The Seven Shades of Tears

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Tears naturally express our emotions, or at least they should be no matter the gender. They help release a blockage in our soul and body. There is a great gift in being compassionate with ourselves and allowing our vulnerability. We can only solve our problems by first accepting and understanding, then overcoming and healing them. How do tears help soothe our feelings?

Happy Tears

Tears of Infinite Joy

Are you overwhelmed by happiness? You are on the right track in life; keep up the good work!

Do more of whatever makes you happy and is the best for everyone. Always listen to your instincts as guides. They will show the right direction. Smile as often as you can, get things done quickly and efficiently to spare enough time to fill up your cup. Quality connections are key. These tears release the happy hormone, oxytocin.

Tears of Being Touched

Do you feel deeply touched by something? Your act of kindness and contribution has helped others tremendously or someone else has done something to you that brought tears to your eyes? These are the moments worth living for. To help others is ingrained in humans and probably nothing else can fill you up more than doing so. What goes around comes around.

These tears represent the purity of life.

Tears of Achievement

When you master small things first and achieve greater and greater results, you become the Creator of your life. As each of us is so unique, you have to discover your path yourself! Take it as a game worth playing. When you play your cards well, you’ll soon get what works for you. These are sweet tears!

Tears of Sadness

Tears of Fear, Anxiety, and Pain

Feeling like you aren’t enough, don’t fit in, or can’t get something even though you try your best? Having constant anxiety, are you getting depressed? Is pain always present in your life? Stop scaring and criticizing yourself! Go to that exam, job interview, dental surgery, or any challenging event with the mindset I have got this, my mind is stronger than my fear or pain, and watch your fear and pain dissolve. It is incredible what we can overcome by training our mind, telling it how we want to feel, and knowing we are the boss! It works when you try long enough…

Tears of Frustration

Didn’t get that promotion, salary raise, the relationship you wanted so much? Are you unable to meet important goals? Does something stop you from achieving your goals? Can’t plan long-term? Unexpected conditions, accidents, separation, bad luck happened in your life? Pause and breathe. Life is trying to show you need to take a different direction. You aren’t on your path. Often your patience is tested or it is just another test in your self-development. Take time to rethink what doesn’t work and what actions you need to take to make them work. Don’t beat yourself up!

Tears of Tiredness

Have you been overworking lately and taking less care of your needs? Getting burnt out or being fed up with studies, work, exercise or people? Doing monotonous or stressful things we don’t enjoy or find boring can be daunting. Try to recognize the first symptoms of being tired of overdoing something. Be willing to adjust your schedule and find space to recharge, before developing anxiety. Ask yourself what needs are you hoping to satisfy and what needs do you avoid by pushing yourself to your limits? Why do you do this? Has anyone treated you similarly?

When We don’t Know

Sometimes we are not sure why our tears come. They can both be happy or sad tears. Sometimes our emotions know better than our minds. Accept that we don’t always have the answers. They are helpful tears too, so you shouldn’t suppress them, just let them flow.

Trust your soul knows what to do. Always. Act accordingly and make room for self-care.


Every teardrop is worth it! There is tremendous healing in allowing them. As often as they need to show up… Sometimes, we bring a great package of suppressed emotions in our cell memory, which we don’t even know of. Our undealt pain and trauma become our subconscious mind, the way we think and act in life’s situations. Believe that you have all the tools available to pull your emotions on the surface and find healing. You can heal yourself if you don’t give up!

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Originally from Detroit, MI, Theresa has been offering health and fitness advice for the last 30 years while working as an engineer. She decided to turn her passion into a profession, and finds nothing more satisfying than helping others reach their health and fitness goals.

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