What Should You know About Arch Support Before Buying Running shoes

arch support buying tips


Comfortable running shoes are the key to help you get farther and maintain a good posture. They take the shape of your foot, making your legs feel lighter when you are running and affording extra mileage during every race. Once you find the perfect running shoes, you’ll never want to part with them.

When purchasing running shoes, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the choices. Not sure which brand to buy, which model to select, and what features to look for? It is natural to need a little bit of help when you are purchasing your first running shoes.

Keep in mind that what may be popular may not be the right fit for you. Hence, before you get influenced by the crowd, know which questions to ask, such as “do Nike Metcons have good arch support?” or “Are good fitting running shoes a good investment?”

Tips for Buying the Best Running Shoes

The market is saturated with different types of running shoes, and each offers numerous features. While some may seem frivolous, they can be quite important when improving your running experience. A chief example is Arch Support.

When buying running shoes, people tend to focus on superficial features such as their looks or style. However, checking whether the shoe has proper arch support is crucial.

Understanding the Importance of the Arch

To know why arch support is crucial, you must understand the function of the arch of our feet. The arch helps support the body weight and works in conjunction with other bones and ligaments to provide spring-like propulsion when we run or walk.

Some research also suggests that the arch offers grip and support for climbing trees or other structures. Thus, the arch plays a crucial role in your gait and running. For this reason, it is vital to ensure that your shoe has sufficient arch support.

Additionally, individuals’ arch type also influences their pronation. Pronation refers to the natural inward movement of the feet when it lands on a surface. Pronation helps the body absorb shock and distributes body weight evenly. Generally, experts agree that specific arch types and pronation play a vital role in the frequency of injuries and bad posture, although they may not be the only cause.

Arch Support: Is It a New Trend?

The concept of arch support is not new. Orthotics, insoles, and insert supports have been around for years to provide users extra comfort. Nowadays, shoes have different arch supports for different people to help provide extra comfort. There are mainly three types of arches:

  • High Arch: People with a high arch usually walk using the pad of their foot and the heel. In such people, under pronation is common.
  • Low Arch: People with a low arch are prone to overpronation; their arch rests very low on the ground.
  • Flat feet: people with flat feet have very little or no arch; overpronation is common, and they may have poor posture, back pain, and misalignment issues.

For different arch types, arch support either works to improve posture, prevent injury, or provide added comfort and support. Hence, if you are wondering, “Do Nike Metcons have good arch support?”, you should ensure that they have adequate arch support for your arch type.


Selecting running shoes is challenging, especially when you have to carefully analyze its features to ensure that it is a good fit for you. Not all running shoes are made the same. It is best to test them out before purchasing one. While there are other essential features in creating good running shoes for you, proper arch support is vital.

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