Virectin Review: Why You Need To Give This Supplement A Try

virectin review

virectin reviewWhy You Need To Give This Supplement A Try

Sex has been and will always be an essential part of most relationships. When sex comes to a point where it is not satisfactory anymore, problems may arise in the relationship and it may even break the two partners involved in a particular relationship apart. A lot of men also associate their sexual abilities with masculinity; thus the better they are at sex, the more masculine they feel.

Unfortunately, not all men are able to jump right into sex without any problems. Certain sexual problems, like erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory disorders and a low libido can affect a man and cause a significant amount of problems not only for him, but also for the relationship he shared with his partner.

No matter what type of sexual dysfunction a man suffer from; it can have a significant impact on his life. Not only does sexual dysfunctions lead to reduced satisfaction during sex and even awkward moments, but it can also lead to symptoms that affect a man psychologically ‑ with the development of anxiety disorders like depression and performance anxiety being the most common.

Men, who have noticed signs of sexual dysfunction in themselves, be it premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or any other condition, are able to treat these problems successfully in many cases. To treat these problems, however, the first step is for the man to identify the particular type of sexual dysfunction he is suffering from and then to take action from that point.

While certain medications have become very popular and widespread amongst men who are facing problems with their sexual health, we would rather like to focus on a natural product that offers similar benefits in this post ‑ known as Virectin. We will discuss various attributes of this particular supplement to offer a more comprehensive overview of what it can do for you.

What are the most common Sexual Dysfunctions in Men?

Different types of sexual dysfunctions have been identified in men, each leading to their own symptoms and their particular effects on the man’s sexual and general life. Most of these sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunction do not tend to create significant symptoms that may cause serious problems with a man’s life at an early stage, but, as they progress, the symptoms become worse and may even cause complete inhabitation of the man’s sexual function.

While there are different types of sexual dysfunctions that can affect men, three particular ones are the most common. These include erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory dysfunctions and, of course, one particular problem that is usually emphasized amongst women and almost never discussed amongst a male audience ‑ a low sex drive, also sometimes called a low libido.

To help our readers better understand what each of these sexual dysfunctions is and how they can affect their lives, we would like to share some important information about each separately.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is probably the most discussed sexual disorder in men today. Before the 1990s, however, men were not as comfortable talking about this particular sexual disorder as they are now. Thanks to the numerous treatment options that are available today, as well as the fact that more awareness is being made for erectile dysfunction, men now seems to be more comfortable in telling their doctor that they are having problems with their erections, or seeking assistance elsewhere.

This particular sexual dysfunction causes problems to develop with a man’s erectile function. The condition may be mild in some cases, but there are men who experience a complete loss of erectile function; thus meaning they experience the worse possible symptoms.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by numerous factors and, in many cases, the problem that is causing the man to experience difficulties with his erectile function is not directly related to his erections, but rather an underlying disease or health concern that affects a different part of his body ‑ such as hypertension or heart disease.

More than half of the worldwide male population is affected by erectile dysfunction. More accurately, the global prevalence of this condition amongst men is 52%, as reported by Cleveland Clinic. They also report that the prevalence increases with age. When looking at men aged over 40, the prevalence is 40%. Men aged over 70 have 70% prevalence.

What are Ejaculatory Disorders?

There are three different ejaculatory disorders that have been identified by medical professionals. Boston University School of Medicine explains that the most commonly found ejaculatory problems amongst men include:

  • Premature Ejaculation ‑ This is the most common type of ejaculatory dysfunction and refers to a man reaching orgasm and ejaculating within one minute after he has penetrated his partner. Before this definition was announced, there was no way to officially determine when a man had premature ejaculation as it was typically considered premature ejaculation if the man ejaculated before he was able to thoroughly satisfy his partner and himself.
  • Delayed Ejaculation ‑ This type of ejaculatory dysfunction is less common than premature ejaculation, but still affects a significant amount of men. Delayed ejaculation is the opposite of premature ejaculation. Instead of ejaculating too soon, a man with this particular ejaculatory dysfunction takes too long to ejaculation. In many cases, the man would not have ejaculated yet by the time he has thoroughly pleased his partner.
  • Inhibited Ejaculation ‑ The third type of ejaculatory dysfunction that a man can suffer from is inhibited ejaculation. This condition is not like premature or delayed ejaculation, but rather refers to a condition where the man, as the name of the dysfunction implies, is unable to ejaculate at all during sex.

What is Low Libido?

