Five Awesome Workouts to Help You Burn Massive Calories and Avoid an Exercise Plateau

Five Awesome Workouts to Help You Burn Massive Calories

Are you working out but still not losing weight? You may not be doing exercises that impact your body hard enough to lose those pesky calories.

From jumping rope to rowing, below are some of the best workouts we could find to burn calories while offering your body a hard workout at the same time.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start working out!

#1. Fast Running

Running is one of the easiest exercises you can do, either in your home, out on the street, or in your local gym. Fitness expert Chris Ryan estimated that running at eight mph for an hour can help you burn nearly 1,074 calories in a single hour in a 200-pound person. Plus, running exercising a large number of muscles in your body including your quads, hamstrings, hip flexors, abs, glutes, peroneals, and more.

The best way to do this exercise is to do short sprints, 10 to 20 seconds apart, instead of running quickly for too long, which may deplete your stamina. If you are looking to increase your workout, even more, consider running while wearing a weighted vest.

#2. Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is one of the oldest exercises in history. There is a reason why used by some of the greatest boxers to have ever lived. It’s so common in boxing exercises because it helps train footwork and improve cardiovascular health. However, at the same time, jumping rope can burn up to 1,074 an hour, which helps out the whole body.

Even only a few minutes of jumping rope can get your lungs pumping and heart racing. This exercise targets your abs, deltoids, forearms, gastrocnemius, hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes. It can also improve balance and hand-eye coordination. The best way to incorporate this workout into your exercise routine is to do it in intervals. For example, jump rope for 100 swings and then walk around for 60 seconds, and repeat.

#3. Taekwondo

Taekwondo is one of the most popular martial arts exercises that burn hundreds of calories. In fact, it can burn up to 940 calories an hour in a 200-pound person. Originating in Korea, Taekwondo is very similar to boxing and wrestling and has been around for over 2,000 years.

The basis of taekwondo is to do it with another person who tries to catch you with your guard down and weaken you. Taekwondo focuses on power, speed, reaction time, concentration, and breathing to help transform your body and mind into a single weapon. This sort of exercise helps to build muscle in your entire body from your arms and legs to your abs. Other benefits include increased flexibility, greater stamina, and anxiety relief.

However, since this exercise has such intensity, it’s hard not to need to rest between movements. In order to burn the most calories as possible, it’s important to keep your rest period to a minimum.

#4. High-Intensity Swimming

Swimming is a general sport that can help burn calories, no matter what age you are. However, high-intensity swimming is a more active version of the exercise. It can burn up to 892 calories in a 200-pound person. The one key factor that makes the exercise burn so many calories is the amount of resistance in the water. Swimming can also help you build up the muscles in your arms, upper body, legs, and hips. Additionally, it offers therapeutic, strength, and cardio benefits.

Additionally, the pool keeps your body colder, so you burn calories just trying to keep yourself warm. You can add even more resistance exercising by wearing resistance gloves or avoid using your legs.

#5. High-Impact Aerobics

High-intensity aerobics can help you burn calories and tone muscle in your body. The exercise movements challenge your muscles and body as a whole in a controlled routine. The exercises that high-impact aerobics most commonly refers to include jumping jacks, hopping movements, dancing, and other movements that get your feet up off the floor. A 200-pound person doing high impact aerobics for an hour would burn an average of 672 calories.

However, you can add even more intensity to your workout by adding weights and strategically working large muscle groups in your body, such as your check, glutes, and back. At the same time, it’s important to remember that even though it’s high intensity, a short workout consists of at least 20 to 30 minutes.

The Bottom Line

Losing weight is a common goal of many people. By trying out exercises that burn the most calories, you can ensure that you stay on track while trying to meet your fitness goals. Go for a run, jump rope, take up taekwondo, go for a swim, or head to an aerobics class. The most important thing is that you remain consistent. Don’t give up and keep on burning those calories!

Five Awesome Workouts to Help You Avoid an Exercise Plateau

The truth about reaching your fitness goals is that it is going to take variety to help avoid plateaus that can decrease motivation and your physical progress.

Creating a great fitness regimen will take knowledge as well as understanding the importance of recovery. Working out multiple times a day and expecting to only do better week after week for eternity is not realistic.

A dedication to post-workout meals to enhance recovery as well as supplements that promote muscle recovery need to be a part of a nutrition program for someone taking on an intense workload.

The following are workouts that will help an individual reach their fitness goals with an intense yet varied weekly workout program.

#1. Kickboxing

Kickboxing or boxing is on the list of every best workout list available online due to the shear fatigue that utilizing your entire body creates.

The high heart rate that you can maintain during kickboxing classes can allow you to burn more calories that with many other forms of working out. The additional aspect of learning striking combos that can help with self-defense could not be understated.

A top gym that offers kickboxing in Houston notes “At Elite MMA, cardio doesn’t need to be boring. Instead, we help you punch, kick and jump towards a healthy heart while having lots of fun.”

Going to a few classes a week not only will help you get into shape but will teach you to defend yourself as well as improve overall coordination of an individual.

#2. Swimming

Swimming is one of the best ways a fitness junkie can get their cardio in without negative impacts on joints. Low impact cardio with anerobic benefits of holding your breath is nearly unmatched.

The number of calories that swimming can burn allows for a person to consume a few extra treats per day. The right technique is important as swimming a few times a week with terrible technique can lead to sore elbows or shoulders.

Trying out intervals and ramping up yardage by week can potentially allow you to do a triathlon if you desire.

The swimming portion of triathlons are the toughest for those that exercise frequently as you need technique combined with anerobic conditioning.

#3. Olympic Lifts And Deadlifts

Olympic lifts have to be done with the focus being on technique before thinking about adding anymore weight to the bar.

These lifts can result in injury if done incorrectly as well as might not reap the appropriate benefits if technique is not priority.

Deadlifts are a great way to test your lower body strength as well as build your hamstrings as well as glutes/lower back. Quality of deadlifts should be the focus rather than quantity as fatigue can lead to compromising technique just to finish a rep.

Olympic lifts and deadlifts are great for those people looking to increase their explosive power whether it is jumping or doing a track start.

Working with a personal trainer with experience with Olympic lifting is important as small tweaks can make a huge difference during these exercises.

#4. High Intensity Interval Training

High intensity interval training or HIIT is commonly used by athletes as well as those wanting to lose weight.

This combines maximum effort with active recovery which has a myriad of benefits. This can be done by running stairs or simply sprinting around a track for a period of time.

A good example would be a 45 second sprint followed by 3 minutes walking to be done 10 times. Athletes tend to leave this to the end of their workouts as it is a huge stress on the body by going all-out in terms of effort which many athletes rarely do for a sustained period.

#5. Goal Specific Weight Training

Weight training needs to be goal specific whether a person wants to put on muscle or attain a leaner look. For those people with athletic goals doing the time to research which exercises improve different areas of a person’s game.

A bench press routine for an offensive lineman in football is far more important than for a cross country runner trying to improve their kick at the end of a 10K.

For people that are looking to lift a certain weight there are programs that can help you build up to the goal. Many of these programs are for one specific lift like that of a squat or press of some kind.

Writing down weights and reps of every exercise is important though to see improvement or tweak the workout to improve overall performance.

The Bottom Line

Creating the ultimate fitness program is going to take research as well as an honest look at your abilities. There are some that can take on an enormous workload while others might need to make this more moderate. Do not take on too fast too quickly as the last thing you want this regimen to result in is injury.

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