Tips for Finding the Motivation to Workout

Working out, going for a run, joining a Zumba class, no matter what you love doing, physical therapy is good for you! There are times when you don’t feel like hitting the gym; here are a few tips to motivate yourself to kick it up a notch and get that sweat on!

A new day every day!

Staying on track with your training and fitness goals is a lot easier if you make every session exciting. Seeing and feeling a change in your body is key to sticking to your goals in the long term! Changing your routine to target the same areas through a varied set of movements will keep you interested in every session and keep you in the gym.

If you have ever been excited to try a new recipe for your favorite meal, it is the same concept. Trying new things in the gym keeps your mind motivated to go regularly! Boredom is a contributing factor to people not enjoying their training. Eliminating the feelings of boredom and frustration can help you focus on your goals and stay on track. Try changing your routine every few weeks; create a challenge for yourself to go a little harder to achieve better results, whether you train to maintain your mental health or physical fitness.

Get dressed to impress – yourself!

If early mornings are your time to train, jump straight into your workout clothes. Fitness fundis that hit the gym after a day in the office get into your workout gear before leaving the office or just as you get home. If you haven’t got designated workout gear, it might be time to set your favorite leggings and a top aside and make them feel good, gym wear.

Picking a flattering outfit that you feel comfortable in is key to feeling your best in the gym. From all-black to hot neons, choose fabrics that breathe well. If you are comfortable and feel good in your gear, you will be more likely to feel excited to train.

Tracking to motivate yourself to workout

Keeping track of your training sessions and how you recover ensures you can pinpoint where you can improve your routine. Set a few crucial goals at the start of your training. Realistic goals are easier to obtain and a surefire way of staying motivated to level up and do better in each session.

Fitness apps like Myfitnesspal are handy tools; you can make notes on each session to create a visual representation of how you have achieved your fitness goals! Don’t be afraid to slot your sessions into your diary on your cellphone. Add your sessions to your calendar with a few notes of what you expect from your session. If you discover something you enjoyed, be sure to include it in another session later on!

Rewarding yourself with quality equipment

Studies have shown that you will be more likely to stick to working out if you invest in it. The same goes for working out! Investing in some fancy workout clothes that make you feel as powerful as a greek god or equipment can help renew your lust for life inside the gym or on the track.

Make use of positive reinforcement to motivate yourself further by rewarding your achievements! Think about what you need and want when it comes to your fitness. Starting a savings jar for your fitness rewards makes sure that you stay on track! Whether it is a new set of resistance bands ( or a new pair of running trainers, set a goal, smash it, and grab that reward!

Health and motivation begins within

A healthy life starts with what you put into your body. Eating a healthy and balanced diet is the golden rule of motivation. Eating refined sugars and junk foods can make you feel sluggish and unmotivated to get up and go! It is important to remember that exercise can make you feel hungrier after your training session.

It is vital to make sure that you have healthy post-workout snacks on hand. Fitness is not just about working out; it is a lifestyle change. Your diet needs to change to feel good outside and in. Make sure that you eat a healthy diet and ditch the junk food!

Try eating a banana before exercising to ensure you don’t cramp and have enough energy to push through your training. Volume eating is a method of eating a large volume of healthy food that is low in calories. Eating protein-rich snacks keeps you feeling full and less likely to eat unhealthy snacks.

Ones a party, three is a tribe

Humans are pack creatures; when setting personal goals, you are the only one that will keep yourself accountable to them. Joining up with a few friends or a designated gym buddy is an excellent way to stay motivated. Research shows that when exercising in a group, people are more likely to attain any goal that they have set and to motivate each other to beat the slump and get into the gym.

Being part of a fitness squad is a two-way street. Somedays, they will encourage you; other days, you will be the one encouraging them to grab those goals by the horns! Try creating a chat group where you can plan and share workout plans and inspiration.

The power of positivity

If you have ever been out and your favorite song comes on, and your mood soars, that feel-good energy appears out of nowhere. Use the magic of positivity to motivate you to work out to your fullest potential. Create a gym playlist that gets you pumped every time!

Picture yourself reaching your goals, and keep that in mind whenever you feel like skipping the gym. Put your playlist on and get ready to workout. Within a few minutes, you will be amped and ready to sweat!

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Originally from Detroit, MI, Theresa has been offering health and fitness advice for the last 30 years while working as an engineer. She decided to turn her passion into a profession, and finds nothing more satisfying than helping others reach their health and fitness goals.

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