When you read about a low libido, you are usually presented with information that relates to women. This condition is far more common amongst women, but that most certainly does not mean men can also experience a low libido. A low libido refers to a condition where a man does not feel like he is “in the mood” as much as he used to; thus he is less likely to participate in sexual activities with his partner.

To realize how men and women compare when it comes to a low libido, consider the facts below, reported by

  • The prevalence of a low libido amongst women ranged between 26% and 43%, depending on age. The prevalence increases amongst postmenopausal women.
  • When it comes to men, there is not a lot of data available, but some studies have reported a range between one and 20%. This is quite a broad range, which means the data is not very accurate, but it means that up to 20% of men may experience a low libido.

A low libido, also called a low sex drive or low sexual desire, can be caused by many different factors. Consumer Health Digest explains that testosterone is sometimes to blame. This hormone is essential for male reproductive health, but also helps to stimulate and uphold a healthy libido. When testosterone production decreases, a man may thus experience a reduction in his desire to have sex with his partner as well.

Emotional and psychological problems are also often the cause of a low libido. Men who are depressed are especially prone to lose their desire for sex ‑ sometimes completely. At the same time, it is important to note that certain medication that is used to treat depression, with an emphasis on antidepressants classified as serotonin reuptake inhibitors, can also reduce a man’s sex drive.

While we are on the topic of medication, it is important to note that some medication that is used to treat blood pressure problems have also been linked to a reduced libido.

Other contributing factors to a low libido in men includes their age, as most men find that their libido drops significantly between the age of 60 and 65. Problems with sleep can also contribute, just as certain chronic illnesses and some health ailments that are chronic, like pain.

Other Problems That Affects a Man’s Sexual Performance

In addition to talking about particular sexual dysfunctions that causes a man’s sexual performance to become impaired, we should also note that there are other factors that may also affect a man’s ability to perform in the bedroom. Low energy and stamina levels, for example, causes the man to become tired during sex, which may lead to the end of a steamy session in the bedroom.

Obesity and a poor self-image are also particular problems that may cause a man to feel uncomfortable during sex ‑ these factors, however, often causes certain sexual dysfunctions to manifest.

How Sexual Dysfunctions in Men Are Diagnosed?

The diagnosis of sexual dysfunctions amongst men is sometimes quite complicated, but it is still important for a man never to ignore the fact that they are experiencing signs of sexual dysfunction. Conditions like erectile dysfunction are often caused by underlying diseases and health concerns.

In fact, erectile dysfunction is sometimes considered a sign of heart disease and other potential problems. This means that, by obtaining a physical examination when signs of erectile dysfunction develop, a man is sometimes able to detect underlying conditions that may still be developing before they cause a significant amount of damage to their wellbeing; thus leading to a reduced lifespan and lower quality of life.

The first step to diagnosing these problems is to obtain a physical examination. If a doctor suspects an underlying cause, they may request further tests to be performed. This way, the cause of the problem can be identified and appropriate treatment measures can be implemented to help the man not only fight back against the sexual dysfunction he is facing, but also to help treat any potential diseases that may be causing these problems before they become a more significant problem.

What are the treatment Options For Male Sexual Dysfunctions?

Different sexual dysfunctions are treated differently. Thus, a man first needs to talk to his doctor about the problems he is experiencing in the bedroom. The doctor will then be able to perform an examination and possibly further tests. Once diagnosed with a sexual dysfunction and the cause has been identified, a doctor will aim to treat the problem that is causing the sexual dysfunction. In some cases, a man may need to start using a drug to help them get an erection ‑ this is usually in the form of Viagra or another product that treats erectile dysfunction. When premature ejaculation is diagnosed, however, certain antidepressants may also be used to help the man delay his ejaculations during sexual intercourse.

Natural Alternative Treatment Options

Viagra causes stomach upset, flushing, headaches and dizziness as side-effects ‑ and these are only the mild side-effects of the drug. More serious side-effects, according to WebMD, may include heart problems, blurred vision, light sensitivity; fainting and it may even lead to a higher risk of developing a heart attack in some cases.

Luckily, men are no longer forced to take Viagra if they need a boost in the bedroom. Instead, they can now opt for one of the many natural options that have become available to men who are suffering from common sexual dysfunctions. These natural options usually do not utilize harmful chemicals like those that are found in Viagra (Sildenafil), and they are sometimes even cheaper than Viagra.

Virectin: A Natural Alternative Solution To Viagra

We would like to introduce our readers to one particular supplement that men are starting to use instead of Viagra. The supplement is known as Virectin and is made by a team of scientists in the United States. This product contains a professional-strength formula that utilizes some of the most researched herbal extracts and plant root extracts, as well as some vitamins and minerals, to offer men a way in which they can get rid of the symptoms they are experiencing, without being at risk of developing the various side-effects that some men have reported after taking Viagra.

