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There is a Great Chance P90X will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!p90x fitness guru Tony Horton

Whether you can take P90X reviews seriously and benefit from the P90X program depends on the following quotation.

“This program is for YOU, if you have achieved a respectable level of fitness”

The quotation is the first thing you will see past the table of contents in the paperback fitness guide that accompanies the P90X workout DVDs and it says a lot about P90X.

It clearly says that P90X is designed for people who are already relatively fit. Now that this is completely clear it should go without saying that the very positive P90X reviews are for not for people who have no experience with exercise or those who are severely overweight or obese.

Why are there so many Overwhelmingly Positive P90X Reviews ?

The most obvious reason why there are so many positive P90X reviews is because it is an excellent exercise program. Simply do a search on YouTube for P90X and you will see hundreds, if not thousands of testimonial videos.

FYI: Another primary reason why you see so many P90X reviews and testimonials is because Beachbody which its CEO describes as a $400,000,000 dollar direct marketing company relies on customers to sell their products.

Beachbody which according to their CEO spends around $100,000,000 dollars a year in advertising lets people who enjoy the products to be part of “Team Beachbody” which is a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) strategy.

You will find that many of the positive P90X reviews come from “Beachbody coaches” which profit from selling the products that they supposedly love.

This is NOT to say that their P90X reviews are less credible but it is something to consider when you read, watch or listen to them.

Review of the P90X DVDs – Extreme Training System

P90X workout Program contents
Books & DVDs

The standard P90X program package consists of 13 workout DVDs, a workout calendar, along with a paperback nutrition plan and fitness guide.

All but 1 DVD of the P90X package includes a focused, intense workout. Each workout includes a brief intro, a dynamic warm-up, the workout which usually lasts around 50-60 minutes, then a cool down followed by a brief advertisement for one of the Beachbody products.

The initial DVD titled “How to Bring it” is a 13 minute introduction with the extreme fitness guru and trainer for P90X Tony Horton. The introduction is around 3 as Tony refers you the fitness guide and nutrition plan. The next 7 or so minutes of the “How to Bring It” DVD is basically all advertisements for P90X and Beachbody products as well as information about their website. The final 2 minutes Tony is back to talk about taking before and after photos so you can have proof for your future P90X reviews!

P90X Reviews Workout DVDs

p90x chest and back dvd 1. Chest & Back – P90X Reviews
The first workout of the P90X DVD set is the apply named chest and back workout which focuses on pushing and pulling exercises. The 53-minute workout consists of 3 main parts. The first 9 minutes of this workout is a warm-up which includes dynamic movement exercises to get the heart rate and body temperature up. The next 40 minutes is the chest and back workout which consists of chest and back exercise super-sets. The last 3 minutes of the P90X chest and back workout is a brief cool down.

Analysis: The P90X chest and back workout focuses on many push-ups and pull-ups. Since the difficulty of body weight exercises are dependent upon body weight, those who are carrying around more weight will find the workout more difficult if not impossible. The good news for those who find bodyweight exercises such as push-ups and pull-ups difficult is Tony and his fit participants show alternatives to making the exercises easy such as using chairs for pull-ups or resistance bands as alternatives and doing push-ups from the knees. Regardless of the measures taken to make the workout easier, the P90X chest and back workout is going to be extremely tough for anyone simply due to its repetitiveness. Luckily the trainer Tony Horton is very up-beat and motivates the viewer throughout the entire video.

p90x plyometrics dvd 2. Plyometrics – P90X Reviews
The Plyometrics workout is a 58-minute workout which obviously focuses on jumping and hopping exercises. After a 9 minute warm up the 44 minute workout focuses on explosive movements and is cardio-intensive. The final 5 minutes is a cool down with some stretching. A heart rate monitor, mat and stool or chair are the recommended pieces of equipment for the P90X Plyometrics.

