How to Tell If Your Kratom Is of Good Quality


Kratom, which is a tropical and herbal plant grown in Southern Asia, has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. It is said to offer a ton of beneficial effects on your mental, physical, and psychological health while also acting as a sedative and stimulant.

But you will only really enjoy kratom benefits if you get a hold of high-quality authentic kratom. Otherwise, you’re going to be disappointed and you might just end up consuming harmful or dead plants.

In this short post, you are going to learn how to distinguish a high-quality kratom from its counterpart.

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Seven Ways to Tell Your Kratom Is High Quality

To tell if your kratom is of good quality, you should be able to nod to the following requirements. If you do, you are safe, but if not, then discard the kratom and look for top quality products.

The requirements for high quality kratom are that…

It will come from a trusted kratom vendor

Getting a hold of a trustworthy and genuine kratom vendor can prove to be very difficult. There are lots of fraudulent activities happening when it comes to the importation and distribution of kratom to stores. This happens more often when it comes to purchasing kratom locally.

So, the best option for you is to purchase your strain from online vendors. This will assure you that the kratom you have purchased is of good quality.

You should do your research about the vendor. Go through their websites for customer reviews and testimonials. You can also ask around from long-term users.

To know a reputable online vendor, they are likely to:

    • Offer money-back and quality guarantee. This will give a sense of security about the quality of the products.
    • Back up the guarantee with independent third-party testing. The purity and potency of the kratom will be proved by testing in an independent lab.
    • Have a high-quality website. The authentic kratom vendor’s website must contain relevant information such as contact info, customer care lines, and places where they operate.
    • Provide certification of links where they import their kratom.
    • Label the strains appropriately.

If you still don’t feel comfortable getting kratom online, just make sure that wherever you purchase it has no link with gas stations. People make mistakes getting kratom from roadside dealers. This might be very harmful.

It will have an earthy smell

Many kratom users have confirmed that high-quality kratom has a pungent earthy smell like that of green tea. When you open your package of kratom, it should have a natural green leaf smell.

If it has an artificial smell or a stale smell, there might be additional chemicals in it. This means that the kratom is not pure. The smell of the kratom is a major indicator that helps determine if it is safe for use or not. So, make sure it smells natural (chlorophyll).

It will have a fine and smooth texture

Basically, how fine the kratom is determined the quality. The finer it is, the higher the quality. If it is super fine, it means that it was ground up properly using the appropriate machinery. If it has a rough texture, it means it was hand-ground. Obvious? Yeah?

Even though it should be fine, it must not be too light or powdery. The dust should be thick and dark.

It will taste appropriately bitter

A better way to determine the quality of your kratom especially if you are a new kratom consumer is to taste it. The taste is the difference. It should be bitter. It tastes quite alike to a steeped green tea, leaving a dense and acrid aftertaste effect.

It will have a green leaf color

The color of kratom will help you determine some factors such as its shelf-life and freshness. The closer the color it is to that of a green leaf, the fresher it is. If the color looks tanned and brownish, it means the kratom is losing its freshness and potency, hence, is not of good quality.

Although not all strains are greenish, they mostly come in this form. Other strains such as the white strain don’t appear like this. But if the white color darkens, it has become stale.

It will give the desired effects with only a small dose

A pure and potent kratom will give the required effect even when taken in a small amount. You will not need to take an overly large dose to get that effect.

The potency is proven better when you take kratom on an empty stomach. An average user should get the effect needed when he/she takes as little as 3grams per dose.

If the effect is not felt after this dose, the kratom is either considered to be stale or of mediocre quality.

It will be dated

Every good kratom must be dated. It should have an expiry date. On the package, the shelf-life, half-life, and expiry date must be indicated. The longer the shelf-life, the higher the quality.

Tips for Purchasing High-Quality Kratom

Here are a few simple tips and vendor recommendations to help you purchase high quality kratom.

Do not buy kratom from roadside retailers

If you want premium authentic kratom, you should purchase it from online vendors. Online stores have better security and guarantee policies than local businesses.

But if you still prefer to get things offline, then try as much as possible to avoid getting it from garages or smoke shops. These independent retailers may not have the required expertise in importing and selling high-quality kratom.

Watch out for fake reviews

When buying online, you should have a keen eye for spotting fake product reviews. Many traders strategically go about making false reviews to grow their businesses. Such reviews can be found on sites like Youtube or Reddit.


Not all kratom is created or sourced equally. Unfortunately, there are a lot of low quality products on the market, so it’s best to do some research before you purchase kratom products.

You will want to know about the quality of your kratom, including where it comes from, its refining processes, and so forth. You can shop online for it but I don’t recommend just any store.

Thankfully, there are trustworthy vendors like Authentic Kratom who provide top quality kratom for your consumption needs.

But if you decide to source your kratom elsewhere, be sure to read user reviews (watch out for fake ones) and look for details on where they sourced it, etc. You don’t want to waste your time with low quality product.

And on a final note, obviously be sure kratom is even right for you before you start using it, for some of the effects can be quite powerful. Consult with your doctor first to get the green light.

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