How Virectin Works?

Virectin does not only include a single ingredient, but rather utilizes a combination of different ingredients that works in various ways. For this reason, Virectin is able to help men treat multiple sexual dysfunctions with one single daily capsule. The primary working process of Virectin, however, lies within its ingredients that boost blood flow.

It is already well-known that blood flow is important for an erection, since the penis fills with blood during an erection and this is what causes the penis to swell up and become hard. Poor blood flow most definitely has a direct link to erectile dysfunction. With the use of Virectin, men can experience healthier blood circulation and, in the process, overcome the symptoms that erectile dysfunction is causing them.

Virectin does not stop there. The product also contains quality aphrodisiacs, which are herbs that can give a man a boost in libido when he needs it most. These ingredients increases the man’s sexual desire to help him overcome a low libido. The product also attends to premature ejaculation and other ejaculatory problems, and even helps men feel more energetic and have more stamina when they participate in sexual activities.

Key Ingredients

The ingredients found in Virectin are diverse and each ingredient is based on scientific research. The combination of ingredients has been chosen specifically for their abilities to help men perform better during sex. Let’s take a quick look at these ingredients and why they have been included:

  • L-Arginine HCL ‑ This ingredient has been included to boost blood circulation to the penis. It is converted into a compound called nitric oxide by the liver, and then delivered into the blood stream to assist with the dilation of blood vessels.
  • Horny Goat Weed ‑ Another ingredient that has been included primarily to boost blood circulation. This herb is also known to boost libido.
  • Tonkat Ali ‑ An ingredient that has been included to increase the man’s sex drive and to give him a much-needed energy boost.
  • Damiana Leaf ‑ Damiana leaf is another aphrodisiac ingredient that adds to the other ingredients to offer a powerful boost in sex drive.

Other ingredients of Virectin: Cnidium Monnieri, Ashwagandha Root, Maca Root, Saw Palmetto, Ginkgo Biloba, Fenugreek, Mucuna Pruriens, Zinc, Selenium and Niacin.

How to Use?

Three tablets of Virectin are to be taken on a daily basis. It is recommended to adjust the dosage according to the results experienced. Most men find that only two tablets are needed for optimum performance. The tablets should be taken on an empty stomach and continued use for at least six months will offer the best results.

Are there Any Side-Effects?

There are no reports of side-effects amongst men who have used Virectin, but potential users are still advised to look at the ingredient list of the product and identify any particular items they may be allergic to.

Good about Virectin

  • Virectin includes L-Arginine, which is one of the most essential ingredients used in natural erectile dysfunction treatments.
  • The product aims to increase blood flow to the penis, which may lead to a fuller and harder erection. Additionally, the penis’s size may also appear to be slightly bigger due to an extra amount of blood filling the two blood chambers of the penis.
  • Virectin is affordable and comes with a free vibrating ring that further adds to the erection and pleasure.

Bad about Virectin

  • The product can only be purchased online at the official website of Virectin. Many potential users would rather be interested in buying the product at a local retailer instead of having to wait for its delivery.

User Reviews on Other Sites

User reviews that are found on the internet are mixed. While many people claim that Virectin has been a wonderful product that has increased their stamina, boosted the strength of their erections and helped them gain back their sexual desire, others claim that the product is ineffective.

More Facts about Virectin

In addition to the information we have shared above, we would also like to note that Virectin is one of the few products where the company believes in its product so much, they are willing to offer a 100% refund on a customer’s purchase if the product does not produce the expected results for the customer. When a customer buy Virectin, they are given a 60-day period to test the product and, should the results produced not be as they expected, they can request a refund from the company.

Virectin Reviews – Final Verdict

Sexual dysfunction can put a large burden on a man’s life and its effects can reach past the man’s abilities in the bedroom. Some men have found that sexual dysfunction causes them to feel anxious and depressed, especially when surrounded by a partner who may desire and expect sexual intercourse. With the side-effects of Viagra in mind, men are starting to turn to alternative remedies more and more.

Virectin is one potential alternative remedy that has the potential to help men in the bedroom without causing a risk of serious side-effects. This product can be purchased directly on the internet and comes with a discreet shipping option, making the order convenient and completely confidential. Even though there are some concerns that come up when reading Virectin reviews online, the company does offer a 60-day risk-free guarantee that allows a customer to ask for their money back if they are not happy.


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