Psilocybin Therapy: A New Type of Psychotherapy

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Imagine this. A comfortable atmosphere with a person lying on a couch with eye shades and headphones on. What comes to mind? For many, they would see a person relaxing and enjoying a moment in solitude.

In reality, this could also be someone in a psychedelic treatment session. Did you know that trained psychotherapists offer such a thing? It’s about spending time in introspection in an altered state. To those who are still unaware of this type of therapy, let me tell you more.

Psychedelic therapy is about administering a drug under clinical supervision to trigger an altered state of mind, and studies show that the psychedelic drug psilocybin, when combined with psychotherapy, can effectively treat depression and other mental health issues.

Why Shrooms Are the Go-to for Psilocybin Treatment

Besides LSD or other related drugs, researchers often prefer going for products with psilocybin. And “magic mushrooms” or shrooms, are exceptionally rich in this particular component.

And other than being a part of necessary research, people can actually buy shrooms online in some states and even experiment themselves. That said, dabbling with psychedelics without any experience isn’t recommended, but the choice is yours of course.

But as far as seeing a specialist to treat depression or other issues using psilocybin, here are some common issues that psychotherapists can treat effectively using psilocybin therapy.

Common Issues that Psychotherapists Treat Using Psilocybin Therapy


According to various reports, using shrooms during therapy sessions allow depressed patients to feel relaxed because of the euphoria. The substance works by acting on the serotonin receptor, and this results in altered consciousness.

So, the patients are able to convey their deep-seated fears and emotions that are triggering their mental health condition.


If you take into account a study conducted by the John Hopkins University, researchers confirm that using psilocybin therapy helps to improve abstaining from smoking. And it lasted for more than one year.

In fact, as per the researchers using shrooms can help patients with alcohol or cocaine addiction.

Cancer-related Symptoms

There have been remarkable results for the people who advanced into the cancer stage. According to reports, this product helps reduce anxiety or anxiety-related symptoms in people with cancer. Another trial confirmed that psilocybin substantially improves the quality of life in people with a life-threatening disorder.

Shrooms are a natural source of consuming psilocybin. However, you must always find a reliable source when purchasing this product to avoid consuming any low-quality product. Remember, like cannabis, the quality of magic mushrooms also determines the outcome. Also, consider talking to your therapist before consuming to make sure the right dosage and how you can use it for maximum benefit.

But, how can you consume shrooms? Let’s find out…

How Shrooms Are Administered

Unlike what others say, the experience won’t always be nauseating. If you go on a psychedelic trip, go for the best consumption methods. And whether you consume them on your own or in the presence of a psychotherapist, these methods are most common.

Chew and Swallow

The simple way of ingesting magic mushrooms is simply eating them. The right technique is to eat them thoroughly. That way, the juices will come out. The process will release the compound in your saliva, from where it will mix with your blood and reach every cell of your body. Hardly within 45 minutes or two hours, you’ll feel the effects.

However, if you don’t like the taste, you can think of making the magic brew. All you need is to bowl water, crush the mushrooms, and add them to the water. Just make sure not to boil. Let it be there for 10 to 15 minutes and enjoy the fantastic shroom tea.


This is yet another option that allows users to microdose mushrooms. You would have an opportunity to experience the amazing flavors. And you won’t even lose your day. The best part being, you’ll feel positive and energetic. But, make sure to go low and slow.


Add magic mushrooms to your cooking recipes, and you have one of a kind experience. You’ll enjoy new recipes, and the experience will make you even more excited to try more. For instance, you can go for pesto or chocolate truffles infused with mushrooms for a stronger and more extended trip.

And if you wish to intensify the experiences, you can go for lemon juice mixed with ground mushrooms. You won’t even feel nauseated.


Since the dawn of COVID-19, there has been a steep rise in the number of mental health issues. And now more people than ever are readily looking for options that allow them to get away from conditions like depression, anxiety, et cetera.

Although there are many conventional medications and treatments available on the market, long-term effects make people very concerned. Going for alternative measures such as shrooms, help people tap into different options for relieving their symptoms effectively.

Further, mushrooms can help individuals improve their creativity and imagination. This is because psilocybin increases the number of neural networks that boost creativity. That being said, psilocybin is a powerful compound so it isn’t recommended that you just jump on in. It’s definitely not the same as smoking marijuana, so proceed with caution, especially if you dabble yourself.

Though, magic mushrooms can be used for recreational purposes and many do use them recreationally. Many also manage their own symptoms. However, the dosage has a lot of significance to reach the ideal outcome. Experts advise users go slow when it comes to consuming these products. You should take advice from your doctor as well.

All in all though, it’s best to seek treatment in the presence of a trained psychotherapist, especially if your goal is to treat your mental health issues using psilocybin therapy. Consuming too much or doing so in the wrong head space, can lead to a “bad trip” and a very scary outcome.

So, have you tried shrooms before recreationally or in a clinical setting? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below…

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