Analysis: Even though the DVD is titled “plyometrics” the exercises really aren’t plyometrics in the sense as they are more cardio intensive rather than focusing on power and speed development. This is actually good because serious plyometrics are often risky even for trained professional athletes let alone someone exercising in front of their TV screen. The P90X Plyometrics DVD is a great cardio session as it has many multi-planar movements and uses all muscle groups in the lower body and core.

P90x shoulders and arms dvd 3. Shoulders & Arms – P90X Reviews
The P90x shoulders and arms workout is a 60-minute workout which starts with a 10 minute warm-up. The next 46 minutes is the bulk of the grueling P90X shoulders and arms workout which is followed by a brief 4-minute cool down session. The P90X shoulders and arms workout uses tri-sets of shoulders-biceps-triceps exercises to allow enough recovery in between sets. Weights or Bands are required for the P90X shoulders and arms workout and are used in almost every exercise.

Analysis: If there was one workout which demonstrates what the “extreme fitness” program is all about it is the P90X shoulders and arms workout. Someone not already in decent shape would find it to have excessive isolation exercises for the small muscle groups of the arms and shoulders but to reiterate just as the first quote in the P90X manual says, “This program is for for YOU, if you have achieved a respectable level of fitness.” For those who are not carrying around too much extra fat weight and want to build or tone their arms and shoulders, the P90X arms and shoulders workout has enough exercise variety and intensity to achieve the desired results.

p90x yoga dvd 4. Yoga X – P90X Reviews
Yoga X is a 92-minute yoga workout which includes many of the standard poses anyone familiar with yoga will know and some slight modifications. Yoga blocks and a mat are recommended but this workout can be done with no equipment in a very small place.

Analysis: Even though you would think an extreme fitness program such as the P90X marketed as a 90-day body transformation program wouldn’t “waste time” with yoga it is a welcome addition and ads many benefits to the P90X. Tony Horton explains the many benefits that other workouts in the P90X program do not provide and does a good job explaining the poses and instructing his clients which will in turn help anyone doing the P90X.

P90x Legs Back DVD 5. Legs & Back – P90X Reviews
The P90X legs and back workout is a 59-minute workout. P90X legs and back starts out with 9 minutes of general warm-up and stretching before the main 44 minutes of legs and back resistance training exercises. The last 4 minutes devoted to a cool down which includes stretching. The equipment necessary for the P90X legs and back workout includes weights and a pull-up bar (or resistance bands) and two very common household items which are a wall and a chair.

Analysis: Although resistance bands can be substituted for pull-ups, the P90X legs and back is very intense as it has a lot of pull-ups for the back exercises. The impressive functional training leg exercises which all focus on low resistance come at you from all angles which is good for all around fitness. The P90X Legs and back workout covers the two largest muscle groups in the body and is one of the most useful workouts in the P90X program.

P90x Kenpo DVD 6. Kenpo X – P90X Reviews
The P90X Kenpo X workout is a 59-minute dynamic cardio kickboxing workout. Kenpo X starts off with a 12-minute dynamic flexibility warm-up. The next 42 minutes is the workout which consists of various kicking and punching exercises along with a few calisthenics. The final 4 minutes is devoted to cool down and stretching. P90X recommends using a heart rate monitor for this workout.

Analysis: Aside from the cheesy martial arts ceremony at the beginning and end of the DVD the P90X Kenpo X workout is a great cardio workout. Unlike many of the P90X workouts, Kenpo X can be performed by almost everyone. There is almost nothing negative about this workout although it is very similar (identical) to the average cardio kickboxing class likely offered free at your local gym.

P90x Stretch DVD 7. X Stretch – P90X Reviews
The P90X X Stretch is a 57-minute stretching session which consists mostly of dynamic stretches along with some static stretches. A yoga mat and yoga blocks are recommended although it is certainly possible to perform the X Stretch workout without them.

Analysis: While the X Stretch may not be the most “Extreme” workouts of the P90X it definitely has its place. As Tony Horton explains the dynamic flexibility exercises in X Stretch are necessary to prevent injuries and improve recovery from the intense extreme weight training workouts.

