10 Ways to Workout at Home: Part I

10 Ways to Workout at Home10 Ways to Workout at Home: Part I

Whether you are stuck at home because you’re busy taking care of your kids, you can’t stand the scene at your local gym, or you simply think there’s no place like home, you can get all the benefits of physical activity in or around your house! There are many ways to workout at home whether you have a $10,000 home gym, $100 worth of cheap fitness equipment or nothing at all.

Here are 10 of the best ways to workout at home, some you can do with fitness equipment that costs less than $200 and others you can do absolutely free.

10. Walk, Run, Step, Climb

For most of those looking for ways to workout at home, they need not look any further than the home itself. Unless you live in a prison cell you will have some space in and around your house in which you can move your body. The American College of Sports Medicine and US Federal guidelines recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise 5 days per week. We are willing to bet you can stay moving for 30 minutes in and around your home. Whether it is running circles around your backyard, jogging up and down the street, climbing up and down the stairs, or even climbing up and down off of the couch, getting a cardio workout in your own home is simply a matter of you having the will and desire to get that workout session in.

9. Play with your dog

Don’t have a dog? Exercising with your friend’s dog is great excuse to hang out and be social in addition to burning extra calories. You can burn l  Hopefully the presence of the dog will help you Perhaps the best part about hanging out with your friend and their dog, is you  get all the satisfaction of owning an energetic pet without having your own, not to mention don’t have to pick up the poop.

jump rope

Burns a Lot of Calories

8. Jump Rope

If you want a heart pumping cardio workout and have limited space and funds look no further than the not-so glamorous jump rope. You can pick one up from your local sporting goods store for a few bucks or if you’re flat broke, you can even use an electrical cord from that old TV in your basement. The caloric expenditure from jumping rope is on par and likely to exceed most other forms of cardio such as jogging. Perhaps the best part about jumping rope is you can alternate with other exercises for tough interval workouts.

7. Resistance Train with Bands

You don’t need a bunch of bulky weights in your home to achieve all the benefits resistance training can offer. If your goal is to build muscle, or become more defined, sets of resistance bands these days can provide more than enough resistance. On a good set of resistance bands, you can use various attachments, handles and other add-ons to be able to have a huge variety of resistance band exercises. Just because bands are one of the ways to workout at home doesn’t mean you can’t use them anywhere as they are very portable and can easily fit in any bag for when you travel.

Trx Suspension Trainer Exercises

Trx Suspension Trainer Exercises

6. Workout with the TRX Suspension Trainer

While you were looking for ways to workout at home a Navy SEAL was looking for ways to workout while deployed in combat. Facing the same obstacles of what many who work at home face, the SEAL created the TRX suspension trainer. All you need to use the TRX is something to anchor it to such as door or tree. The TRX has spawned a fitness revolution all around the blog because it is so great. You can get great resistance training and core strengthening workouts with the TRX whether you are in your bedroom or in your back yard.

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