Five Professional Tips to Dial In Your Nutritionist Resume


Nutritionists help individuals learn to overcome health issues affected by their eating habits.

They are needed in the gyms, as personal trainers, and playing a key role with food manufacturers. The requirement of nutritionists is constantly increasing in the healthcare industry as well.

With nutritionist jobs expected to grow at a rate of 11.2 percent, you need to make sure your profile is prepared to land your dream job.

Below are five professional tips to help you write a nutritionist resume that will improve your application and your chances of getting hired.

Dial In the Professional Experience Section

The professional experience section in your resume should showcase your accomplishments as a nutritionist. For instance, let’s say you worked with a client and helped him lose 40 kg weight by drastically changing his eating habits. You need to showcase the same in a quantified manner using action-oriented sentences

If you are trying to display your skills to the recruiter, you should showcase such achievements in the professional experience section of your resume.

But how you write such accomplishments and skills in the professional experience section.

Refer to the format below that is designed to help you get the most out of your professional experience section:

    • Writing statements: While writing the professional experience section, you need to think about its readability as well. Recruiters do not spend too much time on a resume, so you need to make sure that you curate your statements in a manner that makes the key information readable at a glance. You can achieve this by writing bullets in one-line and bolding important information.
    • Make buckets: This means assigning subheadings to 3-4 relevant points. This method brings forth the key information you are including in the statements. For example, you can write the subheadings as “Eating Habits Analysis & Recipe Development”.

Include All Relevant Nutritionist Skills

A lot goes into developing expertise to become an accomplished nutritionist. You also understand your craft with respect to the client’s needs, promoting healthier alternatives to junk food, counseling people, etc.

Sure these skills are unmatched and define you as a professional. But when you are faced with a recruiter, only a resume can deliver them.

Further, it is understandable that you have written statements around these points in the professional experience section and included relevant subheadings as well. But since the time factor plays a major role when recruiters glance through a resume, you need to make sure that you have all your skills in one place for the recruiter’s perusal.

Also, apart from your core-nutritionists skills, try to include a few transferable skills as well. For instance, if you are applying at a gym that will require you to deal with a lot of clients, you can include pointers showcasing your interpersonal skills. For example, you can add customer satisfaction, client interaction, client needs assessment, etc.

Craft a Professional Summary

A professional summary showcases your relevance to the profile you are targeting. Writing pointers around your skills and most important achievements, in the summary should concisely describe to the recruiter that you are the ideal candidate for the job.

Also, it is an overview of your resume that is written at the top – right under your name and the profile title. So, it is highly likely that it is the first thing that the recruiter will notice. Hence, you need to make sure that it is in-line with the profile you are targeting to captivate the recruiter into reading the rest of your resume.

Check the example below to understand how you can make your summary better:

5+ years experienced Nutritionist with expertise in providing consultation with regards to nutrition, eating habits, and dieting. Proficient in utilizing interpersonal skills to understand the client’s requirements and deploy resolutions accordingly. Adept at planning meals while keeping the budget of the client in mind.

Properly Utilize the Job Description Section

After going through the job description, you can identify the skills that you can highlight in your resume. Doing so will make your resume in-line with the profile you are targeting and improve your chances of getting hired.

For instance, a job description requires ideal candidates to have expertise in “providing counseling to groups”.

If you possess this skill, you can highlight it in your resume through the skills section, include it in the summary, or add it in a subheading in the professional experience section.

Further, adding keywords to your resume also helps in passing the application tracking system. ATS is a software that screens resumes based on keywords. These keywords are inserted by the recruiters or managers to shortlist resumes that have the relevant skills required in the job description.

Showcase Relevant Certifications

Adding certifications can be really important for entry-level professionals as they do not have any work experience. Or, it might as well be a requirement listed in the job description.

So you need to add certifications that are critical for the profile you are targeting. But make sure that you do not add them to the education section.

Check the example below to learn how to write certifications in a resume:

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) | Dietary Association | Mar ‘19 

Key Takeaways

To conclude, here are a few key takeaways from the article:

  • Showcase your achievements by writing one-liner bullet points and assigning subheadings to 3-4 relevant statements in the professional experience section.
  • Add all your skills in one place in the “Key Skills” section.
  • Write a professional summary in a paragraph form to showcase key achievements and target profile related skills.
  • Identify keywords by using the job description and add them to your resume to pass the ATS.
  • Add relevant certifications in a proper format and keep the education and certifications section separate.

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