P90x Core Synergistics DVD 8. Core Synergistics – P90X Reviews
The P90X core synergistics workout is a 57-minute workout which focuses on multiple muscle groups and of course the core of the body. The workout starts off 9 minutes of dynamic warm-up and stretching. The next 45 minutes is a challenging workout which includes a wide variety of exercises from push-ups to lunges while doing multiple upper body resistance training exercises. The last 5 minutes is a cool down. The equipment which P90X recommends using for the core synergistics workout include a mat, weights or bands, a plastic plate along with cardboard or towel

Analysis: The P90X core synergisitcs is a great workout for the core while it also gives the muscles of the legs, upper body and arms a small workout. All of the exercises are multi-planar functional exercises which are good for functional strength. For most people the P90X core synergistics workout is going to have the most new exercises so it may have the steepest learning curve of all P90X workouts.

P90x Chest Shoulders Triceps DVD 9. Chest, Shoulders & Triceps – P90X Reviews
The 55-minute P90X chest, shoulders and triceps workout DVD begins with an extended 8 minute warm-up is followed by 43 minutes of resistance training exercises for the chest, shoulder and triceps and ends with a 4 minute cool down. The fitness equipment needed for the P90X chest, shoulders and triceps workout is weights or bands, push-up stands, a plastic plate, cardboard or towel and a chair.

Analysis: The P90X chest shoulders and triceps workout will probably be the toughest to complete for most people. Anyone with shoulder problems should exercise extreme caution when performing the P90X chest, shoulders and triceps workout as almost every exercise puts a lot of stress on the shoulder joint.

P90x Back & Biceps DVD 10. Back & Biceps – P90X Reviews
P90X back & biceps is a 51-minute workout which starts out with a 9 minute general dynamic warm-up. The next 40 minutes is a grueling workout isolating the back, biceps, rhomboids and forearms. The final 2 minutes is devoted to a brief cool down.

Analysis: The P90X back & biceps workout definitely fits in the “not for everyone” category. The back exercises which largely consist of pull-ups (bands are presented as an alternative) and various forms of biceps curls which is not going to work for many overweight people or women who aren’t interested in building their biceps. Only the extremely fit will be able to perform all the pull-ups shown in the video for this workout and transitioning into resistance bands at some point is a solution. The P90X back & biceps workout recommends the following equipment; weights or bands, wall, pull-up bar (or bands), chair along with the fitness guide and a pen.

P90x Cardio X DVD 11. Cardio X – P90X Reviews
P90X “Cardio X” is a 43-minute workout DVD which focuses on functional cardio exercise although the first 20 minutes of the DVD is a mix of a general warm-up, stretching, yoga and some dynamic movements. The next 22 minutes of the Cardio X workout includes a mixture of kenpo karate (cardio kickboxing) some jumping and moving exercises. The last few minutes consists of a brief cool down with stretching exercises. The P90X DVD recommends the following equipment for their Cardio X DVD; a stool or chair, mat, yoga blocks, heart rate monitor, water and a towel.

Analysis: The Cardio X workout succeeds as a dynamic cardio workout as opposed to something like 30 minutes on a recumbent bike. The exercises force you to use multiple muscle groups in various planes of motion which is good for your core, posture and circulation. The workout essentially requires no equipment so for the folks who work out at home in an empty room Cardio X succeeds. The Cardio X workout may lack in calorie burning potential for some which can be remedied by completing the cardio portion of it twice or hopping on a cardio machine or going for a run after.

P90x Ab Ripper X DVD 12. Ab Ripper X – P90X Reviews
Ab Ripper X is the catchy name for the final DVD of the P90X set. The 17-minute DVD kicks right off into an intense abdominal and obliques workout which lasts 16 minutes.

The final minute of the DVD features a cool down. The Ab Ripper X workout can be done with no equipment but the P90X DVD recommends using a mat as well as having a water and a towel handy.

