Top 5 Personal Trainer Client Mistakes

Top 5 Mistakes Clients Make With Personal Trainers

5. Being Unprofessional

personal trainer being unprofessionalJust as some personal trainers are unprofessional, being an unprofessional client can ruin your experience with a personal trainer.

There are many ways to be unprofessional besides the next 4 items on this list and many of them relate to attitude.

You are paying your hard earned money for a personal trainer because you want the best results from your fitness program.

If you are unprofessional and do not treat your personal training sessions and personal trainer the same way you would treat a doctor or your dentist in Altamonte Springs, your training sessions will not be worth what you paid.

You will most likely become friends with your personal trainer but make sure to draw the line of your behavior to a business never personal situation if you want to get the most out of your personal training sessions.

You most likely cannot afford to train with your personal trainer forever so keep it professional and force your trainer to be at the top of their game so you can get the results you want in the least possible time.

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4.  Not Listening

Listen to Your Trainer, You Paid for it!

Personal trainers spend 90% of every training session barking out instructions and tips.

While it impossible to follow every single instruction and remember every detail of every training session, the most important details of your exercises are bound to be repeated.

Your personal trainer is not repeating the same thing over and over again just to exercise their vocal cords.

Make an attempt to listen to your trainer as best as you can. If you wanted to workout with little direction and less results you would workout by yourself with 1000 distractions.

Focus on your training session and what your personal trainer says and you will most likely get the best workout of your life for each progressive training session.

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3. Flakiness, Constant Lateness, Cancellations

Be on Time

One of the reasons you purchased personal training sessions is to have a commitment which costs you money. If you do not approach your personal training sessions with a serious attitude you will waste your time and money with a personal trainer.

You may be a constantly late procrastinator in your daily life but you have approached a personal trainer for change.

Do not continue your daily habits with your personal trainer. Never show up late, and make all of your scheduled sessions.

If you want to lose 20 pounds and schedule 3 training sessions per week make it your priority to make every session, and show up early to warm up as well.

Do not cancel appointments, show up late, or disappear from your personal trainer for extended periods of time.

If you are the flakey, constantly late, cancelling client you will only be costing yourself money by needing more training sessions over a longer period of time to achieve your desired results.

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2. No Additional Exercise

Couch Potato Outside of Training Sessions

Personal training sessions will only get you so far. If you have lofty goals such as weight loss of over 10 pounds your time with a personal trainer is simply not enough.

If you train 3 times per week with your personal trainer, there is 165 hours during the week in which you are not exercising.

Unless you do all your cardio with your personal trainer there is no way you burn enough calories to achieve your weight loss goals during training sessions alone.

If you are trying to gain muscle you may also need extra work outside your training sessions. Always ask your trainer what to do when you are not doing your training sessions.

Just because you train with the best personal trainer in the world does not mean you can just sit on the couch and watch TV every day you do not have a training session.

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1. Not Following a Nutrition Program

Eat Your Veggies

Even if you think you eat healthy there is a good chance you do not.

Your personal trainer may or may not give you some nutrition ideas or food menus from a nutrition program but it is your responsibility to make good diet choices throughout the days, weeks and months you are training.

Some say nutrition is 50% of reaching your goals while others say 75% or 90%.

The truth is, nutrition is 100% of reaching your goals. All the training in the world will not help you lose weight if you are eating 10,000 calories of fried foods a day.

How much nutrition effects your goals depends on many factors. Try to remember your past successes and failures, ask your trainer for advice and constantly learn about the different properties of healthy food to have a goal driven nutrition program.

If you want to get the most out of your hard earned money with a personal trainer, let your nutrition lead the way to fabulous results from your training sessions and help you and your trainer become a huge success.

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