decides to burn fat.

At the end of the day, you’re going to have to work on incorporating a healthy nutrition plan and multi-faceted exercise program into your lifestyle, and when you do, the results will follow if consistent.

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