Analysis: The Ab Ripper X workout is a challenging “ab” workout but consists of many sit-up and leg raise exercises which truly target the hip flexors. For someone who has not received personal instruction or has limited experience, many of the exercises in the Ab Ripper X have the potential to increase tightness of the hip flexors to the point which over time can lead to muscle imbalances which in turn could lead to problems such as a bad back.

Analysis of the P90X Fitness Guidebook – Extreme Training System

P90x Fitness Guide Book
P90X Reviews – Fitness Guide

Any P90X reviews could not be complete unless they go into detail about the in-depth P90X fitness guide. In the past the printed material for the vast majority of workout videos was just an afterthought but it is not the case with the P90X.

Some would even argue that the comprehensive 116-page P90X fitness guide is even more important than the workouts themselves as it breaks down every minute detail.

The P90X fitness guide explains the P90X (pseudo) scientific methodology of “muscle confusion” which is simply periodization designed to avoid plateau.

The most important and impressive part of the P90X fitness guide is the “P90X prep” section which deals with the very important yet often neglected preparation before actually doing the workouts. The P90X prep instructs how to take the “before photos” and has the very important P90X fit test which will let you know whether or not you can and/or should attempt the P90X program.

While many fitness guides accompanying workout videos would be filled with hype and advertising the P90X fitness guide keeps the fluff to a minimum. Other than the few pages dedicated to other Beachbody products such as P90X branded fitness equipment (used in the videos) supplements and online communities but for the most part everything else in the P90X fitness guide is not only worth reading but is necessary to read for anyone who wants to succeed with the P90X.

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Analysis of the P90X Nutrition Plan – Eating for Power Performance

p90x nutrition plan
P90X Reviews – Nutrition Plan

No P90X reviews would be doing it justice if they failed to go over the P90X nutrition plan. Since the 90 in the P90X refers to the goal of the program which is a 90-day body transformation nutrition is crucial to the P90X workout DVDs.

Contrary to workout programs of the past and many current workout DVDs the P90X comes with a comprehensive 139-page nutrition plan booklet which also contains a 90 day nutrition journal.

The P90X nutrition plan is broken down into 3 phases. All 3 phases maintain a low fat diet while adjusting carbohydrate and protein intake.

Calorie amounts are based on the basic metabolism equations provided in the guide. All 3 plans are accompanied with healthy recipes shopping lists and even tips about how to prepare foods healthily. The P90X nutrition plan is a solid program that does its best to help all the non-special needs people out there.

Since it was designed for use across populations it is not the most specific. Perhaps the main issue with the P90X nutrition plan is its lack of ethnic foods which for example may render it useless to someone living in China. Even if many of the items in the guide are not currently on your menu, the P90X nutrition guide can you get a good idea of how to eat properly to achieve your goals.

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P90X Reviews Conclusion

The Bad:
Much of the target market for the P90X is likely not ready for the intensities of the P90X workouts. Even though alternatives are shown for some of the tough bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups unless you’re already in shape, the P90X may be be a bit too much too soon.

The reality is, most people who are fit enough to get the best results from P90X probably have gym memberships and lead active lifestyles and sitting in the living room with a pair of dumbbells watching a DVD is not very exciting although with today’s portable electronic technology such as iPods and iPads the videos can be watched almost everywhere.

Most other cons to the P90X are true of all workout videos. You receive no personalized instructions if you’re doing something wrong or even dangerous and even though the P90X has 12 workouts and has different frequencies of performing them in the fitness guide, the workouts will never change.

The Good:
Never before has there been a mainstream functional training workout program as complete as P90X. The P90X really has it all from cardio, flexibility, weight training, to yoga to martial arts and requires little equipment. P90X trainer Tony Horton does a wonderful job leading the workouts as he keeps everything interesting, up-beat and informative. The P90X can be considered a revolutionary workout program for those who are ready for it.

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