Tips for Living a Healthy Lifestyle in 2022 

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Throughout history, humans have sought the answer to how to live a long life. The answer is simple: take care of your mind and body.

When life gets chaotic, and other priorities take over, it can be easy to neglect your health. However, more than ever, people are starting to want to live healthier lifestyles. After a global pandemic, it’s no surprise.

So if you too are ready to step into a healthier version of yourself in 2022, we’ve got your back. Check out the following tips for living a healthy and happy life.

Top 5 Tips for Living a Healthy Lifestyle in 2022

Here are some top tips for living a happy, healthy life…

1. Eat a balanced diet

Food is one thing in life that can bring great joy to people. A treat now and then is fine, everything in moderation, but in general, your meals should consist of a combination of fruit, vegetables, protein, and wholegrain. Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring or restrictive, and it isn’t about dieting. You need to fuel your body so that it has everything it needs to run at 100%. It’s similar to how your car needs petrol to run – your body also needs fuel to get you going.

2. Cut down on stimulants

Who doesn’t love a good coffee? The problem is drinking too much. The same goes for tea. Caffeine is a great pick-me-up in the morning but isn’t so good for you in the evening. Sleep is crucial, and stimulants like this will negatively impact your rest.

Choosing to reduce how many cigarettes you smoke or opting for a lower nicotine level vape juice can positively affect your wellbeing. Websites such as offer a variety of delicious juices at lower strengths, so you can begin to cut down slowly. Your body will appreciate the change, as will your sleep – nicotine can mess with your sleeping pattern due to nicotine being a stimulant that prevents your body from naturally winding down for sleep.

Nicotine and caffeine can also exacerbate feelings of anxiety, despite having an initial calming sensation. If you’re feeling stressed, try a different way of self-soothing, such as listening to calming music or going for a walk. It might feel challenging at first, but your body will thank you for it.

3. Check-in with how much you drink

It is true that a glass of red wine has been proven to have benefits for your heart, but in general, it’s essential to check in now and again with how much alcohol you’re consuming. A glass of wine a couple of times a week can become every night, and then more. It is recommended to drink no more than 14 units of alcohol a week, ideally spread across three days or more. If you’re worried about your drinking, speak to your GP or a professional who can find you the best support and advice.

4. Move your body

Exercise isn’t just about your weight and staying in shape. It’s also a great stress buster. You can move your body in any way that makes you feel good – a run, a gym session, or a yoga class. It doesn’t matter how you move it, just that you get up and start. Aim to walk for at least 30 minutes every day, and in-between that, find a couple of times a week to dedicate to a workout. Exercise is good for your mood and your physical health.

5. Look after your mental health

Life can feel hard sometimes, especially after living through a two-year pandemic on top of any personal experiences. If you’re struggling, you’re never alone. There are organizations that can help you navigate low mood, anxiety, or more. Depression affects over 260 million people globally, so if you’re concerned, speak to a loved one about how you feel.

The Takeaway

Small changes to your lifestyle go a very long way, especially in today’s extraordinarily stressful world. If you’re ready to improve your health and overall lifestyle, it’s time to make some changes.

Whether you cut back on coffee or other stimulants, spend more time walking or relaxing in nature, or simply dial back your fast food intake, you’re more than one step beyond where you were yesterday.

Try out the five simple tips in this guide and step into a new and improved version of you in 2022!

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Originally from Detroit, MI, Theresa has been offering health and fitness advice for the last 30 years while working as an engineer. She decided to turn her passion into a profession, and finds nothing more satisfying than helping others reach their health and fitness goals.

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